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Friday, October 31, 2014

Disability to those who hear voices 10 31 2014

Whatever we do get it isn't a fraction of the $80,000.oo a year a parent of a mentally retarded child gets in Wisconsin.  It is based on the level of work we achieved at the time we heard voices and it isn't a fraction of that $80,000.oo; it is well below the poverty line. I know of two prominent lawyers in Milwaukee who had mentally retarded children.  So that tells you who is writing our laws and controlling our Government.  It is also indicative of who is cursing us with voices.

I would also argue that those who hear voices are of exponentially greater benefit to society than those who cause them to hear voices.  We have a bad element in the United States and world that mentally disables human beings out of spite for their greater potential!  Sure we could evict them but that is how the problem started in the first place.  So that right there is how holocausts happen!

Isn't getting us to believe that a mentally retarded persons family should get an $80,000.oo paycheck really a form of control consistent with demonic possession?  Isn't that a demonic belief?  How is a generation of that going to support their own aging parents?  By hiring illegal immigrants?  Perhaps someone should create a petition that all illegal immigrants should be executed?  That would indeed end a drug inflow into the United States.  And if we executed all of those that hired them it would also mean that we would have the edict to execute corporate management in the United States that hired foreign labor to make us goods, foreign labor being paid in translated U.S. dollars the equivalent of illegal immigrants?

You have to remember we were normal until about the time we graduated from college when a spoil sport factor disabled us.  Compare that to the mentally retarded child that will NEVER be normal!

The entire Milwaukee police force should be fired.  The same people that demonically possess a person to be schizophrenic and hear voices are those who likely demonically possess a police office to murder them!  99% of the Milwaukee police force gave a vote of no confidence in Chief Flynn for firing a police officer that killed a man who heard voices that was resting in the park. 

Here is how I believe it works.  There are women who cannot stand that there are men who can think for themselves and have a penis.  They would grant sexual favors to those borderline mentally defective males that would kill them!  Also their sons are raised in the exact same manner and mind as that mentally defective woman; their mother.

With regard to Milwaukee police officers, they should be of the highest standard of integrity.  No one likes someone that drinks and then makes cutesy jokes that are insults. They think they are cute when they are rude because their mothers couldn't teach them anything!  There is a movement happening whereby they are going to attempt to create a genocide of the people that they made mentally ill.  We see this in outright unprovoked police shootings of the mentally ill recently.  It is the scapegoat religion that is taught in every church in the United States and is in direct conflict with the United States Constitution; which is indeed the Supreme Law of the Land.  So you have the right to protect yourself, in self defense, against ANYONE who has the motive to kill you!  That is what the REAL LAW is!  That is a law created by men and not those who were evicted from Europe and Italy because they didn't want to work or respect the rights of the worker!  The people who think are the only real workers in the United States.  The rest are living off of their souls and the negative emotions of their had mothers.

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Those who curse the sons of men and women bolster their ranks with illegal immigrants, the mentally retarded, and organized crime.  Rewriting United States laws is one of the reasons we declared our Independence and killed a great many British soldiers.  A bad history professor will attempt to convince that a war was never fought on our homeland.  The Revolutionary War was fought against a foreign nation and the Civil War fought against an insurgency of organized crime!  In order to protect the United States Constitution we may have to euthanize some mentally defective and evil people that live in the United States today.  Some criminal actions are only committed by the mentally defective.  Getting someone addicted to a substance, pimping (slavery), and child molestation are all actions of the mentally defective and you might as well just define that to be Satan.  There have been many Holy Wars fought against the United States in recent years (middle east) do you really want to start a Holy War in the United States?  I believe some people want Russia and Communism to dominate the United States.  We see that today in how the facial expressions of leaders of Russia and North Korea are staged and propagandized just as those of politicians who have no legal right being on the ballot are!

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