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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pardon me Judea America on Rob Lowe 10 19 2014

Pardon me Judea America on Rob Lowe 10 19 2014

I just have to make one comment as I think of the memory of the commercial that makes a comparison of Rob Lowe in the suit to him being a couch potato with a bald head.

Didn’t he go to trial for statutory rape of a 16 year old girl? Wasn’t it on film? And yet after that he played the role in a television series where he was either the President of the United States or a close to it? What am I getting at? I don’t know if statutory rape puts you on the Sexual Predatory website but if it doesn’t I don’t quite understand it. But once you are on that website or convicted as a Sexual Predatory there are many neighborhoods where you can no longer live! Does anyone get it? American Jewish controlled media portrays this man as being President of the United States or close to it and per new legislation and appropriate interpretation he would not even be allowed to live in my neighborhood? And we really don’t need the wool pulled over our eyes and have some mealy mouth try and tell us that even though there was a video of it he was not guilty of it; like it or not Judea America some of us are not as dense as you would like us to be!

I believe the age where they can have sex in Israel is indeed 16. And while I am on that whole Israel bit. Last night I watched two You Tube videos showing how mean Jews in Israel were to Christians. One Jewish teenager was yelling at people in their home and telling them they didn’t belong there because God gave him that land! He was yelling “ We killed Jesus and we are proud of it.” I just have one question for Judea America, is that voice of God that told you that you could have all that land one of the same one’s that speaks to me in my head? Can you prove to me that was God talking to you in your head when he/she said all that land was yours. Can you prove to me that wasn’t your mother talking to you in your head? Can you prove to me that your mother isn’t part of a Coven talking to me in my head? Can you prove to me that the origin of that voice isn’t from a mentally retarded person with a defective hippocampus that can’t learn via its own personal experience? Now before you also call me a Nazi. Can you prove to me that the Lilith that the ancient Jews greatly feared is not one and the same as the voice that talks to me and purportedly some Jew a long time ago telling them all that land belongs to them? Oh let’s see, if a voice told me that a farmers money in a safe in his house really belongs to me I would know a lot better than to go and get it! But then again what if his wife was Lilith?

I watched leering eyed men with curly wax goat like dreadlocks dressed in black spit on Christians and chase them away from their homes like they were animals. It showed how Palestinian children are killed today just as the Nazi’s killed Jewish children. And immediately I thought what United States President gave this country Billions of United States dollars every year and why? Did it start with Woodrow Wilson? Did Wilson himself have Wilsons syndrome of low IQ and high verbal ability (manipulative ability in lie of personal knowledge and aptitude i.e. an ACTOR); I have wondered in recently.

I know how the desperation of the weak minded thinks! If we put this man on television acting very serious like he is a leader of a country some day he will make a good leader of the country. It is the act as if you are something until everyone really believes you are. Per my knowledge that is how we got our first actor President Ronald Reagan. From time to time we also see various actors on television asked the same leading question, “Some people say you are considering running for politics, is that true?” And what did we learn about Reagan only in hindsight after someone attempted to shoot him and we got gun control measures because of that; that every single decision he made he consulted with a Fortune Teller who attended the Jewish Woman’s University of Vassar. Some men have to ask their wives what to do? His wife determined that they should ask a fortune teller. For all we know the God that said you could have that land wasn’t really a MAN of the Prophet type that your single mother was begging to in order to be blessed in some way. Can you prove that when I think mentally defective people don’t hear it in their minds as if it is the voice of God? If so listen very carefully here is what God is telling you today. “You can no longer beg to get your way!” “All that land another God gave to you I have declared that I am taking from you!” “You are very genetically similar to the Palestinians, therefore you will be required to live in the following manner. One house a Palestinian family and the next house a Jewish family and so forth.” “Oh and all that money the United States lent to you? Some figures put it at $3,000,000,000.oo a year? You will be required to pay all of that back to the United States at the same retroactive Interest Rate that United States citizens who lose their homes have to pay on their bank credit accounts 20 percent.”  Figure out the net present value of that amount and you will see that all of Israel's wealth was given to it by the United States!  A lot of the poor over here what that Dividend check today!

These are the video's I watched.

That is the exact same bum rush treatment I got working as an Equity Research Analyst in the Investment Business in Milwaukee and Chicago!!!!

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