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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Excerpt on discussion of those with defective brains and therefore human consciousness 10 11 2014

Excerpt on discussion of those with defective brains and therefore human consciousness 10 11 2014

And you touch on a point there with regard to the word struggle!  I bet being subjected to the thinking of other people and not being able to part from it would be a constant source of feelings of self worthlessness!  I bet that males who have that affliction (which is the opposite of us who hear voices) do not go through one day without contemplating suicide!  So if they really wanted to prevent suicide they would address a concept in psychology called dependent mindedness that they don't want to believe exists!  Isn't that horrific!  The very thing that could save them is something they don't want to believe exist!  Ever hold a cat up to a mirror and see that it doesn't want to look at itself?  It doesn't want to believe there is any difference between you and itself!  Now in human beings that bonding and imprinting relationship is first formed in adult life by a man and a woman union in marriage.  Then children are imprinted by that loving marriage! Therefore perhaps the greatest threat to humanity is a religion or government belief system that indoctrinates the we are all of one mind ideology!  What is that really the gestalt of?  Those who are not part of a human family forcing their way into it and not never welcome!  Sure they probably think it is the funniest thing ever don't they; intruding on humans lives and ruining them?  Which means they are not at all one mind with humans and NEVER can be!

So indeed they abate those feelings of hollowness and self worthlessness through intrusion to the minds of human beings!  In effect they want to make the victim believe it is futile to think independently like a human being does and always should be able to! 

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Originally published on 10 11 2014

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