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Monday, October 20, 2014

What Freedom Really Means 10 20 2014

Freedom really means that the normal have the right to live free of the abnormal of lesser demonstrable intelligence who would abuse them! That is the belief system the United States was founded on and what our Constitution really stands for!

How did you best demonstrate your intelligence as a child?

  1. It might be that you just knew enough not to hurt others?
  2. You were just a happy child?

If any Doctor ever asks you who “THEY” is that you are talking about tell them this.

“They are a linked sub-race that does not have their own human conscience.”

Can you prove this?”

The mentally defective cannot develop their own conscience, because of a defect to the hippo-campus that regulates learning and memory. What proof do I have of the prevalence of the mentally retarded in our country today? It has been stated that up to 14% of Americans, that means as many as 43.5 million, have some form of dyslexia. It is a reading disorder. The word retard is defined in the dictionary to mean “to delay the development of” hence dyslexia is a form of mental retardation.

The older you get the more you will realize that mental retardation is hereditary. It tends to follow mother to daughter and father to son. So therefore it is easy to track by surname. For example what did that persons father do for a living; did it really contribute to our society or did it degrade our freedom?

I checked out a Audio Book from the Library the other day. It was a documentary on a famous religious figure of the world. The narrator had an English accent. What I noticed right away was that the narrator had voice that resembled both a homosexual or a person with Down's Syndrome mental retardation. That is the first time I was able to connect the two in my life per my recent memory. A homosexual has a voice that is very similar to that of a mental retard. How to describe it? They talk like the back of their tongue has a side to side welled curl in it!
Here are other examples of people I have heard who have the same vocalization pattern.
1. A Roman Catholic Priest who was part of the UW extension campus.
  1. Lantern jawed English; such as a famous talk show interviewer on CNN.
  2. In females it is a clown like spoiled wailing sound; the best demonstrative examples being the character of Judy Rutherford on Leave it to Beaver or the bad Girl who played opposite of James Dean in the Movie the “Grapes of Wrath.”(And I might have got the movie title wrong, but if you have seen his movies you would know the one.)
  3. Also in females it can be a deep muted or blunted sound (I want to say as if they were repeatedly steam rolled by someone in the privacy of their bedrooms as children?)
  4. Low IQ' black people. Here it sounds like they have syrup in the back of their mouths. There is often a bad breath too.
It creates a distracting sound that is part of verbal manipulation.

This needs to be a completely new area of Psychology; the vocal sounds of the verbally manipulative.

What is represented are vocalizations that are extraneous to speech!!! Maladaptive Hereditary Mental Retardation and the use of verbal manipulation. Those with Wilson's syndrome having high verbal ability and low IQ. Not only is Mental Retardation hereditary but it can also be “taught” to adopted children! They can be taught or raised in a form of abuse to be mentally retarded from a person who has maladaptive hereditary mental retardation.


As I was reading about Operation Paperclip last night. Whereby 1600 Nazi Scientists were bleached of their past history and employed in the United States. I realized two things.

  1. We only know the names and identities of a small fraction of them.
  2. Psychiatry allowed them to end Prohibition! They pulled a fast one on us here! And I will articulate it later.
  3. But to add a third, first and foremost I realized that these 1600 were responsible for the deaths of 400,000 Americans, what are they doing in the United States? You might ask yourself the same question, why is the Arab with Middle Eastern Oil money allowed to immigrate to the United States when they might be responsible for the loss of American lives in the recent wars there? It means Satanic control doesn't it? The CIA should be dissolved, and we do have enough empty prisons to house them!

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