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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Entry Level Jobs 10 25 2014

Entry Level Jobs  10 25 2014

You get an entry level job while in High School and also College and what you realize from comparison while working at the entry level job is who doesn't belong in a professional career.  However when you enter that professional career world what you realize is that you were wrong!  And those who should not have a professional career are there anyway.  You thought you had done everything possible with your college degree so that you wouldn't have to put up with those born with bad attitudes that aren't going away and their they are in the Investment/Banking Industry.  And indeed we have $17 trillion in debt because of them.  Scott Walker likes to talk, jobs, jobs, jobs.  And I respect Scott because he had an entry level job.  But in order to get people working we are going to have some changes.  As I walk through the Big Box store chain I have to wonder how many blacks and Hispanics really want an education!  How many really want to learn!  Same goes for whites.  And when you can't learn you abhor school don't you!  You pray that there will be some easy high paying career out there.  And low and behold the hope of Professional sports is there for you.  So in effect those who can't learn end up making the most money in our country today!  And some people really buy into that?  It is kind of the sycophant male personality that likes to adore such people.  Maybe they see a big white man and think how great he is?  He is like the Statue of David would say a sports commentator with a curl on the back of his tongue and therefore a buzz hole voice. You are not going to turn this country around with that in place and nor are you going to do it with the medical fraud of schizophrenia in place.

So in the Westerns the Mexicans always knew when to cross the border and take the harvest the hard working families worked for.  How did they know?  Was that the effect of Catholicism on Latin America?  Teaching the beast how to have scapegoats?  Teaching the beast how to take from scapegoats.  Creating the beast to listen to the minds of human beings.  So is Catholicism really communism?  "He died for all our sins?"  Nobody died for all your sins!  You commit a crime which is a sin and you go to jail and sometimes you should be executed for it too!  No one died for your sins!  But that is what the United States is today!  Weak minded people in our country offering leniency as a projection of self pity for drug dealers, pimps and child molesters.  We are finding that candidates for attorney general in Wisconsin find a commonality with child molesters.

A man in an electronics store told me that in a few years there will be no land phone lines.  Do I need to remind you of what happens in remote villages where they inbreed?

You don't seem to mind that idea because you are inbred or the equivalent of it already!

Could I create a better jobs plan than Scott Walker or Mary Burke?  Absolutely.  But here is the question what are we supposed to do about the people who won't listen to you when you try and teach them how to do that job?  What are we supposed to do about the people who are of low intelligence and yet of upper class?  What person with class would ever want to keep a child with Downs' Syndrome?  If you have ever read or viewed fiction that is the pauper class.  So somehow we have had class inversion in the United States.  And the belief system that a corporation is a person is the cause of it!  The belief that a Corporation should have limited liability is also the cause of it!  We can no longer create jobs with limited liability in place!  And also we have some people who cannot do a job without being a risk to the safety of coworkers or those that they manage!  Now that is the straight hard facts!  And we have people in our investment banking industry making high level decisions that can't even type!

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