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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Book TV Francis Fukuyama author of "Political Order and Political Decay" 10 25 2014

Book TV Francis Fukuyama author of “Political Order and Political Decay”

More or less this is what I just heard on television....

On France

They got into so much debt from the Wars that they had that they had to sell offices of Government to rich people. Over the years they tried repeatedly to fix the problems. But it didn't end until the French Revolution when they had to behead all the people who held those offices.

What taxes they made they could keep but they didn't have them to pay the bills of the Wars.


My commentary

I tend to be a racist because I am inundated with hearing voices, so it is very refreshing to see an Asian man of good principle to jolt me out of that belief system. When some of those who cause you to hear voices and also benefit monetarily from hearing them it makes it very hard for those with Real American Values to Organize!

The best we can do is go tell it from the mountain! Go tell it from the mountain and no hecklers allowed! But as soon as the media gets there the hecklers come to don't they.

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