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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mary Burke should have responded 09 30 2014

Mary Burke should have responded 09 30 2014

"What do I look like, a walking dictionary."  When asked for the exact definition of plagiarism.

But seriously Scott Walker has a valid point! 

The Democrats stole a color scheme from one of my paintings.  And also some of the wording from Obama's former speeches came straight out of my Milwaukee and Wisconsin News online Newspaper.

The day after I wrote I believed in fairness Barrack came and stated that as his policy when we had not heard it from him before!

The tearing down vacant houses that were an attractive nuisance was me.

I also wrote about voter ID.

And campus rape.

Seemingly long before they became political concepts.

Better to get your policy straight from the schizophrenic than the Vassar fortune teller that put words in Reagans pre-Alzheimer's clapping nabob mouth.

And you should know I believe the Repupublicaarty is just as guilty of stealing policy and ideas without giving credit to the source!

Plagiarism is a telltale sign of "One mind for all Communism," under the veil of schizophrenia.  Moredturbing is that a Lesbian Burke committed it!  Is she reaaboto tell us a revelation ad gt all lesbians and gays.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Queen Georges Law 09 30 2014 Humorous but not really

Invention tools needed 09 30 2014

"If you say anything derogatory about blacks, gay's or retards you get sent to prison to get 'fu7k3d' by them!"

Contrast that to the MAN's law was formed by the Founding Fathers they wanted you to speak up about every single thing that you didn't like in your opinion, without any fear whatsoever of doing so! That is how the Constitution is to be interpreted.  And when someone takes an oath to protect the Constitution and then defies that oath it is an impeachable offense!!!  But what should happen when no one around is smart enough to figure that out while it happens because they were all put on medicine?  Shouldn't there be consequences after the fact to that President when he is no longer in office and willfully broke the Constitution he took an oath to protect?

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The greatest threat to all Democracies is some slick mouthed male with Wilson's Syndrome of high verbal ability and low IQ getting into office and pulling the wool over our eye's like just that above!

Invention tools needed 09 30 2014

Invention tools needed 09 30 2014

Shop press accessories that fit the standard diameter common shop press.  For example a hardened steel rivet set the reduces the diameter of the press piston to that of a narrow rivet set.

The same may be accomplished by using a plumbing pipe and cap and drilling a center hole in the cap and threading it so that it accepts a narrow rivet set that has a concave ending.  Also needed are rivet set bases.  The top rivet set adapter could be made with a thumbscrew to tighten it to the piston.

The narrow extension should be about 2" long, and about 5/16" to 3/8" in diameter.

And really for the adapter and the bottom plate the cost shouldn't be much more than $15 United States dollars.

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

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On Foreign Threats to the United States 09 30 2014

China is dangerous too! I read they have a bigger brain size and when you combine that with smaller eye slits it means they are not basing their thinking on a natural interaction with the planet. There is a reason the Great Wall of China was put in place to contain the Magog. Likely a great many of them are inbreeds and therefore mentally retarded with that larger brain size because Genghis Khan(?) raped so many women! We have heard far too many times of how biological and technical secrets were sent to China. A China-man I knew in college told me all the Chinese in America knew each other! You get a good sense of who they are by their human rights violations. And I would have to say that any and all human rights violations committed by the United States are not committed by those who believe in our Constitution! What will likely happen is that after they pollute their country they will set sail to conquer unpolluted countries. India is a danger to us too! There have been far too many cases where multimillion s of dollars were embezzled in Milwaukee. The Sikh religion of attempting to join with a higher consciousness is indeed a source of the mental illness schizophrenia as well as a form of Communism (one mind for all!) American media has an economic interest in covering the secret that schizophrenia is medical fraud; the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of them makes it medical fraud! There was also an India Indian woman out east who forged the forensic police report test for what was it 10,000 to 30,000 police cases. Communist think in terms of a one mind tribal pack mentality rather than in terms of human rights. Any foreigner in the United States should expect it to be a privilege and therefore they are model citizen, but just the opposite is true; Americans are easy meat for them! And what sect of Judaism do they have aiding and abetting them? Those countries have different Constitutions because they could never obey ours because their people are different. The melting pot concept isn't valid cases where the person born does not have their own human reason and human conscience. Sure you liked cheap goods from China! But you won't like it when they attempt to concur us; they too are also Kamikaze fighters. One thing that many people do not understand about the mentally retarded is that they are not even smart enough to know or care when they are hurting a human being. George Bush whose family money came from a bank transfer from a Nazi German steel producer was ambassador to China. He was chosen to be put in place by Reagan under the advise of a Fortune teller that attended Vassar University (a Jewish woman's school?) Do you also know a community that has also publicly admitted they are a very tight knit community; the autism community! That too is mental retardation as well as dyslexia is. The dictionary definition of RETARDATION is to slow the growth or development of. Alcohol poisoning is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere. What are the odds of a woman who is pregnant going to Sunday mass and taking a drink of wine that she will have a mentally retarded baby? Scientists know advise them not to take even one drop! So she goes to Catholic mass for 9 months 4 times a month that is 36 opportunities to create a mentally retarded baby. Not to mention drinking wine when she didn't know she was pregnant, on her wedding night after champagne or on a one night stand of beer guzzling.

If Putin had the capability he would use his own mind in order to help his Russian people instead of waging acts of aggression. With 9 homes he is not a communist but a dictator who enslaves.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Dancing with the Stars 09 29 2014 but a New Television Show Concept

Dancing with the Stars 09 29 2014

I have to wonder if the American public wouldn't appreciate a dance show where just those who are of the Professional Dance career dance to a musical theme!  So the one hour show would have to always have a new story to it in conjunction with the dance.

I think I would like that more than all the cheesy and lewd commentary.  And watching the aches and strained movements.  I got enough of that in my body already!

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Mary Burke and the Trek Firearm Company 09 29 2014

Mary Burke and the Trek Firearm Company 09 29 2014

I am leaning towards voting for Mary Burke for Governor of Wisconsin.  But only if in the month before the election Trek announces it is starting a Firearm manufacturing unit; based in Wisconsin!

She could steal the election easy with that!

Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2014
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Scott Walker can blast Mary Burke on plagiarism but Scott Walkers idol Ronald Reagan had a Fortune Teller make every decision for him 09 29 2014

Scott Walker can blast Mary Burke on plagiarism but Scott Walkers idol Ronald Reagan had a Fortune Teller make every decision for him 09 29 2014

It kind of reminds me of a scene from Grapes of Wrath?  Where they go and show the ambition boy who is mother is and she is a blind whore!  And after he learns that he cries and has a nervous breakdown!

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Self Help to those who hear voices 09 29 2014

Self Help to those who hear voices 09 29 2014

Always Remember this, "That part of you that is you, in the good part in this world!"

Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2014
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Pre Alzheimer's Ronald Reagans Key Advisor on all matters and policy was a Fortune teller named Joan Quigley 09 29 2014

Pre Alzheimer's Ronald Reagans Key Advisor on all matters and policy was a Fortune teller named Joan Quigley 09 29 2014

Reagan even had Fortune Tellers reclassified to be termed astrologers!

A Fortune Teller: in other words a witch!  What the Puritans who fled from religious persecution by the same Kings Religion England hated and loathed!  And Reagan was not of Southern Ireland but of Northern Ireland who sided with Great Britain/England (which was founded by the Romans) and was the greatest enemy the United States ever faced in world history; past and present too!

Reagan is the guy who ever wealthy dolt son in the wealthy suburb of Whitefish Bay Wisconsin and others grew up idolizing!  He didn't make one single decision himself like a man would!  That and the pre-Alzheimer's is how the Bible would define Sloth!   Instead he relied on a Fortune Teller who attended Vassar University!  And when you look at the whore mouth suck faces of Clinton and Biden you have to say they look like sloth too!  Vassar isn't that a Jewish Women's college only?

This has a lot to do with why we have gun control today!

Money and national media propaganda from the same industry he worked in, put Ronald Reagan in office and he never belonged there!

I'll tell you how he got the Alzheimer's the same way every old person who has dementia and is useless in the hospitals got it!  They drank alcohol every day and it created pockets in there brain of dead brain cells that did not regenerate and hence plague formed!  And do you know why they did that?  Because they could stand themselves and wanted to forget what they were!  The person who loves themselves and loves life never wants to have a minute of down time as is caused by oxygen deprivation to brain cells from alcohol!  And one other thing!  When you look at all the mental birth defects today you have to realize that the medical propaganda they have been preaching all along about the blood brain barrier is complete lunacy!  Fetal alcohol syndrome the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere is caused by women drinking while pregnant and during conception!  So they have been wrong before day one on the medical issue!

They had Reagan in their pocket with Quigley and three other Fortune Tellers.  But they also had Clinton in their pocket with Monica Lewinski!  Who do they have Barrack Obama in their pocket with?

If Reagan can be completely advised by a Fortune Teller maybe a future President might be advised by someone who hears voices generate by the Fortune Teller Ie. Schizophrenic!  Better to get the information straight from the horses mouth than further down the chain?


How many of you who hear voices have been plagued by people who know things that they have no Legal way of knowing about?  That isn't some fantasy belief system leading to a diagnosis of mental illness!  Jesus Christ, a Jew and therefore a man and not a God, told a whore woman her whole life's history without ever meeting her before.  Okay do you want to know what is really going on with those who know things they have no way of legally knowing?  I figured this out when someone revealed to me that they were mentally retarded during childhood!  They are really mentally retarded and somehow therefore pick up on your Mental Energy out of desperation because their brains cannot form their own human conscience or human reason!  And what the h3ll is someone who consults a fortune teller for matters concerning the entire world?  It means they lack their own human conscience and more importantly have ZERO human REASON! 

Knowing things they have no legal way of knowing about?  What did George Bush who by the way was picked to be Vice President by the Vassar Fortune teller reveal to us?  That they did indeed derive information from torturing people!  Think of that when you think of the Romans crucifying people or the Jewish Villages keeping what they termed a Demoniac changed in their cemeteries!  The Demoniac and the person slowly dying on the cross are what Amos from the Bible would define as Hosts!  If you hear voices in your head you are indeed a host to voices!

Oddly enough Huey Long who was going to give us free health care and wealth redistribution in 1936 as President used the term Parasite and he was assassinated by a Doctor with a German surname man named Weiss!  More people attended Weiss's funeral than any other in the Louisiana morning for him!  I tell you right now I want that Funeral Guest book published on line today and with it any lineage relations to current United States people who actively opposed affordable health care!  You are going to see some names in common there, would be my theory!  We don't pay to support the deaths of 30,000 Americans every year directly caused by pharmaceuticals alone!  What is that?  What is that?  It is nattering nabob minded sloth maintaining the wealth status!

They know something they have no way of knowing but they don't have the personal knowledge to go with that!  But they know about it anyway!  That is every spoiled brat you ever met!  And they are also known to have a pesky type personality!  As if they cannot initiate any personal motivation leading to personal achievement!

So if you grew up in a wealthy neighborhood and they all worshipped Ronald Reagan you have to realize that none of those who worshipped him were actually men!

One more final point about self help for those who hear voices. Always remember this, "The part of you that is you, is the good part in this world!"

What did Amos the God of hosts in the Bible say about it all!  He was irate mad! 

Thomas Paul Murphy copyright 2014

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Somehow it seems very relevant that the current Miss America winner 2014 was expelled from her Sorority for advocating HAZING!  The other day I was driving in the car with my mother and I could not think of one famous woman who could be termed congenial! 


Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Great New York Fire to come 09 28 2014

The Great New York Fire to come 09 28 2014

That last article that I wrote before this one got me thinking, and I can do that because I have a sound hippo-campus and also my own human reason and human conscience and therefore stream of consciousness based on personal knowledge.

What did I read was going on in New York?  That water was being cut off to those who could not pay.

So if you cut the water off to a persons house what happens when a fire that might have been prevented by having water available , and I am not going to into the circumstances of how that could happen. Other than to say probably at least once in your life you have pulled something out of the oven that was starting to blacken before kindling and put it in the sink and doused it with water? And to say that if you cut off the water supply to a building that has a sprinkler system...such as an apartment complex?  Can you even cut the water off without cutting the sprinkling system too?  There is probably some code that it had to be on a separate water line in the apartment complex?

Let me put it this way are houses without a water supply more dry and therefore more prone to a fire starting in them?  Have there been other fires in world history that were started because some silver spoon did this same thing and it got out of control?

So haven't you increased the risk of one house going up in flames?  And when that one goes up it often takes its neighbors with it!  And then what happens when an entire city block goes up in smoke!  And that city block takes out another dry city block.

Just one house going up in flames because of this and the right wind could spell disaster.

Perhaps some man always smoked and fell asleep while doing so but kept a glass of water by his chair in case he woke up and the arm rest was starting to smolder?  It could be many reasons like that!  And they also smoke a lot of other stuff!  And in just those places where the water was cut off?

Someone puts a pizza in the oven and falls asleep?  They wake up and it is burning.  They blow it out and toss it in the sink and douse it with water? 

Sure I can hear the professional paid pundits jumping on my back on this one already.  He only cut it off in this way and such manner so that the risk you speak about never can occur!  I don't believe that talking head banter and I never will!

It would appear to me that a madman mayor who wants to ban guns also is negligently setting the City of New York up to go down in flames?

And what am I getting at also?  He thinks he is doing something good to save money when really he is creating a great risk?

Perhaps I am nitpicking!  I often don't know why I bother to attempt to better the world by writing and publishing it.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 09 28 2014 at:

When a wealthy person gets put in power over people he defines to be imbeciles don't you have to ask the question, "Where did his wealth come from?"  "Or how did he expense the public and the publics intelligence in order to create personal wealth?"


The Fallacy of Gun Laws and the Unconstitutionality of sentencing for them 09 28 2014

The Fallacy of Gun Laws and the Unconstitutionality of sentencing for them 09 28 2014

Any person over the age of 16 or sometimes less can go to a gas station and buy a gallon of Gasoline, a shop rage and a Bic lighter for less than $10.oo.

That has the potential to be far more deadly and dangerous than any gun on the market!  Look at the Russian slavics who committed the Boston Marathon Bombing?  They drained and aggregated the powder from fourth of July fireworks!  But you don't see Johnny American being booked with a felony and getting 10 years in prison for possession of those even though he is 8 years old and legally bought them!

But you don't see the BATF or the FBI then raiding their house because they have the makings of a regulated explosive device!

Good God how dumb are you!

What this little unweighting the scales of justice plus the fact that the Constitution tells us that we have the right to keep and bear arms (it means WHATEVER WE WANT!) means sentences for gun law violations are unconstitutional!

How can you go after them and not the guy who purchases and stores a gallon of highly explosive and flammable gasoline?

Do you know what those laws are?  Pure spite of the apple pie American Citizen!

How many people are killed with the deadly drug heroin every year but yet you don't see a single person getting the death penalty for intent to distribute; being a drug dealer!

How many people are killed directly by pharmaceuticals every year?  That number is around 30,000 per my last research but you never see the FBI knocking on their doors and giving them tens years in jail for a felony violation of murder!  Did you know the Puritans hung people who poisoned colonists!!!!

Holy smokes is the real reason we are all drinking from plastic bottles and have some form of that plastic chemical in our bodies because someone is afraid of us filling glass bottles with gas?  The glass more likely to crack upon impact!  And yeah if my father can tell me of stories from World War II about Molotov Cocktails I can tell them to you too!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Why do all Gun Control Measures seem to originate from California 09 28 2014

Why do all Gun Control Measures seem to originate from California 09 28 2014

It is the State where the standard profession is believing you are someone else?

It is the State whereby the writers are said to "channel" human beings in order to obtain original material?

It is a State where that same class of people also need a limitless supply of illegal drugs in order to obtain a sense of happiness and achievement of a normal human being?

It is scribe State U.S.A.?  PRETEND TO NOT KNOW WHAT I MEAN?  Somehow after Jesus was tempted by demons after fleeing from his baptismal in a daze with John the Baptist the scribes knew how to write his future life story.  It has already been written that one of you will betray me? Don't need much more evidence than that!

It is a State that produces more irresponsible movies and television shows regarding criminal use of a gun?  The other 49 States don't even compare!!

It is a State where they know this might all catch up with them someday?

In Rome anyone could have sex with an actor or actress of the opposite or same sex if they wanted to (and could pay?)

It is a State where everything is for sale?

It is a State that led the effort to allow illegal Mexican Immigrants in to do landscaping work?

It is the State that President Reagan who was an actor and also pre-Alzheimer's became President of the United States.

It is a State where the Russian Immigrant Actor committed adultery with his Hispanic housekeeper.

It would seem to me that California and its Governance represent and insurgency and threat to the United States Constitution!

It is a media capital of the world whereby any fictitious propaganda or medical fraud could be carried out from?

Anyone else see Hispanics in their none - California State, neighborhood not really working but pretending to work by standing by a landscaping truck?  What else are they being paid to do or commit?

Thomas Paul Murphy copyright 2014

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Green Bay Packers 38 at Chicago Bears 17 game day Sunday 09 28 2014

Green Bay Packers 38 at Chicago Bears 17           09/28/2014

Just after viewing the first quarter Aaron Rodgers #12 passing game looked to be a lot more sharp than the last three games!

In fact the passing offense was so effective on the first touchdown drive for Green Bay that it actually weakened the defense for the run game and the run in by Lacy #27 for Green Bay's first touchdown of the game!

There is a reason that hands to head was a penalty when the Packer player tackled the Bears Quarterback. When you deflect someone's head so that their neck is at downward angle as they are falling the ground with their torso on positioned that way you could break their neck or give them a serious neck injury. In fact that somewhat resembles a military tactics where the enemy runs up behind you grabs you around the neck while they are falling on top of you and drives your head into the ground so the weight of your body breaks your neck. And hasn't the league and professional sports as a whole had enough of the insolent looks of the players who were fined during the play sitting on the side line? The camera focuses on them and the first thing we see is the look of resentment and defiance, “I didn't do anything wrong!” Enough of that! Children should learn the game in that unprofessional manner and nor should they learn to resent the authority of referees decisions in what amounts to a game and not work. We don't teach children bad attitude when they are corrected we teach them to listen and conform to a disciplined learning environment.

If you are disciplined by a coach or referee you sit there like a good little black boy and hope to still have a high salary paying future! You do not indoctrinate and imprint American youth (of all demographics) with bad attitude and bad behavior!  We should never compromise National integrity by catering to those among use who cannot succeed via academic education!

You would not understand that point unless you have played a rough, tumble and tackle sport a high running speed. And that comment might be a slight to the validity of sideline women sports commentators.

Also as I watched Eddie Lacy running today it looked to me that when he attempted to run faster he lifted his knees higher when if fact the way to run faster is to raise up on the balls of your feet so that your heals NEVER touch the ground when you are running!

In order for a passing offense to be clicking you can't just keep hearing Jordy Nelson, Jordy Nelson, Jordy Nelson all the time. You need to hear those passes being completed to 3 or 4 names at wide receiver throughout the game and at least one good tight end! The wide receiver should be able to also seamlessly play the position of tight end. And the same goes for running backs! You cannot here Lacy, Lacy, Lacy all the time. A good coach has two effective running backs like they are knights or castles on his chess board! Either one should have the same power; meaning capability! Those different and equally capable running backs should be coming out of the backfield from every which way with the ball secured in order to confuse and disorientate and defeat the defense! In fact all should be moving fast in an OFFENSIVE blitzkrieg!

Basically when you have only one good player in both those positions you suffer from Queen syndrome! Whereby when that player gets injured your season is over just as is often the case when the queen in chess is captured!

I am defining the meaning of “TEAM” here aren't I!

And if fact a little later in the game from this writing Randall Cobb caught a pass and took off with it! But then dropped one that he should have had! What needs to happen is that the ball is played via so many offensive weapons after the that once they see the ball coming into their hands it isn't an issue of icing due to surprise! It shouldn't be an issue of, “I finally get my once in a lifetime chance to catch a ball as a professional football player on the offense!” The talent needs to be there, respected and frequently utilized to build moral and an integrated team! The team wins whereas the individual enjoys the spotlight for a while, the team loses and the individual blames everyone else he was playing with on the offense who did not get the ball as much! And there should never be an issue of Confidence in who on the offense the Quarterback is going to give the ball too! That subjectivity and favoritism by a quarterback leads to an offense with limited capability!

I actually wanted the bears to score before half time so that the Packers didn't get to go to the locker room like they were the cheese for being ahead.

Loved the Clay Matthews #52 interception but he ran like that fat lady that wears the long dress once he had the football!

Loved the Sam Shields #37 interception too! But in addition to going for the ball they need to be faster than they are after they catch it! Both Sam Fields and Clay Matthews!

On the Tramon Williams #38 interception ruled to not be one. I think he had complete possession via the angle of the ball as he was coming down. Perhaps he ruined the authenticity of the catch by the pull in to his chest while the ball was on the ground as he was. The point is if you had frozen the image of him as he is going to the ground with the ball in his arms that ball was not coming out, it was stable to his chest although upper chest, which isn't as common a catch to adjudicate on.

And I just figured out why Lacy bobs and up down like he does when he is running! To me it looks like he has to rise up to peek for where the openings in the defense are! So the way to correct that is he needs to develop the awareness of where they openings are and play with the speed and confidence that those are still open holes not only when he reaches them but when he s running right through them. The running game still needs more even though it supported the passing game well today.

Randall Cobb fulfilled the opportunity that “second” equally as good and capable receiver today! Now we need to see a third, fourth and fifth step up to the plate!

And I have some more commentary to make about half time show commentators and game announcers.

You don't get to raise your voice, bat your eyebrows and roll your eyeballs, in order to distract and drown out the thoughts of human reason!

Instead you get to calmly express yourself like a man does. And if you are unable to then you get to take the anti-psychotic medicine whereby you look very sleepy and teary eye. And you should still have to show up and comment on national television based on those personal conditions! No you don't get to take time off when you are a basket case of a person who promotes hatred. By the way that same medicine that will calm you down to the level of man and not beast will also likely cause you to attempt suicide!

That sideline and commentary anger is veiled justification for violence. The danger is that someone like that comes into political power and propagandizes bravery and valor when they themselves do not possess because they played a childhood game for a living. Whereby the propaganda would include War mongering. What I am getting at is a personality that does not reflect the Constitution of the United States and would make decisions not Consistent with it whereby he would attempt to persuade In U.S. Boys to fight a war for him based on historical concepts of integrity our Country was founded on that no longer exist today! In other words I don't want the class dunce to rule the world of free men. Anyone who plays in a manner that could cause personal injury such as paralysis by not obeying the rules should have never made it to Professional football which happens to be one of the pinnacles of high salary careers (and therefore false achievement??) in the world today.

When the Army Recruiting commercial airs on the half time show or during a game who do the American boys want to go to war for? The psycho idiot on the half time show!

Neither a coach, a player or a referee should fear violent criminal retribution for making fair plays as a player, fair rulings as a referee or fair and disciplined orders by a coach! In order to fairly officiate a game without being threatened by a psycho punk spoiled momma's boy a referee should not have to wear a sidearm!

So you have a player that plays to hurt other players? That behavior should have been weeded out in grade school. But what happens when you expel a bad kid like that and they become a continual liability to society? I really only believe in one single class of United States citizen. If that kid is proven to have a mental defect that causes them to be violent and a bully I also believe that euthenized should be an option! Otherwise you create a segregated society whereby those who are segregated violate the Constitutional rights (in terms of money too!) of those who should never be. I also believe in an alcohol free economy for that reason and that all drug dealers should be euthenized for that same reason!


Ending score Green Bay Packers 38 Chicago Bears 17

All in all the Packers played much better today, Sunday 09/28/2014, it is as if someone gave them some good advice.
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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Are heated olive oil vapors/gases a toxic respiratory hazard 09 27 2014

 Are heated olive oil vapors/gases a toxic respiratory hazard 09 27 2014

How about other cooking oils?

I would. at least, have to say a blacked film on the inside of the oven might pose a carbon monoxide type hazard to human health!

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

Are Sadists created by being tortured themselves at a young age 09 27 2014

Are Sadists created by being tortured themselves at a young age 09 27 2014

I believe that is true!  The only girl who has 6 brothers is a likely candidate to turn out to be sick minded and raise sick minded children?

The creation would have to happen because they are unable to get out of the situation and place of being a victim; meaning it happens in the family and in the home.

I don't buy the argument that if you execute a parent for torturing his child that that child will grow up without a father.  He never had real one in the first place, and likely should not have been allowed to be born?

It would take a sadist to deprive someone of their ability to use and profit from their own knowledge and human intelligence?

Thomas Paul Murphy copyright 2014

Two Short Quotes 09 27 2014

Two Short Quotes 09 27 2014

"You have to have faith in daily exercise."


"If advice based on their own personal knowledge was worth following then they would not be talking to you in your head."

And a bonus:

"That fallacy of stolen knowledge is that it is discarded like primate (luddite, lead-ite)  that resents the use of tools."

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

Friday, September 26, 2014

What's Wrong with the World Economy 09 26 2014

What's Wrong with the World Economy 09 26 2014

"That imbecile that talks to you in your head while you are working actually thinks that it is working!"

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Does Smoking Decrease Stomach Acid 09 26 2014

Does Smoking Decrease Stomach Acid 09 26 2014

If one assumes that someone who has the H Pylori Bacteria/Virus which causes ulcers also has increased stomach acid as a result of H. Pylori and one then takes into account that the Nicotine in Tobacco has an anti-parasitic effect.  One can assume that people smoke because they have the H.Pylori bacteria because the nicotine serves to numb the bacteria and therefore keep the stomach acid in check?

How many compounded problems have resulted from this?  Such as the birth defects related primarily to tobacco one would smoke to keep the stomach acid in check.  And what do they say happens when someone quits smoking?  They gain weight!  Is it because they are then also having to feed the H. Pylori bacteria virus with calories?

H. Pylori was common in lesser developed countries and more common in the United States today!  Probably because of the melting pot effect after WWII?

If people are also put on proton pump inhibitors instead of antibiotics to treat the ulcer it also makes it medical fraud!  And this medical fraud supports the tobacco industry and the for profit health care industry!

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

I would rather be said to be profoundly intelligent than a profound thinker.

Instead of them hating themselves they want you to do that for them 09 26 2014 draft

Instead of them hating themselves they want you to do that for them 09 26 2014

This is why wealth disparity is such an important concept to address and why the founding fathers wanted the common wealth principle!  Those who have a lot of money need to have greater rights than the Constitution provides them!

First they drink because they have more money.

Then their children are born mentally retarded and need greater rights.

Hence they cause civil unrest in order to create hatred towards them as human energy or the only source of empowerment they can obtain!

The greater amount of wealth they have the more they want to propagandize and put forth their ill mind founded concepts.

When one can only create drafts and not perfected works because that which can't learn mocks there writing perhaps it is time for those who cannot learn to experience a Real Draft for themselves!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Agrarian Fate: That one fell off into the plow 09 26 2014

Agrarian Fate: Any father that had to work with his own to hands to grow and support his family and was bother by his own mentally defective child while he worked would quickly euthanize them so that he and the rest of his family could still live and survive.

That one fell into the plow he would say?

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

It would make a great movie concept but you will never EVER see that in the United States!

How many victims are created so that which was born into lifetime of self hatred can feel empowered 09 26 2014

How many United States Citizens have died from cigarette and alcohol related fatalities, over the last 100 years, so that which was born into a lifetime of self hatred can feel empowered?
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

When did it become a worldwide religion to believe that 09 26 2014

When did it become a worldwide religion to believe that:

  1. You have limited liability for your personal actions in business. (Okay I would say it was done to create national employment but that industrial class citizens manufacturing jobs are all outsourced overseas now.)(Dutch East Industries Monarchy propaganda.)
  2. To believe a corporation is really a person. (Dutch East Industries Monarchy propaganda.)
  3. To believe that one must surrender their individuality for the sake of Industry. Isn't that really the best evidence that there animals posing and humans and living among us? 1932 FDR and Charles Van Hise his Beer state adviser.
I can stop right here and tell you it is against my personal belief system to enrich people like that!
  1. To believe that dyslexia (reading disorder) is not mental retardation, (retardation meaning to slow the development of) in the fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. 14 to 43.5 million Americans today! And know we don't want to listen about how much courage you had in an NFL game.
  2. That you can go off the Gold Standard of money without having competent and brave people as the common majority to support your nation and currency.
  3. That the American way to become wealthy is to bankrupt companies the public owns and profit from their decline! (Dutch East Industries monarchy concept.)
  4. That the sterile wealthy can take the children of the poor and raise them to be better and happier than their sterile selves.
  5. That we should have to work for people of this belief system and pay the health care expenses of the diseases THEY cause!

Off topic:

If you take away their alcohol and drugs you had better put them in the gas chamber because they are going to attack you and your children if you don't.

A human being learns and is taught, early on in life, that if it makes themselves happy but hurts other people that it is wrong, (that is how human conscience and human reason is defined!)

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally published on 09 26 2014 at:

Her spoiled and mentally defective personal reality wills and necessitates all actions to her class mobility?  Perhaps the Bible explains it best that this breed can either be men and act like them or they are completely dominated by their wives.  "One cannot serve two masters."  So it isn't a breed of men that act this way but some weak willed transgendered males?  And they got that way be being imprinted by the "master" (female) who has a 10% smaller brain size didn't they!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rosh Hoshanah 09 25 2014

Am I the only one who is hearing less voices on this Jewish Holy Day Rosh Hoshanah? So it means I either have a reprieve of 10 or that I was immediately inscribed in the book of life and sealed to live? Perhaps they should allow the entire worlds population to know exactly what that means?

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

Impromptu Speaking on Important matters of the Nation 09 25 2014

Impromptu Speaking on Important matters of the Nation 09 25 2014

That might be a contradictory skill to have in terms of effective leadership. If problems were that easy to answer we wouldn't have any of them by this time!

But that is what the national media has propagandized to be good leadership!  Perhaps it is the principle from the Bible were a lesser master puts the words in your mouth for you?

They really haven't been able to find solutions to any of our problems in spite of how quickly they answer questions and dismiss them!

That makes it a government about protecting wealth that didn't earn it?

But perhaps the best thing about the quick answer is that it consistently reveals the lack of integrity and character of our candidates for government leadership!

And Barrack Obama admitted to using Cocaine and Marijuana in High School.  I haven't heard of him having part time jobs like the rest of us did at that age?  So where did he get the money for it?

1.  His mother gave it to him?  (Do we even know Exactly what his father did for a living?)  Didn't his mother ever ask him, "How did you spend the money I gave you the other day?" 

2.  He made the money to buy the pot by selling the pot?  That would make him a drug dealer President?

So some of us hear voices?  What is the best defense against them?  REALITY!  Professing your vision of reality on very important matters!  Reality always wins!  Reality is the best form of attrition that there is!  Reality is a better form of convincing that money is! 

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

So I Believe this is what ISIS is

Playing God with the Citizens of the United States 09 25 2014

Manipulating Stock Prices, poor to fraudulent Health Care mocking about employment that isn't available 09 25 2014

That is the equivalent of "Playing God" with the Citizens of the United States.

Thomas Paul Murphy copyright 2014

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Why is Sylvester Stallone the Idol of every pistol whipped idiot in the United States 09 23 2014

Why is Sylvester Stallone the Idol of every pistol whipped idiot in the United States 09 23 2014

he Last Supper Jesus with a chalice of wine 09 23 2014

The Last Supper Jesus with a chalice of wine?

Jesus didn't even drink wine! He abhorred it! They poured out the Nebuchadnezzar full of it at the wedding!

When the Pharisees Jews set up wine kiosks in the temple and he came back from a trip he VIOLENTLY threw them and all of it out!

The human race is lucky to make it out of the dark ages after they killed him! 400 years! What was a God? A normal man who walked among those who mentally retarded from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome!  The dark ages were a do what you like era of sadism.  All created from fetal alcohol.
What were the mentally retarded from fetal alcohol syndrome referred to as back then? Sin's of the flesh! Sins of the flesh that created more sins of the flesh! Satan. You want to know what one looked like? Look at the round eyes on the Mona Lisa. Mona? Moan? Howling? Indication of who satan is? That is a lot like what people who hear voices experience in horror!

The Jews that followed Jesus Christ were all slaughtered just like 144,000 prophets before them were!

That painting “The Last Supper” is propaganda to make him seem like something he wasn't!

The Bible mocks the vineyard owner as an absent minded complete idiot!

Nor would Jesus drink what they gave him on the cross!

Also Judah and Israel were two separate countries! In Israel they had kosher standards! That means they didn't eat or drink things that made them mentally retarded like pork! The Bible tells of how there were no wine presses in Israel but they came from Judah. And how the Israelites were warned when it happened.

And when Israel was invaded they went running and screaming and crying from their homes! Would you do if an army full of birth defective zombies came to your village?

And what else didn't Jesus like, “The leaven of the Pharisees.” The Jews did not use leaven yeast to make their bread! Evidently the Pharisees did! They likely also made the beer (made with yeast) and bread that was fed to the Egyptian slaves! And you should read the part about how they enslaved them! Only the last ones who showed up for work that day were paid!

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

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What is the time value of money of a pack a cigarettes a day for twenty years? 09 23 2014

What is the time value of money of a pack a cigarettes a day for twenty years?  09 23 2014

That's easy! 

Its a bunch of dumb kids who stare at you from a window while your working!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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If it can ONLY learn by aping then it is an ape and not human? 09 23 2014

They don't want you to make money if you are disability for hearing voices they want you to spend it! 09 23 2014

They don't want you to make money if you are disability for hearing voices they want you to spend it! 09 23 2014

Why?  Because if you make it you are a great threat to their well being!

They do however need you to constantly attempt to make money!  Why?

The ape only learns by aping!  And it only survives economically from aping your works to the exclusion of you!

You don't say?
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

How many School Shootings were the direct result of George Bush's No Child Left Behind Policy 09 23 2014

How many school shootings were the direct result of George Bush's No Child Left Behind Policy

Lets be honest those mentally retarded children are a burden to not only the teachers but the fellow students!

When that child cannot learn are they likely to abuse those in the classroom who can? We already know without a shadow of a doubt that is true!

Never in United States History has a President created more civil unrest than George Bush did!

He is projecting his vision of self pity as the standard of humanity!

John Kennedy's statement of the graduates from Ivy League Universities never making a contribution to democracy needs to be extended a step further, Not only will they never make a contribution to democracy their children will destroy it!

The Founding Father's didn't want any freaks! They wanted everyone to be able to read for this exact reason, “They didn't want freaks making up their own laws or legal interpretations!”

Ever take an elderly person who was a school teacher to the emergency hospital? What is the first thing they want to discuss with you? If that person goes unconscious can we label them Do Not Resuscitate.

Perhaps our health care system needs to completely change to reflect the Puritan reality our Constitution is based on! Such as if you take a genetically anomalous child to the doctor can they be required to refuse to treat them? Such as a child who has mental retardation like in Wilson's Syndrome or Down's Syndrome, etc?

There parents made the choice to have those birth defective children; not the American people! Therefore the American people should not share in the financial burden they create! They are not equal! If they were equal you would never hear a peep out of them regarding granting them special rights! If they were equal none of us would be hearing voices in our skulls! Do they actually believe that somewhere deep inside the retards brain are the keys to a better humanity, better human philosophy, a more kindly gentler nation? Just the opposite is true!

What am I getting at? How did they get that way in the first place? Their parents could read the warning labels on bottles of alcohol and cigarettes! Was George Bush's father a drinker! Of course he did!
So what was George Bush's motivation for No Child Left behind and the bankrupting of Social Security and the Government through treating them?  He had a family member who was mentally retarded!!!  And therefore his family couldn't treat that person so a whole cadre of Government services arises for that one person who is mentally retarded!  Pay 10 people to take care of that person and attempt to teach them how to learn?  Well we are off the Gold Standard and therefore printing money so it is okay?  No!  Why not?  Because the taxpayer bears the burden of that!  And do you know what, it isn't the high income earner that pays for those services it is the middle class taxpayer.
The middle class always wants to become part of the upper class! Sure we want to make more money but you would never want to be a person who can't read equivalent to the son of a wealthy and powerful alcoholic!  The wealthy drink expensive alcohol like fish!  Can they read?  No!  They cannot even read the warning labels on bottles of alcohol or cigarettes.  Next they will want all heroin and pot sold to have warning labels on them too!  That n1993r selling it for $10 bucks a deadly hit on the street corner in Chicago better comply with that labeling law?

Should a person labeled Do Not Medically Treat DNMT ever be allowed to become President of the United States? NO!

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Monday, September 22, 2014

My Commentary on River Pollution Controls stalled an article by Lee Berquist of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

River pollution Controls Stalled.

It takes patience to fish! In this Ritalin age it is therefore disregarded and water quality along with it. It takes patience to learn how to tie a strong fishing knot that will hold a lure on!

Fishing increases awareness of water quality problems. And for the apparent above reasons it will never be for everyone.

So we have a vicious circle that includes many elements. Pollution decreases the number of fish and edible fish in lakes and rivers. That decreases interest in fishing. Because less fish or catching fish that you can't even eat makes it a less fun sport. Therefore no one cares about clean water and it isn't an issue regarding remedial public policy!

One can say that the dirty water means more birth defective children will be born who will not have the mental capacity to understand clean water. And the increased services they require only further dirty the water via the byproducts and pollution from common things such as transportation related to servicing them? In other words everything has to come to them! Perfect form of the spoiled child isn't it! Everything HAS to come to them!

We owe a duty to the world not to eat imported fish from waters that are becoming polluted but rather we must clean our waters so that we can eat fish that prosper locally. And the cost to clean those river beds and lake waters to what they should be likely negates any trophy a Corporate executive ever received for increasing profits at his polluting company!

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ISIS is a Propagandized Enemy already 09 22 2014

ISIS is a Propagandized Enemy already 09 22 2014

Media grants itself authoritative power it doesn't deserve in this manner!

What does the average American know?  A white man was beheaded by a man wearing a turban!

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

In order to be psychotic first you had to know what reality was 09 22 2014

In order to be psychotic first you had to know what reality was 09 22 2014

The mentally defective are violent do not know what reality is and never did; they cannot be psychotic when they never knew what reality was instead they are just plain mentally defective.

How many criminals and successful people alike fall into this concept?  Quite a few!

Many CEO's of Corporate America have been labeled with the term Psychotic Personality Disorder; as you learn from above Mentally Defective or Oddly Competitive Personality Disorder is far more accurate!

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Error in Thought Process of the Satanic 09 22 2014

Error in thought process of the Satanic

If it is something stupid that they like to laugh at it means that it is true and also that translates to mean a lot of other stupid things just like that are true to (to them.)

Might be a helpful concept to know exists in order to educate people “out of it” as in remedial education, or attempting to educate those with learning disabilities!

Whatever can be made fun of is true, even though most mature human beings would not think it is funny, is not a human being concept.

I can't you a real good example, but just illustrate the basic concept; an adult trips another and laughs and laughs because they fall and hurt themselves! In fact as their victim then walks down the street limping in pain the bad person proceeds to write an entire comedy of errors based on using the pain he caused as his muse! The very pain itself, he or it caused was his muse.

Perhaps it equates to causing pain in order to make money from writing about it?

The devil couldn't write anything originally funny so he started hurting people, causing pain and re-characterizing it as their victims own fault and anonymizing (new word I just created) the identity of the victims; in order to make people laugh?

When I describe a comedian or writer in that way we learn that absolutely nothing about them is; funny, human and or worthy to earn its own living. Instead they are not psychotic but instead what could be termed as Animal Minded Violent. AMV for short.

To be defined as Psychotic you first had to have known what reality was! The spoiled rotten minded can never do that! Why not? It was never required of them in their lives in order to be successful!

The fun house operator would break your leg and percuss your head in order to have a new muse attraction! In my humble opinion such “Fun House Operator's” as defined here, should have been euthanized a long time before they are ever allowed to profit by creating human misery!

That is a perfect example of what I have defined previously to be ODDLY COMPETITIVE PERSONALITY DISORDER. OCPD for short in my scientific lingo. And Behaviorism is indeed a Scientific Study!

Now here are song lyrics I started to flush out of this concept.

“It is better you die with the sinners than cause the Saints to cry.”

“Little rotten apple of your mothers eye.”

“Lots and lots of money.”

“Now we know just why!”

“Your father he was right about you.”

“With his sword he was.”

“God his ugly wife.”

“She had to intervene.”

“Now you litter our silver screen.”

Okay I liked the first lyric as a starting point the best, but then it just digress into being too negative. When you are too negative in writing you are telling instead of showing. Showing is more effective.

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The likely suspects 09 21 2014

The likely suspects 09 21 2014

How many people think that a mentally retarded person has a clear understanding of their sexual identity? According to my research there are 14.5 to 43.5 Americans with some form of mental retardation.

Remember the definition of retarded is to slow the development of! So dyslexia counts under that diagnosis!

So there are 318 million Americans.

How many Americans are there with a sexual identity disorder who willfully claim it as a nomrality? Well back in College I knew a native American girl who told me quite adamantly it was 10% so that would mean 31.8 million Americans.

It could be as high as 15%. And that would equate to 47.7 million. So you add the 47.7 to the 43.5 million with some form of mental retardation and you get a staggering number of 90.2 million Americans! Now you divide that by 318 million Americans and you get 28 percent! That is 90.2 million Americans with genetic disorders compared to us who hear voices that are very mean to us.

Now I have not added in the percent of inbreds who are also known to have mental retardation from a brain defect.

The answer to that last question is even scarier! It appears that the leaders of European countries sealed the deal through interbreeding! What we have is world leadership that likely has a form of identity disorder consistent with mental retardation. So that is indeed the motivation by which the medical fraud of Schizophrenia is kept a dark secret! We are networked world society whereby it is not what you know but who you know! And the reason it is about who you know is that is the greatest way to keep a secret! In other words you know you weren't hired for what you know so you are not going to rock the boat and lose your job from who you know because you won't get another one! Again motivation by which the medical fraud of schizophrenia is kept a secret!

What are the odds of some form of biped needing to borrow an identity from us who hear voices and were completely normal (in fact we were smarter than the average person as per statistics) before we started to hear voices. The odds in America are 1 in 3! Sure I could add the statistics of those who have careers where they do not belong in the position there are from empirical evidence of their effect on our country meaning they have an occupational identity disorder.

Would someone who knows that their cognitive makeup is not ever going to get any better harbor hidden resentment to those who are normal until they start hearing voices?

I am telling you that schizophrenia is medical fraud, the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it medical fraud!

What are the odds that a person with an identity disorder as the 90.2 million Americans have are the ones who found a unique way to be very mean to those who do not have one??

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For some reason I can't get the image of FDR riding through the country in his care that he rigged to use hand lever controls, even though his legs dwindled he could still have sex. A man on that documentary said he would pull up and give you what you needed? Did he really mean bottles of alcohol? One of the three doctors who diagnosed his legs made a comment that Implied that cognitively FDR was mad. We also know that polio is transmitted through feces; ie sodomy? So I somehow get the image of FDR as a pedophile slowing down in his lever controlled car to grab little boys by the arms and.... Would make the great basis of a horror movie? I also believe that lower jaw of FDR's that stuck out might be a sign of a genetic disorder. I have known some people with lower jaws and they have happened to have speech defects?

I learned some modern lingo today.  On the radio show "A way with words" they say that if you are driving around and the imagery of a scene forms in your mind that you can't wait to pull over and write down it is called a "scenebunny!"

This will help you remember that.

Voting Rights and Currency Laundering 09 21 2014

Voting Rights and Currency Laundering 09 21 2014

If an American is taking orders from a foreign corporation with operations in the United States is that American even an American anymore? Should they have the same rights as Americans when the company they work for and take orders from does not recognize the same rights as Americans do per our Constitution? Should they be able to pay with United States currency or should congress be allowed to set the value of the currency they use to pay their employees as it might be considered foreign currency; and congress has the right and responsibility to do that per the Constitution!

Should that American ever be allowed to vote here?

Should an American with employees employed abroad, thereby evading us employment and environmental laws even be allowed to vote in the United States?

Should an American who propagandizes the fairy tale fiction that a corporation is a person be allowed to vote in the United States?  At one point do their actions become so horrific that they are declared an insurgency or foreign combatants?  I believe someone should have cracked down severely on Corporations a long time ago!

Should a corporation with foreign operations in the United States be allowed to pay in United States currency?

Should a United States Corporation with foreign operations be allowed to pay workers in the United States with United States currency?

Do we have to recognize it?

Congress has the legal authority to say what a foreign currency is worth!

With all the illegal immigrants and drugs from Mexico I believe we have the duty to say the Peso is worthless in exchange for the United States dollar! In effect we have a duty to make other countries currencies deemed worthless in comparison to our own before ours becomes worthless because of their influence! So what if Congress fails to do this as is their Constitutional duty?

China doesn't set the value of its currency in the United States; per our Constitution Congress does!

So should there be cross translation? NO! That is like the spoiled child finding a way to evade punishment! Should Mexico be allowed to convert to Brazil and then Brazil convert that to United States currency for them? No! That is what I call Currency Laundering! And a policy of not allowing currency laundering might make the best foreign policy that there is!

Currency Laundering

Currency Laundering would be when the U.S. Congress declared the Mexican Peso not convertible into U.S. Dollars and a bank or foreign country facilitated the conversion anyway!!!!

They know the dollar means something and is of greater value than their own money! However they are making money by selling illegal items that are contrary to the value of the United States dollar!

It (many things) are therefore is really a war on the Value of the United States currency!

Now there are more points to this but that is enough typing for today!

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Child Punishment and Euthenization 09 21 2014

Child Punishment and Euthenization 09 21 2014

I have stated that I believe it is okay to physically punish children (but not to permanently injure them; nothing that harsh) when they willfully endanger the lives of you and your family. To give an example? Let's say an insolent child lights a torch and runs wildly through your home with it. What happens if you use pansy momma talk therapy? That child doesn't get the message! Even though they might not do it in your home they have not been taught it isn't okay to do in someone else's home; that degree of message isn't learned by them! Hence they represent a threat to society?

If a child has a genetic birth defect that has one of its criteria of diagnosis listed as mental retardation, and in a high prevalence of those who have that genetic birth defect, then it will always be a danger to its family and society!

It will always need constant parent type attention no matter how old it is. It will need a legal guardian, determined from status at age 18 as not being to the mental equivalent of an 18 year old; hence still has mental retardation! AT AGE 18 IT CAN NO LONGER BE CLASSIFIED AS MENTAL RETARDATION! Why not? Because “Retardation” means to slow the development of! Therefore when you are an adult you have developed the platform for how far you will go in life! In other words the race used to define the concept of ability to learn and mentally develop is over! You are no longer considered to be slow to develop as an adult instead you are mentally defective! It is a fine logical distinction that needs to be made!

If 14 to 40 million Americans are illiterate doesn't it really mean they don't have the legal capacity to make complex decisions for themselves? The Constitution should have protected them from being that! We don't use the Constitution to create the mentally defective so that we can then have to modify the constitution to protect those who should have been prevented from being born because of the Constitution! We do not misquote the Constitution so that we need to water it down and create a higher rank of rights for those who are mentally lesser? Why because it violates the rights of the free and normal!

Anyhow because through scientific genetic diagnosis that it will be mentally retarded and then mentally defective; and therefore poses a danger to its family, parents and society; its parents should have the right to Euthanize it at any time! And they should not have to pay fee to do that! I am talking about people like those with Down's Syndrome living a lifetime like being on Probation!

Can society make that chose for you? If it is a danger to you then it is also a danger to society! Now what happens when it preys on normal human beings and antagonizes them so that they instead become a danger to society? What it really does is increase the impetus that those born mentally retarded should be euthanized!

Camp Retard? Are there people among us that make an extremely wealthy living by pretending to provide services to the mentally retarded? That is a drain of the United States country! Are those who are receiving benefits accounted for? Where are they taken to live at night? Some stall in a barn in the middle of nowhere? That is a big crime!

New topic

Are substance abusers a danger to society?

  1. The willfully drunk driver who kills someone?
  2. The smoker who falls asleep with the cigarette still lit and burns the house down?
  3. The pot smoker whose chest gets crushed in a car accident.
  4. The addict who has to steal, and therefore put his robbery who victims are potentiated to personal harm in the crime, in order to support that habit?

In all of those cases the Constitution protected them from ever being sold or given the addictive substance however it was not applied correctly to protect them or their victims. Those who provide addictive substances need to be prosecuted so that the mentally defective are never conceived from the substance as is the case of fetal alcohol syndrome the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere!

Stay tuned for my articles on voting rights and Currency Laundering. Currency Laundering is a brand new concept.
How far would a parent go in order to allow a mentally retarded child to presume a normal life?  Would they deprive a normal human being of their ability to think, label them mentally ill and medicate them?  Of course they would.
That parent who has the birth defective child and has to keep it was never told NO once in their lives!  They were never effectively punished!  If a parent attempted to tell a child with gender identity disorder that they could not be that way that parent would be subject to a spoiled fit wouldn't they!  They would never want to hurt that child's feelings by telling them a bonafide birds and the bees story!

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Why I am anti-drugs and anti the Regurgitant 09 21 2014

Why I am anti-drugs and Anti the “Regurgitant” 09 21 2014

A “collective” mind would seek to medicate the minds it was “collective” of. The only way to beat it would be if everyone who was medicated would be of the “collective” mind and those who were not refused to be medicated!

Therefore to be collective mind would not be able to profess “There is only one God,” philosophy as a means to patronize its young! The phrase is meant to allow the mentally retarded not to worry that sooner or later the mind they are dependent to will die with that person, and there is ONLY ONE PERSON LIKE THAT (“There is only one God.”)

If the collective mind people are indeed the beast then the beast wins because it will in some way attack the minds it want to render “collection” of.

If the collective mind is Not the beast we would never know it (the collective mind) existed because it would not seek to turn off “medicate” human minds in order to be a “collective” mind.

No pun initially intended with regard to churches taking up money “collections”, not concerning how valid the mandatory “Collection” is; i.e. what deed are they being paid for? i.e. You ever heard a priest sing, do they not have an engulfing bullfrog voice; as if when it chants it has the capacity to completely negate and digest a human beings capacity for independent thought? That bullfrog shouldn't be a reality for human beings to contend with!!! I remember when I was young hearing that the bullfrog type voice was indeed a sign of a birth defect. The collective minded no matter how (Can't read own word), would have to be the genetic anomalous,rather than the people of the normal minds it is collective of!

Stare them down with all your might; “One cannot see the face of God and live.”

What TOOLS would genetic anomalous use to maintain the collective? Anything that impaired the human mind! Predominantly alcohol, they take up a collection for it as a church.

Heroin is even a worse form religion isn't it! It kills the human being who is a victim of the collective!

Do not feel guilty when people die of their own natural causes and the voices you hear become LESS!

In summary a collective mind cannot exist with the vondoon process of psychiatric ally medicating people! That is why I am anti-drugs! Sure you can portend to be smarter because you are part of the collective mind; but we are not going to let you enjoy it or live it down! I am stating that when you are not on medicine those of the collective mind cannot tune out from your mind because they have none of their own! They have been listening to your thoughts since they first had a pacifier in their mouths!

One more point here! Who is more likely to be of the collective mind? The mentally retarded! What does retarded mean? To slow the development of! Therefore dyslexia is a reading inability factor is indeed a from of mental retardation. There are between 14 to 40 million people in the United States today who have dyslexia; mental retardation. 14 to 40 million of about 350 million Americans makes that about 4 to 11 percent and my 350 number might be a little high. Now those that hear voices represent 1 to 2 percent of the population. Okay do you see where the statistic of a person who hears voices 13 times more likely to be a victim of violence than a perpetrator of it? Stack those statistics up and compare it there are about 13 mentally retarded people to every one that hears voices! As big and aggressive as they are they will NEVER have the courage to admit that they are dependent minded to someone whose human rights are victimized for their benefit! That makes them the nations greatest cowards in world history!

Now back to my anti-drugs argument. Alcohol is the leading cause of birth defects related to mental retardation in the western hemisphere! So what we have is a race among us that self propagates themselves and the drug that created them to be mentally retarded! When they become adults they need alcohol for that very same reason. Even Barrack stated that he used drugs in High School to push thoughts about who he was out of his mind. So do we allow people to use drugs for that reason and create children with even worse mental birth defects?

Are there religions today that believe in the collective mind? Communism is one; one mind for all. The India Indian Sikhs are another; they believe in connecting to a higher consciousness than their own. And the Jews themselves like to say that their minds work more easily; as if the correct answers just come to them! The Catholic Church is of the collective mind, what did they say after the sacrificed someone on the cross, “We will live the life he lead for us,” that is evidence of a collective mind. What is the Haitian vondoon religion, poison someone with the nerve toxin from the puffer fish, bury them alive and dig them up oxygen deprivation brain dead; in effect they have created a member of a collective! Now I have been talking about Pavy and Weiss from the 1936 election time frame in the U.S. What did Weiss say about Pavy? His father in law relations? That he had black blood in him. It is stated that all Jews have the black genotype and it was stated that Weiss was born Jewish and I know that some Jewish people suffer from being tormented by voices with not much more of a clue initially than the rest of us who do. But FDR's New Deal adviser from the University of Wisconsin Madison had a key tenet that, “One must surrender their individuality for the sake of Industry.” Not only is that a collective mind it is also communism! So that right there means that the United States and psychiatry, forced drugging, is really communism and a collective mind! Oddly enough the Constitution and its key tenets was created to prevent that from ever happening here! Huey Long who was to be FDR's competitor for President in the 1936 election was assassinated just a few months before the election! His party was of the redistribution of wealth policy! He would have also given us free health care! As Governor of Louisiana he had already created 21 free clinics! Isn't that amazing? If you talked that way today you would hear a litany of reasons why those two things can't happen! When the American public was pulled whether Jews should be repatriated to the United States from WWII 25% of American Jews said no! That number seems high! I would have liked to have hear their reasons for saying no! What faction did they understand and not like themselves?

The members of a collective mind, males included, cannot exist unless they can look up to the sky and roll their eyes like women do. What am I getting at? Assuming there are two races on earth which one has a valid right to be here? The one who will always need the other race who have higher minded capability in order to survive at all or the higher minded race itself. Does it make sense that you would defeat the success and procreation of the hire minded race? No! So what is the motivation for the action? It is envy and hatred of us! Even a dog knows when it is being kicked. For the lesser minded race to be dominant means extinction for all human beings. Why? Because the lesser minded race needs the higher minded race and not vice versa! One is responsible with its own human conscience and human reason and the other is its mothers subjective and bad translation of authority from the first! One is imprinted by the minds of men and the other is imprinted by that which has a mental capacity of 90% of a man at best! That 10% difference is an extreme statistic! So what is the lesser minded race in pejorative terms; "regurgitant" minded!

I am going to make a simple point as to why some peoples minds work better and more efficiently and are therefore envied and in great demand by a "collective"...  very simply their minds were imprinted by their biological parents that loved them!  I find this to be why my mind works better and is therefore in high demand by the voices to the detriment of my Constitutional rights!  I know it is true!

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Quote of the day 09 20 2014

Quote of the day 09 20 2014

At some point in his life he realizes that his mother was only badly translated authority.

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More on Carl Austin Weiss the man who shot Huey Long the Presidential Candidate who would have given us free health care

More on Carl Austin Wiess the man who shot Huey Long the Presidential Candidate who would have given us free health care and wealth redistribution.

"no one has come up with anything better" as a motive for Weiss to shoot Long?  Come on!  Weiss was a Doctor and Huey  had opened 21 free health care clinics!  Huey wanted free health care for all Americans.  Somewhere in there lies the motive.  Also Weiss was interned in Austria, the same place Adolf Hitler was from.  And if it was not Weiss bullet and instead that of courthouse bodyguards are they not in league with the Judge Pavy who sought political power in competition with Long?  What else do we know about Louisiana?  Isn't that the state were black prisoners were experimented upon and then put in mass graves?  So here is the /bodyguard/police/ court house judge motivation.   And wasn't that experimentation something they could give to people that would make them shuffle their feet and seem completely incompetent? Psychiatric experimentation?  And what about the great American Eugenics movement in the South at that time?  Long would have opposed it?  Long was for share the wealth and free health care; he loved all people!

Carl Weiss also worked at Bellevue Hospital in New York in 1932.  In 1919 a German spy infiltrated the hospital and spent two years there and then escaped???  Fritz Joubert Duquesne. Very interesting there:  He helped Theodore Roosevelt plan his hunting trips between WWI and WWII!

This is the club that Dr. Carl Austin Weiss was a member of:  The name of that club Kiwanis means I cause mischief and make noise.  From my prior research that is how a diablero (bad medicine man)  is also defined.

Another motive for killing Weiss has to do with the Kiwanis club.  They like to travel a lot; as such they would not have had the wealth to do so under a Huey Long presidency.  Yeah I said it!

Carl was shot 62 times!  That is a metaphor for early retirement?

Surprisingly enough there is very little information about Carl Austin Weiss on the internet!  There are many questions that need to be answered regarding him!

According to the following link he was born Jewish.

Commentary on Alvin J. Brooke article by Bruce Vilmetti Ex-Officer sentenced to 9 years

Commentary on Alvin J. Brooke article by Bruce Vilmetti Ex-Officer sentenced to 9 years

Two important Issues were neglected in the article or case.

1.  Because we have fingerprints of officers on file and a great many other databases of United States Citizens on file; such as those who work for the NASDAQ (the over the counter stock exchange) in order to catch criminals as is the goal of the justice department every finger print database we have should be scanned for matches.  For the United States not to do that allows the criminals to hide in positions of authority and violate the public trust!  We were told that Homeland Security would provide that type of function but it hasn't!  I am not going to get into a third point of what he needed or used the $54,000.00 he stole for!  Or question whether he committed other crimes.  Or even if he developed the drug habit from drugs confiscated from criminals; now that is scarier than ever, a police officer feeding a very strong addiction through armed robbery!  It tells us something about the power of addiction being beyond that of serving the public trust!  Had a Bank Employee pulled a gun in defense a highly trained officer would have shot them or been killed himself!  And he was not going to be killed himself was he because he already had the spoiled personal motivation to use drugs didn't he!

2. What is the fine and imprisonment for using encrypted police communications systems to facilitate crimes?  That is the Open Sky encryption system he was listening to on his police walkie talky!  A United States Citizen cannot legally modify their radio to listen in to it!  But I am just betting that organized crime that distributes heroin in Chicago listens into it and has no fear whatsoever of being caught doing so.  How do I know? 1.  Because they are funded by a lot of money! 2.  They also have no fear of the criminal justice system or they would not be selling the deadly drug heroin!  So they have the motive and operand!  So what we have is organized crime listening in to police communications while the average citizen cannot!  I would argue that if the average citizen could listen in that the playing filed would be leveled upward and there would be increased accountability in the justice department.  And the police officer really should have nothing to fear when they are making subjective decisions and granting leniency!  Those conversations are understandable.  However where it gets into a betray of public trust is when they (criminal justice system) stray so far that it can be concluded they are participant to the crime!  As in the heroin epidemic in Chicago!  Then it doesn't validate the need for encrypted communications instead it tells us what a violation of our Constitutional Rights that they have been!  If an officer cannot perform under those provisions they should not be on the force because first and foremost they do not have the integrity to be there!  So what was missing hear was sentencing for using that communications system in order to facilitate a crime!  Now when you have a documented case of that technology being used to commit a crime and a punishment not being included in the sentencing what does it mean?  It means that you are condoning the activity!  Hence the technology needs to go!  I also believe that whenever that officer wears a badge or engages in police maneuvers off duty that they should be subject to having their personal communications monitored!  Perhaps they are no longer under the authority of the law if they act and are not wearing visible devices that monitor their interaction with suspects and people they are interacting with?



Off Topic.  The word Retard is defined to mean slowing the development of.  What that means is that dyslexia is mental retardation!  Some 13.5 to 43 MILLION Americans have some form of dyslexia a Reading Disability!  I believe that our Criminal Justice civil servants should be of a standard higher than mental retardation!  We know that alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere!  It means that the mother drank (likely the father drinking too can cause it) preconception or during pregnancy!  The damage to the brain is irreversible!  I am making the claim that those who have it should not be hired on the Police force or in any capacity involving the public trust; such as politics and Government!  What you end up with is a cadre of the mentally retarded promoting the substance of mental retardation and that violates the rights of the unborn greater than anything other element!  I believe that first and foremost people have a right to be born free of mental defect related to drugs and alcohol!

What happens is that through camaraderie with people just like them they assure themselves they are doing the right things when they are not!  That isn't how men think!  Men don't talk themselves out of doing jobs how they should be done!  There is always something in the back of a man’s mind that tells him certain details of his work must be followed up on before he is done; and that is how the human Conscience of a man is defined to be as relevant to the issue!

Roughly 40 million with dyslexia out of 350 million?  That amounts to over 11%.  That is a number we haven't looked out for!  That is a threat we never defined!  I am not saying that you should become starving and homeless; our Constitution is there to protect you from that!  But I am saying if you don't meet the qualification step aside so that those do can maintain the standard of integrity and the symbolism of the color red in the United States flag!  And don't make any circus of logic in what it means or try and fraudulently represent it with some new historical interpretation of the Tea Party!  I don't like proud moments in United States history being obfuscated by those whom Huey Long would say, ".don't have their own minds to think with.  Huey Long was the Governor of Louisiana who challenged FDR for President.  Huey wanted to provide free health care nationwide and redistribute the wealth.  He was assassinated about the same time the United States entered World War II and before the Presidential election!  In fact much of FDR's new construction efforts in the United States were aped from what Huey was accomplishing in Louisiana!    FDR knew full well what caused the Stock Market crash of 1929 because he profited from the decline!  And that is one element of financial reform that was needed but he failed to create: outlawing the short sale!  And why did he legalize alcohol?  Very simple this is a man who walked on crutches and needed a symbolic crutch to make himself happy!  And one might want to compare how one gets polio which is transmitted through human feces to when the prophylactic was invented to FDR having contracted polio!  Interesting thing is that they caught the guy who killed Huey alive; so he likely had a lot to say.  I am going to research what he said up to that and afterwards!  We never hear the name Huey Long today despite the fact that affordable health care has been a hot topic for many years now!

Correction, Carl Weiss was shot 62 times at the same time Huey Long was assassinated!


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