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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Voting Rights and Currency Laundering 09 21 2014

Voting Rights and Currency Laundering 09 21 2014

If an American is taking orders from a foreign corporation with operations in the United States is that American even an American anymore? Should they have the same rights as Americans when the company they work for and take orders from does not recognize the same rights as Americans do per our Constitution? Should they be able to pay with United States currency or should congress be allowed to set the value of the currency they use to pay their employees as it might be considered foreign currency; and congress has the right and responsibility to do that per the Constitution!

Should that American ever be allowed to vote here?

Should an American with employees employed abroad, thereby evading us employment and environmental laws even be allowed to vote in the United States?

Should an American who propagandizes the fairy tale fiction that a corporation is a person be allowed to vote in the United States?  At one point do their actions become so horrific that they are declared an insurgency or foreign combatants?  I believe someone should have cracked down severely on Corporations a long time ago!

Should a corporation with foreign operations in the United States be allowed to pay in United States currency?

Should a United States Corporation with foreign operations be allowed to pay workers in the United States with United States currency?

Do we have to recognize it?

Congress has the legal authority to say what a foreign currency is worth!

With all the illegal immigrants and drugs from Mexico I believe we have the duty to say the Peso is worthless in exchange for the United States dollar! In effect we have a duty to make other countries currencies deemed worthless in comparison to our own before ours becomes worthless because of their influence! So what if Congress fails to do this as is their Constitutional duty?

China doesn't set the value of its currency in the United States; per our Constitution Congress does!

So should there be cross translation? NO! That is like the spoiled child finding a way to evade punishment! Should Mexico be allowed to convert to Brazil and then Brazil convert that to United States currency for them? No! That is what I call Currency Laundering! And a policy of not allowing currency laundering might make the best foreign policy that there is!

Currency Laundering

Currency Laundering would be when the U.S. Congress declared the Mexican Peso not convertible into U.S. Dollars and a bank or foreign country facilitated the conversion anyway!!!!

They know the dollar means something and is of greater value than their own money! However they are making money by selling illegal items that are contrary to the value of the United States dollar!

It (many things) are therefore is really a war on the Value of the United States currency!

Now there are more points to this but that is enough typing for today!

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