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Friday, September 26, 2014

When did it become a worldwide religion to believe that 09 26 2014

When did it become a worldwide religion to believe that:

  1. You have limited liability for your personal actions in business. (Okay I would say it was done to create national employment but that industrial class citizens manufacturing jobs are all outsourced overseas now.)(Dutch East Industries Monarchy propaganda.)
  2. To believe a corporation is really a person. (Dutch East Industries Monarchy propaganda.)
  3. To believe that one must surrender their individuality for the sake of Industry. Isn't that really the best evidence that there animals posing and humans and living among us? 1932 FDR and Charles Van Hise his Beer state adviser.
I can stop right here and tell you it is against my personal belief system to enrich people like that!
  1. To believe that dyslexia (reading disorder) is not mental retardation, (retardation meaning to slow the development of) in the fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. 14 to 43.5 million Americans today! And know we don't want to listen about how much courage you had in an NFL game.
  2. That you can go off the Gold Standard of money without having competent and brave people as the common majority to support your nation and currency.
  3. That the American way to become wealthy is to bankrupt companies the public owns and profit from their decline! (Dutch East Industries monarchy concept.)
  4. That the sterile wealthy can take the children of the poor and raise them to be better and happier than their sterile selves.
  5. That we should have to work for people of this belief system and pay the health care expenses of the diseases THEY cause!

Off topic:

If you take away their alcohol and drugs you had better put them in the gas chamber because they are going to attack you and your children if you don't.

A human being learns and is taught, early on in life, that if it makes themselves happy but hurts other people that it is wrong, (that is how human conscience and human reason is defined!)

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Her spoiled and mentally defective personal reality wills and necessitates all actions to her class mobility?  Perhaps the Bible explains it best that this breed can either be men and act like them or they are completely dominated by their wives.  "One cannot serve two masters."  So it isn't a breed of men that act this way but some weak willed transgendered males?  And they got that way be being imprinted by the "master" (female) who has a 10% smaller brain size didn't they!

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