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Monday, September 15, 2014

The Fallacy of Special Education 09 15 2014

Sure you could teach a mentally retarded person how to type but would anyone ever benefit from anything classified as original that they would write! The ill fate would be that those who taught it how to type suffered personal agony at the hands of the bad advice written!

You would likely end up with an entirely new worldwide Animal Rights Constitution!

Off topic.  A man kills 6 puppies he can't feed.  If they were left to the humane society they would end up killing them too because no one wanted them.

The new Constitution would state that if you were bitten by a dog developed an illness that debilitated you that if you killed that dog in self defense you would be killed because you violated the animals are people to Bill of Rights!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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In my next article I will touch on how mentally defective women objectify the men they marry to be of the intelligence of dogs, subservient, and weak minded, and not challenging there decision making process!

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