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Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Great New York Fire to come 09 28 2014

The Great New York Fire to come 09 28 2014

That last article that I wrote before this one got me thinking, and I can do that because I have a sound hippo-campus and also my own human reason and human conscience and therefore stream of consciousness based on personal knowledge.

What did I read was going on in New York?  That water was being cut off to those who could not pay.

So if you cut the water off to a persons house what happens when a fire that might have been prevented by having water available , and I am not going to into the circumstances of how that could happen. Other than to say probably at least once in your life you have pulled something out of the oven that was starting to blacken before kindling and put it in the sink and doused it with water? And to say that if you cut off the water supply to a building that has a sprinkler system...such as an apartment complex?  Can you even cut the water off without cutting the sprinkling system too?  There is probably some code that it had to be on a separate water line in the apartment complex?

Let me put it this way are houses without a water supply more dry and therefore more prone to a fire starting in them?  Have there been other fires in world history that were started because some silver spoon did this same thing and it got out of control?

So haven't you increased the risk of one house going up in flames?  And when that one goes up it often takes its neighbors with it!  And then what happens when an entire city block goes up in smoke!  And that city block takes out another dry city block.

Just one house going up in flames because of this and the right wind could spell disaster.

Perhaps some man always smoked and fell asleep while doing so but kept a glass of water by his chair in case he woke up and the arm rest was starting to smolder?  It could be many reasons like that!  And they also smoke a lot of other stuff!  And in just those places where the water was cut off?

Someone puts a pizza in the oven and falls asleep?  They wake up and it is burning.  They blow it out and toss it in the sink and douse it with water? 

Sure I can hear the professional paid pundits jumping on my back on this one already.  He only cut it off in this way and such manner so that the risk you speak about never can occur!  I don't believe that talking head banter and I never will!

It would appear to me that a madman mayor who wants to ban guns also is negligently setting the City of New York up to go down in flames?

And what am I getting at also?  He thinks he is doing something good to save money when really he is creating a great risk?

Perhaps I am nitpicking!  I often don't know why I bother to attempt to better the world by writing and publishing it.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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When a wealthy person gets put in power over people he defines to be imbeciles don't you have to ask the question, "Where did his wealth come from?"  "Or how did he expense the public and the publics intelligence in order to create personal wealth?"


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