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Friday, September 12, 2014

The Reason you never want to SPOIL a mentally retarded child 09 12 2014

The reason you would never want to spoil a mentally retarded person is because you would end up committing great crimes in order to allow it to continue to believe things about itself that are not true.

There are two ways to spoil a child.

  1. Give them everything they want!
  2. Always let them be the center of attention! Always giving them attention. And allowing that granting of attention to interrupt the speaking of mature adults. In other words to allow them to believe they are the most important person ever born!

The only way a mentally retarded can be raised is by the second method of spoiling a child! You could give them gift after gift but they would not know how to play with them or make use of them. Material items would be meaningless to them! And what would happen when they aged and material items were meaningless to them? They would have to seek to pleasure themselves via the second means above! And what kind of horror would that lead to? What if someone like that inherited a castle and wealth? Would they desire to draw the energy out of a human being by torturing them in a dungeon?

That second child will not know the different between what belongs to it and what belongs to other people! That is part of the reason the Puritans wanted everyone to learn how to read; so that people like that were never created! Because it doesn't know the difference between what belongs to it and what belongs to others it has no concept that it hurts other people when it takes from them; everything belongs to them and it didn't hurt it a bit to take something from someone so there was no hurt! In fact spoiling itself in that manner felt very good to it; its hunger was satiated!

Because they did not believe in the rights of other people you have in effect created a mad man? A potential Adolf Hitler!

And what of material things? It is perfectly normal for males to desire to have material things such as tools! That is what men do!! Accumulate tools so that they can learn how to use them! To better provide for a wife and family! Now contrast this to a person who will never be able to learn to use tools or safely learn to? In a transition to a different form of Government such as communism, socialism or fascism when worse comes to worse not only are they going to torture someone but because they cannot work to feed their family they are going to resort to crime and like cannibalism to do so. And there were indeed waves of cannibalism in Europe. And we know it occurred immediately before WWII and even during the War.

A son wants to use material items just like his father!  So that he can learn how to be a man and support a family too some day.  That child number two above plays in an entirely different way!  For starters he will never share; why?  Because play to him/her is not about human interaction.  Why not?  Because it has to  maintain the delusional belief that it is superior to everyone in order to not die of a spoiled fit?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Off topic. It would be very interesting to put an eye to the assassination of McKinley. Roosevelt whose family money came from the opiate trade became President after-wards. And then WWI started. Back then for those of you who are not aware the one who got the most votes became President and the one who got the second most votes became Vice President! So was there motivation of murder to become President? The man who attempted to kill Franklin Roosevelt blamed it on the Ghost of McKinley. I really don't see that as being a mad man when you think of the motivation being a belief that Roosevelt might have had something to do with the assassination of McKinley. And what were Roosevelt’s business and family connections that might be relevant to WWI monetary interests? If you look at him and compare him to Winston Churchill you would swear they were bosom buddies? And there is a man in a picture with FDR that looks exactly like Adolf Hitler even though he wasn't.

I am going to have to read up on McKinley and see what his views were! What he wanted for the United States! I have caught many fish off the pier in the McKinley Marina in Milwaukee (30 years ago). Maybe it is about time I learned something about him.

Communism in the United States would equate to not allowing someone to do the work they are naturally good at? To disable those that are because you are indeed the spoiled child number two above? And what did I just read about the early years of Barrack Obama. That he used alcohol, marijuana and cocaine so that he could push away who he really was! Not wanting to believe you are who you are is communism. Also I had always believed that he helped baptist church's or Lutheran but indeed they were 8 Catholic Churches he initially represented? What was that like? Sell drugs to white boy? Or there is a white boy to molest? Barrack Obama's city of Chicago has 100,000 documented gang members! Do you see a lack of leadership in that he used drugs himself? So therefore that isn't a problem for him to confront! But he can sure whine about guns when an honor student is shot by a drug dealer. I find very little credibility in any Harvard Law review he might have been the head of! All the good points of American law seem to have been pushed to the side just as Barrack Obama used those drugs in order to push away who he really was. Something about a certain type of organizing method he used called the Ashinsky??? I will have to look that up too. And that indeed why drug use equates to Communism! Vladymr Putin before you attack the United States why don't you clean up you own act! The reason people don't like the United States is because of the Soviet Unions communist influence here; one mind for all! It should read one mind for all the spoiled children!

And what happens when a spoiled parent adopts a child or is given a job teaching those with learning disability?  They would victimize a human being for their human soul because they didn't know better?  It needs a scapegoat doesn't it!  And don't they have the model of that with man hanging on the cross?  That spoiled child looks at that image in an entirely different manner doesn't it!  People are to be sacrificed and die for us so that we don't have to hear that we did something wrong from them?

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  1. How do some women adapt to having a 10% smaller brain size than men on average? Perhaps they are applying the same construct to those with brain birth defects and it isn't valid! The concept of a person only being happy if they have a prisoner who has a 10% larger brain size comes from ancient history of the Essene Jews.