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Friday, September 12, 2014

Something Stupid 09 12 2014

The Stupid Thing:
  1. A person looks like they would do a stupid thing because.
    a. We observe them doing stupid things.
    c. They are documented to have a learning disability or brain birth defect that affects their mental ability.
  2. You, the schizophrenic or long before you were ever a schizophrenic, imagine them doing a stupid thing!
    a. Why? Very simple, in order to prevent other people from doing stupid things that might involve harm to you as a human being! That is normal human nature! It is not some literary type of thinking to use as a diagnosis for mental illness!
  3. They actually do that very stupid thing that you imagined they would do!
  4. Conclusion: You did NOT cause them to do those stupid things, they did them because they were stupid.
Now I am going to recopy a part from the top so that you see how it fits in with the affliction! They want to distract your thinking that they will always hear because they are mentally defective so that you are the one who does the stupid things per their will!
If Modern Scientist wanted to declare that the mentally defective have less free will please do so today! It might just save humanity!
Now, in terms of Corporate management. When I managed people and trained them, as I did. I always had an eye on them when it came to item three in the list of 4 above. You see here is where the men are separated from the adult boys. A man knows very well of what those stupid things are in a profession and is always conscious of them! So a good manager will prevent the stupid things from happening rather than let them happen, the harm occur and then the victim learning from the harm. Often a physical disability! The bad manager will let the accidents happen left and right and even create the disabled! Then he whines (and wines) that the only way he can compete is by having foreign labor do the work instead!
One more point of the mentally defective. Once they learn something from your conscious they do not want you to use your conscious any more! They want to keep the image of what they learned rather than having to be a human being who constantly thinks and learns on their own via the use of their own mind! That is another reason you hear voices that distract you from using your own mind! Your skills have in effect been gathered from you and are being used by those who presume themselves to be like you! Nothing could be further from the truth! You are far greater than the average citizen, and that is why you hear voices! Talking to you in your head is like rubbing elbows with someone far greater than themselves! It doesn't further any profession or humanity! It is great resentment and envy of the human race!
No human being should ever have to put up with someone that acts based on that manner and then comes after the person whose mind they were indeed dependent to!  But that horror is a great reality in our school system today in the United States!  Ever look at a person who does bad things and they look like they want to kill you and commit acts of violence against you?  It is not your fault!  We have been putting up with the mentally defective created to be that way from alcohol for far too long!  If you want to drink and have mentally retarded children there ought to be a place for you to do that in which you will always be isolated from human civilization; and therefore not pose a threat to it!
Thomas Paul Murphy
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