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Saturday, September 13, 2014

So Barrack Obama did marijuana and cocaine in High School.

So Barrack Obama did marijuana and cocaine in High School.

"He wrote that he used alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine during his teenage years to "push questions of who I was out of my mind".[41] Obama has said that it was a seriously misguided mistake."

Excerpt from

That brings up many questions.

Those substances are addictive. Why did he stop? How was he able to stop.

Often a drug dealer will attempt to increase their business by getting a user to sell for them. Was Barrack the primary purchaser for a group of drug users; that would make him a drug user.

Was Barrack pressured into using drugs by a drug dealer/bully? Today how does Barrack feel about the person who sold him drugs. Are they still good friends; does Barrack tell him I hope your business is doing well?

So is every young black boy to look to Barrack and take drugs so they can become President themselves?

What about himself didn't he like? Did he do bad things to people and it weighed on his conscience and that is why he took drugs? Or were bad things done to him and he took drugs as a result of that? If so did he ever consider that the drug dealer and the person that does bad things to other people are often very close to one in the same?

So he really seems to have no problem that he did drugs! He even offered a reason that any young black boy could easily follow!

When Barracks friends were doing drugs how did he feel about it? Did he ever try and stop them? Did some of them die because of it? Did he ever attempt to use stern language to a friend who was using drugs; or was it more of, “Here have some of mine I have plenty enough to share.”

Yeah he can complain about guns when a young girl who is top of her class dies in Chicago. But what about the elements that screw up the human mind to be criminal minded and shoot people; drugs?

And a suburban mom would probably say, “They all probably did them.” Well that just isn't good enough in my point of view. The supply of drugs to black neighborhoods needs to be choked off and killed! Plain and simple the Puritans labeled people that poisoned other people Warlocks and Witches and outright hung them dead! There is no joke or delusion of who is who there!

So who is it that misguided Barrack to take the drugs? The wording of that implies someone in a trusted position like an athletic coach, teacher or religious member. Was it the same Catholic Church that propagandizes alcohol, the gateway drug, at all its masses?

“To push questions of who he was out of his mind.” What the heck does that mean? If you use drugs you can mysteriously become the most powerful man in the world because you didn't have to question who you were?

Barrack are you one of those people like in the lyrics of the Supertramp song that goes, “I know it sounds absurd, but won't you please tell me who I am.” And once you figure out who you were as a starter human being do you seek to drive that person out of their mind as in the Vondoon Wiccan re legion?

The next question to Barrack becomes “If you would use drugs to PUSH questions of who you are out of your mind would you also seek to get human beings hooked on drugs so that they have questions about who they are? Or rather so that they no longer know who they are?” That wouldn't be very nice would it Barrack! Unbecoming of a United States President.

To push questions of who he was out of his mind! That has a very peculiar ring to it doesn't it! Is he trying to say they allowed him to believe that he was something that he wasn't? So again that is about the worst message you could send young America!

Barrack did the drugs make your studies easier? Is that what you were trying to say?

When I was in High School a few people called me a hard-A$$; it meant someone with a stern face and hard muscles who doesn't put up with a lot of cr@p. Just as I finished t this typing this article the first time my computer screen went black and it shut itself down via that error! Stuff like that is just not a coincidence! The implication is that the drug dealers run our Government!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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