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Friday, September 12, 2014

On the home schooled. Home Schooled children could fall into four categories.

On the home schooled.  Home Schooled children could fall into four categories.

1.  Those that are afraid to go back for being abused.
2.  Those who know they are not as smart as the rest of the children.
3.  Those who don't want to truly have to learn.
4.  With regards to the entertainment industry  did anyone ever give it a thought that the reason they were actors and not schooled children was because they couldn't learn.

Now if a rich kid could not learn how far would its billionaire parents go for it? They would want to see how a normal child lives and learns day by day wouldn't they!  So that they could feel a commonality and develop a commonality to a human being; a normal person.  Now Homeland Security does have the technology to do just that!  But they would not be comfortable just watching would they!  They would also have to find a way to cause pain in the person they would be observing; because eventually they would resent the capability of the human being!  So it is very important that we determine why every child is being home schooled!  Do some of them represent a threat to our Constitution and democracy; even world security?  Yes2 through 4 above!  Actors chose that profession because they can't be a congruent self?  This is what bothered me so much about Reagan becoming President!  He was also a media man, sports commentator and opened the doorway to what we are seeing today!  Thugs making millions and knocking their wives out in elevators.

Lets see if the media figures out the problem they created and the only way to fix it?  I don't even know if they have the courage and power to stop that trend!  They should no by now a string of lies won't do the job!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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