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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Belief in God versus belief in self and the Constitution 09 16 2014

How many view a belief in God as represented by church officials has been a detriment to their belief in self?  And that detriment to belief in self has caused your life to not be as productive and enjoyable as it should be?  How many have gone to church and found a belief system counters a peaceful and positive belief system in yourself!  And also a peaceful community?  A belief in God pontificated by those who do not want you to believe in yourself?  That is about how I have always viewed it my entire life!  Has a belief in God also detracted from people seeking justice and seeking to enforce the law against criminals.  Forgive and forget and do not prosecute the violent criminals??? Because you are not to judge?  What kind of baloney is that if not an evil Kings method of control?

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