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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Child Punishment and Euthenization 09 21 2014

Child Punishment and Euthenization 09 21 2014

I have stated that I believe it is okay to physically punish children (but not to permanently injure them; nothing that harsh) when they willfully endanger the lives of you and your family. To give an example? Let's say an insolent child lights a torch and runs wildly through your home with it. What happens if you use pansy momma talk therapy? That child doesn't get the message! Even though they might not do it in your home they have not been taught it isn't okay to do in someone else's home; that degree of message isn't learned by them! Hence they represent a threat to society?

If a child has a genetic birth defect that has one of its criteria of diagnosis listed as mental retardation, and in a high prevalence of those who have that genetic birth defect, then it will always be a danger to its family and society!

It will always need constant parent type attention no matter how old it is. It will need a legal guardian, determined from status at age 18 as not being to the mental equivalent of an 18 year old; hence still has mental retardation! AT AGE 18 IT CAN NO LONGER BE CLASSIFIED AS MENTAL RETARDATION! Why not? Because “Retardation” means to slow the development of! Therefore when you are an adult you have developed the platform for how far you will go in life! In other words the race used to define the concept of ability to learn and mentally develop is over! You are no longer considered to be slow to develop as an adult instead you are mentally defective! It is a fine logical distinction that needs to be made!

If 14 to 40 million Americans are illiterate doesn't it really mean they don't have the legal capacity to make complex decisions for themselves? The Constitution should have protected them from being that! We don't use the Constitution to create the mentally defective so that we can then have to modify the constitution to protect those who should have been prevented from being born because of the Constitution! We do not misquote the Constitution so that we need to water it down and create a higher rank of rights for those who are mentally lesser? Why because it violates the rights of the free and normal!

Anyhow because through scientific genetic diagnosis that it will be mentally retarded and then mentally defective; and therefore poses a danger to its family, parents and society; its parents should have the right to Euthanize it at any time! And they should not have to pay fee to do that! I am talking about people like those with Down's Syndrome living a lifetime like being on Probation!

Can society make that chose for you? If it is a danger to you then it is also a danger to society! Now what happens when it preys on normal human beings and antagonizes them so that they instead become a danger to society? What it really does is increase the impetus that those born mentally retarded should be euthanized!

Camp Retard? Are there people among us that make an extremely wealthy living by pretending to provide services to the mentally retarded? That is a drain of the United States country! Are those who are receiving benefits accounted for? Where are they taken to live at night? Some stall in a barn in the middle of nowhere? That is a big crime!

New topic

Are substance abusers a danger to society?

  1. The willfully drunk driver who kills someone?
  2. The smoker who falls asleep with the cigarette still lit and burns the house down?
  3. The pot smoker whose chest gets crushed in a car accident.
  4. The addict who has to steal, and therefore put his robbery who victims are potentiated to personal harm in the crime, in order to support that habit?

In all of those cases the Constitution protected them from ever being sold or given the addictive substance however it was not applied correctly to protect them or their victims. Those who provide addictive substances need to be prosecuted so that the mentally defective are never conceived from the substance as is the case of fetal alcohol syndrome the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere!

Stay tuned for my articles on voting rights and Currency Laundering. Currency Laundering is a brand new concept.
How far would a parent go in order to allow a mentally retarded child to presume a normal life?  Would they deprive a normal human being of their ability to think, label them mentally ill and medicate them?  Of course they would.
That parent who has the birth defective child and has to keep it was never told NO once in their lives!  They were never effectively punished!  If a parent attempted to tell a child with gender identity disorder that they could not be that way that parent would be subject to a spoiled fit wouldn't they!  They would never want to hurt that child's feelings by telling them a bonafide birds and the bees story!

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