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Monday, September 15, 2014

Women in Leadership 09 15 2014

Women in Leadership 09 15 2014
  1. The first thing they will do is to take away your Constitutional Right to Free Speech! Why? Because they will be offended by valid questions they are irresponsible to answer. For example anyone who has a question about their leadership will be defined as a terrorist! Ask them a question they don't know the answer to and their goes your Constitutional Right to Free Speech! You in effect asserted you are much smarter than they are! The psychological analysis is that she feels terrified by having to respond to a rational question.

  2. After that she, who has a 10% smaller brain size on average than a male, will determine that genocide of men is true answer.
  3. Then anyone who is smarter than her, she will first seek to abuse, then institutionally medicate and then slowly kill!
  4. Then they will have to have all your guns because it is a male phallic symbol of responsibility and power they will never have! Nothing makes an odd breed of them more angry than the reality that they don't have a penis!
  5. Then after the earths water supply is saturated with fallout nuclear radiation SHE will tell you to “Just drink bottled water!”
  6. Then she will need to make Lesbian marriages legal because she feels uncomfortable in sexual relationships (including marriage) with men. She wants to think of herself as a piston and not a weeping hole.
  7. Then she will say it is okay for gay men to marry. Why? Because she likes the imagery of the negative objectification of men, males and boy's too! She hasn't got so mad at the act of child porn or sexual molestation of children because she likes the negative objectification of males! You think she would be screaming for the death penalty for those criminals but she isn't so there is some motivation that keeps her from that isn't it! In the case of girls being molested she just views them as the daughters of real men so it is okay?
  8. Then she will figure out a way to torture men so that she can talk to them at the same time and better learn how to be one! This is the scariest because she is dominating men while at the same time attempting to learn how to be one! Never a greater contradiction to reality and sign of mental illness than that!
  9. What she does when the human race is sterile because of her and all that walk the earth are people that require special education? She already has this one figured out, a universal Constitution that is applicable to Animals. No amount of Special Education could have educated her to the level of required responsibility for national leadership! Mental Illness diagnosis; rather than view herself as a victim of childhood rape she believes herself to be the equivalent of males; the rapist. This psychological construct has never been articulated well enough and institutionalized to have a meaningful even on civilization! The victim identifying with the victimizer because she can't get away from the victimizer. In effect she was farmed to be a victimizer? Or allowed to be the pet person of a victimizer until she became one as a member of comparative advancement or development in her eyes? (Do I need to mention alcohol is a lot more dangerous that publicly realized!)
  10. At some point in her family lineage there was no-one to recognize she was mentally retarded! It's a lot like that family of inbreeds they found in Australia! She let to their own devices they degraded to human mutation and mental retardation- less than human! A human being defined as having your own human conscience and your own human reason. When you reread this article keep those two human attributes in mind! Conscience being thought of an inner mentality that tells you what not to do and reason being human intelligence and caring (empathy) that guide your daily actions!
  11. Here is one of my favorite her new Constitution that makes Animal Rights the Equivalent of Human Rights! A home schooled child that never had to integrate and respect normal children in friendship? Why are children home schooled? Some are spoiled because they are mentally defective? For those of you who are not as old as I am, many who could not be schooled entered the entertainment industry at a young age! We are seeing a lot of propagandized illegitimate legislation because of them; on the very same venue they evaded education by using; television!
  12. Then at some point she's going to want a drug that grows her a penis! Her objectification of the concept of human mating with a male is to find the biggest penis and dumbest person in one! FDR's wife was a lesbian and from her influence on him we got eugenics, Institutionalization of Communism in America (one mind for all) and fraudulently diagnosed mental illness; all from a woman who had Gender Identity Disorder! GID!
  13. When nothing makes a person happy all they can be is that which abuses your Rights! At some point they should have been euthanized. Immediately after the Civil War would have been a good time! Lincoln would not have been shot had that relevant scientific concept been established!
  14. She cannot be a mother she can only act as if she is one, and that means she Emotionally Overreacts to everything! That behavior is motivated by her Disturbed Personality caused by inability to understand. We need to legitimize the concept of Disturbed Personality Disorder in order to same the human race! D.P.D or DPD- Disturbed Personality Disorder! It can only be diagnosed as being such if there is no recognized agonist Actively causing it and it is determined to be her natural state of consciousness. And here is another valid diagnosis. Sexual Identity Disorder or SID. GID having to do more with identifying with men rather than self accomplished normal women and SID having more to do with ones position of power in relationships with men? They are about the same so we can just call them synonyms! Those voices we here are that person begging to be someone she and he can NEVER be!
  15. What these undiagnosed type of personalities like to do best is control you while you are working because it imparts a sense of being a normal human being to them! The worst forms of it are slavery and pimping prostitutes! Now I could do a full 500 words on this topic alone! The pimps objectify women as sex objects to make money from them; because his mother was mentally retarded and abused him in the form of mental abuse, physical abuse and here is another new one...Developmental Neglect! DN for short. That Developmental Neglect plagues the black community! Every pimp should have the first section of this number read to them before they are executed for it under renewed Capital Punishment! A child or adult that suffer from stunted growth or fast growth also likely suffers from Developmental Neglect; in the form of parents not being pure of metabolism when conceiving children. And DN in the form of a parent not being able to raise a child that will have a human conscience and human reason! She, again she, has no interest in raising a child to be a legitimate human being! Because of FDR and the relegalization (not a word but should be added to the dictionary immediately on good authority) of alcohol we have a gene pool that threatens humanity and human extinction! That Gene Pool wants to believe in delusion, “If only I were given a chance,” the answer is blatantly simple, you were given a chance; you were allowed to be born when you should not have! You were allowed to live after it became apparent you had a mental defect since birth! From that odd gene pool we get the construct of Psychiatry is= a man should be put on medicine so a dog head of a woman no longer has to listen to him thinking! What we really need is a Department of Reproductive Rights? DRP for short. This department would be responsible for evaluating the positional of the offspring of paired mates based on DPD, SID, GID, DN. We just want to maintain the human race!
  1. Oddly Competitive Personality Disorder OCPD

This is like where Tanya Harding has Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan leg beaten with a pipe! We see this vicious personality in the form of corporate management hiding being the cowards shield of limited liability! Perhaps victims of these people should also be granted limited liability for their personal actions too? Now that would be a new world order! The OCPD can never love itself so it wants everyone else not to love themselves. The Basket Case should not be the concept of normality or success! Watch the face on the far right of the football half time show!  The OCPD would also include those who believe they can play childhood games for a mans living and legitimize high salaries for them!

The Oddly Competitive Personality Disorder OCPD would seek to first  bully your normal children and second, then sell them false happiness in the form of drugs!  And third, when you point the finger at it as an adult it would seek to put you on psychiatric drugs that do the same!  The Puritans would have hung people who poisoned the brains and minds of human beings for such acts of witchcraft!

17. On an off topic note what you will notice by the time you are 45 years old is that your pier group who has consumed alcohol for the last 3 decades will be the mental equivalent of a Nattering Nabob. (origin to sheep and goats. Biblical relevance too!) To me Hillary Clinton is a Nattering Nabob! They natter and then bite (metaphor for acts of aggression including dismissive insults) anyone who asks them a question! So indeed the Nattering Nabob (NN for short) criteria should be used a diagnostic criteria for mental illness! And it is serious but humorous because it has been neglected to be thought of as serious; that is where the humor is! “Look buddy you were a Nattering Nabob in that corporate managerial position, you can now obtain welfare but only if you don't use drugs (including alcohol)!”

Thomas Paul Murphy

originally published on 09 15 2014 at

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

By the way this article could also be the son's of those imprinted by the minds of women; a vicious circle and bad tradition.


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