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Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Fallacy of Gun Laws and the Unconstitutionality of sentencing for them 09 28 2014

The Fallacy of Gun Laws and the Unconstitutionality of sentencing for them 09 28 2014

Any person over the age of 16 or sometimes less can go to a gas station and buy a gallon of Gasoline, a shop rage and a Bic lighter for less than $10.oo.

That has the potential to be far more deadly and dangerous than any gun on the market!  Look at the Russian slavics who committed the Boston Marathon Bombing?  They drained and aggregated the powder from fourth of July fireworks!  But you don't see Johnny American being booked with a felony and getting 10 years in prison for possession of those even though he is 8 years old and legally bought them!

But you don't see the BATF or the FBI then raiding their house because they have the makings of a regulated explosive device!

Good God how dumb are you!

What this little unweighting the scales of justice plus the fact that the Constitution tells us that we have the right to keep and bear arms (it means WHATEVER WE WANT!) means sentences for gun law violations are unconstitutional!

How can you go after them and not the guy who purchases and stores a gallon of highly explosive and flammable gasoline?

Do you know what those laws are?  Pure spite of the apple pie American Citizen!

How many people are killed with the deadly drug heroin every year but yet you don't see a single person getting the death penalty for intent to distribute; being a drug dealer!

How many people are killed directly by pharmaceuticals every year?  That number is around 30,000 per my last research but you never see the FBI knocking on their doors and giving them tens years in jail for a felony violation of murder!  Did you know the Puritans hung people who poisoned colonists!!!!

Holy smokes is the real reason we are all drinking from plastic bottles and have some form of that plastic chemical in our bodies because someone is afraid of us filling glass bottles with gas?  The glass more likely to crack upon impact!  And yeah if my father can tell me of stories from World War II about Molotov Cocktails I can tell them to you too!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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