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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Banks and Paper Statements 09 11 2014

Banks and Paper Statements 09 11 2014

They don't want to send the paper statements because it costs them money in two ways.

1.  The obvious, they have to pay to have it printed.
2.  Without that paper statement or in fact with you have some paper statements by some banks for free and none for others you are more likely to miss a payment and have to pay greater fees and interest.  And I have never gotten an electronic statement delivered to my email, like the paperless statement implies!  So they make more money from you by not sending you the paper statement!  America doesn't need to put up with this!

We have people in high level Financial Industry positions today that do not even have the hand brain coordination to accurately work a cash register.  But they can throw their finger nail clippings at you from across the desk!

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