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Monday, September 22, 2014

My Commentary on River Pollution Controls stalled an article by Lee Berquist of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

River pollution Controls Stalled.

It takes patience to fish! In this Ritalin age it is therefore disregarded and water quality along with it. It takes patience to learn how to tie a strong fishing knot that will hold a lure on!

Fishing increases awareness of water quality problems. And for the apparent above reasons it will never be for everyone.

So we have a vicious circle that includes many elements. Pollution decreases the number of fish and edible fish in lakes and rivers. That decreases interest in fishing. Because less fish or catching fish that you can't even eat makes it a less fun sport. Therefore no one cares about clean water and it isn't an issue regarding remedial public policy!

One can say that the dirty water means more birth defective children will be born who will not have the mental capacity to understand clean water. And the increased services they require only further dirty the water via the byproducts and pollution from common things such as transportation related to servicing them? In other words everything has to come to them! Perfect form of the spoiled child isn't it! Everything HAS to come to them!

We owe a duty to the world not to eat imported fish from waters that are becoming polluted but rather we must clean our waters so that we can eat fish that prosper locally. And the cost to clean those river beds and lake waters to what they should be likely negates any trophy a Corporate executive ever received for increasing profits at his polluting company!

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