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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The likely suspects 09 21 2014

The likely suspects 09 21 2014

How many people think that a mentally retarded person has a clear understanding of their sexual identity? According to my research there are 14.5 to 43.5 Americans with some form of mental retardation.

Remember the definition of retarded is to slow the development of! So dyslexia counts under that diagnosis!

So there are 318 million Americans.

How many Americans are there with a sexual identity disorder who willfully claim it as a nomrality? Well back in College I knew a native American girl who told me quite adamantly it was 10% so that would mean 31.8 million Americans.

It could be as high as 15%. And that would equate to 47.7 million. So you add the 47.7 to the 43.5 million with some form of mental retardation and you get a staggering number of 90.2 million Americans! Now you divide that by 318 million Americans and you get 28 percent! That is 90.2 million Americans with genetic disorders compared to us who hear voices that are very mean to us.

Now I have not added in the percent of inbreds who are also known to have mental retardation from a brain defect.

The answer to that last question is even scarier! It appears that the leaders of European countries sealed the deal through interbreeding! What we have is world leadership that likely has a form of identity disorder consistent with mental retardation. So that is indeed the motivation by which the medical fraud of Schizophrenia is kept a dark secret! We are networked world society whereby it is not what you know but who you know! And the reason it is about who you know is that is the greatest way to keep a secret! In other words you know you weren't hired for what you know so you are not going to rock the boat and lose your job from who you know because you won't get another one! Again motivation by which the medical fraud of schizophrenia is kept a secret!

What are the odds of some form of biped needing to borrow an identity from us who hear voices and were completely normal (in fact we were smarter than the average person as per statistics) before we started to hear voices. The odds in America are 1 in 3! Sure I could add the statistics of those who have careers where they do not belong in the position there are from empirical evidence of their effect on our country meaning they have an occupational identity disorder.

Would someone who knows that their cognitive makeup is not ever going to get any better harbor hidden resentment to those who are normal until they start hearing voices?

I am telling you that schizophrenia is medical fraud, the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it medical fraud!

What are the odds that a person with an identity disorder as the 90.2 million Americans have are the ones who found a unique way to be very mean to those who do not have one??

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For some reason I can't get the image of FDR riding through the country in his care that he rigged to use hand lever controls, even though his legs dwindled he could still have sex. A man on that documentary said he would pull up and give you what you needed? Did he really mean bottles of alcohol? One of the three doctors who diagnosed his legs made a comment that Implied that cognitively FDR was mad. We also know that polio is transmitted through feces; ie sodomy? So I somehow get the image of FDR as a pedophile slowing down in his lever controlled car to grab little boys by the arms and.... Would make the great basis of a horror movie? I also believe that lower jaw of FDR's that stuck out might be a sign of a genetic disorder. I have known some people with lower jaws and they have happened to have speech defects?

I learned some modern lingo today.  On the radio show "A way with words" they say that if you are driving around and the imagery of a scene forms in your mind that you can't wait to pull over and write down it is called a "scenebunny!"

This will help you remember that.

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