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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Homosexuality is neither implied to be a right or privilege in the original United States Constitution 09 16 2014

Homosexuality is neither implied to be a right or privilege in the original United States Constitution 09 16 2014

Do you feel that it is a right or privilege to be Gay in the United States?  Nowhere in the Constitution of the United States did they grant you the right to be Gay!  And discrimination of Sex has nothing to do with being gay!  The term applies to men and women who are not gay!  Somehow we got an invalid reference in law to extend it to mean sexual orientation?  So where in the Constitution does it say you have the right or privilege to choice a sexual orientation other than that which is based on the standard of heterosexual procreation of more human beings?

Who in their right mind would believe the founding fathers would give males the right or privilege to have sex with them or their sons?  The desire to standardize your condition means that you need that extra aspect of it in order to feel happy?  I will give you clue men will never accept that!  Men will never that!  The Founding Fathers did not stand whatever makes you happy is okay!  That is the mind of a spoiled child of adult age that wants to push that belief system on us!  Even people you think accept you really laugh at you when the issue is phrased to them so that the truth comes out!  So it means there was nothing we could do for you so we just let you have your way and assert it!

Good God what American father would ever teach his son he should consider marrying a man instead of a woman?  You want it to be normalized because subconsciously you feel guilt about it!  AHA! And because you feel guilt about it on some level you yourself know it is wrong!  We are not here to legislate away your guilt!  It is really a spiritual belief hence you should have your own churches!  And you do they  called Gay bars aren't they!  They serve alcohol just like the Catholic Church does to don't they!  Next you will ask to be tax free so that you don't have to report profits on alcohol sales at your place of gay worship the gay bar!  A Gay Bar is a place of Gay worship and hence a church!  So that is how contorted the issue becomes!

Do you know what a normal man thinks when he see's two gays kissing at the altar?  He is abhorred by it!  Do you want to list that as a criteria for mental illness?  It is a natural and normal human reaction!  And you look at the two men and feel very sorry for them (pity) while at the same time being horrified.

And after you make it illegal for us to feel horror and pity for you then you will attempt to seduce every male you can find?

Gays and lesbians likely have a brain defect to the serotonin regulation gene caused by fetal alcohol syndrome!  We cannot give people who are born defective from drugs like alcohol...we can't normalize that!

The Bible states in no uncertain terms that all gays should be killed!  Funny thing is that George Bush who claims to be deeply religious never read that Bible did he!  Somehow he lacked that comprehension but became President and based laws on the delusion of being religious?

How can any church in the United States maintain charitable status while not
conforming to the Bible in its belief system?  To claim the Bible as the word of God and then preach the opposite of that word of God means you are a fraud and not a charity or deserving of a charitable deduction!  The Church incorporated with limited liability so that it could molest American Boys and Girls?  Their is no greater violation of the separation of church and state than that! Other than Corporations who produce vondoon religion psychiatric drugs also being granted limited liability! !!!!!!!!  Psychiatry as a United States Institution is the greatest violation of the separation of church and state in United States history!

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You know how I can rapidly tell who a lesbian is?  They all have one common trait in my eyes, they all look WEARY to me!  That tells you that I am not a mean person but instead very empathetic.

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