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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Commentary on Alvin J. Brooke article by Bruce Vilmetti Ex-Officer sentenced to 9 years

Commentary on Alvin J. Brooke article by Bruce Vilmetti Ex-Officer sentenced to 9 years

Two important Issues were neglected in the article or case.

1.  Because we have fingerprints of officers on file and a great many other databases of United States Citizens on file; such as those who work for the NASDAQ (the over the counter stock exchange) in order to catch criminals as is the goal of the justice department every finger print database we have should be scanned for matches.  For the United States not to do that allows the criminals to hide in positions of authority and violate the public trust!  We were told that Homeland Security would provide that type of function but it hasn't!  I am not going to get into a third point of what he needed or used the $54,000.00 he stole for!  Or question whether he committed other crimes.  Or even if he developed the drug habit from drugs confiscated from criminals; now that is scarier than ever, a police officer feeding a very strong addiction through armed robbery!  It tells us something about the power of addiction being beyond that of serving the public trust!  Had a Bank Employee pulled a gun in defense a highly trained officer would have shot them or been killed himself!  And he was not going to be killed himself was he because he already had the spoiled personal motivation to use drugs didn't he!

2. What is the fine and imprisonment for using encrypted police communications systems to facilitate crimes?  That is the Open Sky encryption system he was listening to on his police walkie talky!  A United States Citizen cannot legally modify their radio to listen in to it!  But I am just betting that organized crime that distributes heroin in Chicago listens into it and has no fear whatsoever of being caught doing so.  How do I know? 1.  Because they are funded by a lot of money! 2.  They also have no fear of the criminal justice system or they would not be selling the deadly drug heroin!  So they have the motive and operand!  So what we have is organized crime listening in to police communications while the average citizen cannot!  I would argue that if the average citizen could listen in that the playing filed would be leveled upward and there would be increased accountability in the justice department.  And the police officer really should have nothing to fear when they are making subjective decisions and granting leniency!  Those conversations are understandable.  However where it gets into a betray of public trust is when they (criminal justice system) stray so far that it can be concluded they are participant to the crime!  As in the heroin epidemic in Chicago!  Then it doesn't validate the need for encrypted communications instead it tells us what a violation of our Constitutional Rights that they have been!  If an officer cannot perform under those provisions they should not be on the force because first and foremost they do not have the integrity to be there!  So what was missing hear was sentencing for using that communications system in order to facilitate a crime!  Now when you have a documented case of that technology being used to commit a crime and a punishment not being included in the sentencing what does it mean?  It means that you are condoning the activity!  Hence the technology needs to go!  I also believe that whenever that officer wears a badge or engages in police maneuvers off duty that they should be subject to having their personal communications monitored!  Perhaps they are no longer under the authority of the law if they act and are not wearing visible devices that monitor their interaction with suspects and people they are interacting with?



Off Topic.  The word Retard is defined to mean slowing the development of.  What that means is that dyslexia is mental retardation!  Some 13.5 to 43 MILLION Americans have some form of dyslexia a Reading Disability!  I believe that our Criminal Justice civil servants should be of a standard higher than mental retardation!  We know that alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere!  It means that the mother drank (likely the father drinking too can cause it) preconception or during pregnancy!  The damage to the brain is irreversible!  I am making the claim that those who have it should not be hired on the Police force or in any capacity involving the public trust; such as politics and Government!  What you end up with is a cadre of the mentally retarded promoting the substance of mental retardation and that violates the rights of the unborn greater than anything other element!  I believe that first and foremost people have a right to be born free of mental defect related to drugs and alcohol!

What happens is that through camaraderie with people just like them they assure themselves they are doing the right things when they are not!  That isn't how men think!  Men don't talk themselves out of doing jobs how they should be done!  There is always something in the back of a man’s mind that tells him certain details of his work must be followed up on before he is done; and that is how the human Conscience of a man is defined to be as relevant to the issue!

Roughly 40 million with dyslexia out of 350 million?  That amounts to over 11%.  That is a number we haven't looked out for!  That is a threat we never defined!  I am not saying that you should become starving and homeless; our Constitution is there to protect you from that!  But I am saying if you don't meet the qualification step aside so that those do can maintain the standard of integrity and the symbolism of the color red in the United States flag!  And don't make any circus of logic in what it means or try and fraudulently represent it with some new historical interpretation of the Tea Party!  I don't like proud moments in United States history being obfuscated by those whom Huey Long would say, ".don't have their own minds to think with.  Huey Long was the Governor of Louisiana who challenged FDR for President.  Huey wanted to provide free health care nationwide and redistribute the wealth.  He was assassinated about the same time the United States entered World War II and before the Presidential election!  In fact much of FDR's new construction efforts in the United States were aped from what Huey was accomplishing in Louisiana!    FDR knew full well what caused the Stock Market crash of 1929 because he profited from the decline!  And that is one element of financial reform that was needed but he failed to create: outlawing the short sale!  And why did he legalize alcohol?  Very simple this is a man who walked on crutches and needed a symbolic crutch to make himself happy!  And one might want to compare how one gets polio which is transmitted through human feces to when the prophylactic was invented to FDR having contracted polio!  Interesting thing is that they caught the guy who killed Huey alive; so he likely had a lot to say.  I am going to research what he said up to that and afterwards!  We never hear the name Huey Long today despite the fact that affordable health care has been a hot topic for many years now!

Correction, Carl Weiss was shot 62 times at the same time Huey Long was assassinated!


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