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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Personality Diagnosis 09 17 2014

 Personality Diagnosis 09 17 2014

The child or adult who attempts to use humor to alleviate a tense emotional situation?

It is really a projection of personal insecurity?

(Might have had an alcoholic for a father that caused them to think that way?)

But it should never be present in the Untied States Government on important matters!  They should not be scoffed at.  Things like the viability of clean solar electricity?

In other words people who use that tactic should have been weeded out from public service.

They feel partially to cause for a problem and want to state it is one of those things whereby no one did anything wrong or was negligent when  that isn't true?

It is really a feeble minded person propagandizing the fallibility of trying to be accountable; because they are not and cannot be?

We should never legitimize projections of ignorance?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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This type of nervous personality could develop from a son intervening between his drunken father and mother.  Whereby he doesn't want the mother to leave and him be stuck with the drunken father.  Or the mother to leave and take him with him and they become poor.  One child frantic because of a dispute between two parents one who is a drug user (alcohol, etc.)

Whatever the case we should recognize and never let this type of behavior whether it be a famous comedian or politician to grow or spread or have longevity to it.

Believe it or not there is something we can do about this!

Brings up another issue of alcohol accountability.  There should be a national Alcohol ID required to buy alcohol.  If a liquor store violates the law because a non family employee made the sale then the liquor store should be bulldozed all product included.  The way it works is that the owner has to make all the sales and therefore he cannot state it wasn't his fault and worm out of it!  By the way the same remedy should be in place if he sells to someone without a national alcohol ID; the store or restaurant is bulldozed.  Has a sort of no whining your way out of it effect!

Because that personality thrives on creating humor through conflict and human misery it needs to create it as an adult in order to support itself financially and mentally!  It becomes mentally stable by creating human misery.


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