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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Why do all Gun Control Measures seem to originate from California 09 28 2014

Why do all Gun Control Measures seem to originate from California 09 28 2014

It is the State where the standard profession is believing you are someone else?

It is the State whereby the writers are said to "channel" human beings in order to obtain original material?

It is a State where that same class of people also need a limitless supply of illegal drugs in order to obtain a sense of happiness and achievement of a normal human being?

It is scribe State U.S.A.?  PRETEND TO NOT KNOW WHAT I MEAN?  Somehow after Jesus was tempted by demons after fleeing from his baptismal in a daze with John the Baptist the scribes knew how to write his future life story.  It has already been written that one of you will betray me? Don't need much more evidence than that!

It is a State that produces more irresponsible movies and television shows regarding criminal use of a gun?  The other 49 States don't even compare!!

It is a State where they know this might all catch up with them someday?

In Rome anyone could have sex with an actor or actress of the opposite or same sex if they wanted to (and could pay?)

It is a State where everything is for sale?

It is a State that led the effort to allow illegal Mexican Immigrants in to do landscaping work?

It is the State that President Reagan who was an actor and also pre-Alzheimer's became President of the United States.

It is a State where the Russian Immigrant Actor committed adultery with his Hispanic housekeeper.

It would seem to me that California and its Governance represent and insurgency and threat to the United States Constitution!

It is a media capital of the world whereby any fictitious propaganda or medical fraud could be carried out from?

Anyone else see Hispanics in their none - California State, neighborhood not really working but pretending to work by standing by a landscaping truck?  What else are they being paid to do or commit?

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