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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Queen Georges Law 09 30 2014 Humorous but not really

Invention tools needed 09 30 2014

"If you say anything derogatory about blacks, gay's or retards you get sent to prison to get 'fu7k3d' by them!"

Contrast that to the MAN's law was formed by the Founding Fathers they wanted you to speak up about every single thing that you didn't like in your opinion, without any fear whatsoever of doing so! That is how the Constitution is to be interpreted.  And when someone takes an oath to protect the Constitution and then defies that oath it is an impeachable offense!!!  But what should happen when no one around is smart enough to figure that out while it happens because they were all put on medicine?  Shouldn't there be consequences after the fact to that President when he is no longer in office and willfully broke the Constitution he took an oath to protect?

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The greatest threat to all Democracies is some slick mouthed male with Wilson's Syndrome of high verbal ability and low IQ getting into office and pulling the wool over our eye's like just that above!

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