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Monday, September 15, 2014

Every Wisconsin Lake should have at least one shore fishing access point 09 15 2014

Every Wisconsin Lake should have at least one shore fishing access point 09 15 2014

Very simply when the house goes up for sale the DNR buys it with state funds.

Also there should be a ban on fishing in rivers or at least an advisory!  What happens is that your respiratory system, mouth and eyes, and skin are exposed to e-coli from animal waist due to the spray off the line from your fishing reel when you cast!

So you don't ban that instead you ban the feces from ever running off into the water!

Also there is a tract of land west of the Milwaukee River just south of Hampton Avenue that Milwaukee should buy and make into a public park!

Also when there is contaminated land near water that the owner will not fix that the buyer will be responsible for the land should transfer to the DNR at the market rate (not inflated based on development potential) The reason is that land could be park for the public with little remediation, and that land should be remediated rather than allow the toxins to exist.  So it transfers to the public and can never be anything but a park!  Remediation involves removing dirt to the level of contamination and safely replacing it (without flooding of it) with fresh dirt (material such as clay to.)

Thomas Paul Murphy
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PS be sure to have a high dose Vitamin A pill on hand when you are accidently exposed to such environments!  It might just save your life!

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