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Monday, September 29, 2014

Pre Alzheimer's Ronald Reagans Key Advisor on all matters and policy was a Fortune teller named Joan Quigley 09 29 2014

Pre Alzheimer's Ronald Reagans Key Advisor on all matters and policy was a Fortune teller named Joan Quigley 09 29 2014

Reagan even had Fortune Tellers reclassified to be termed astrologers!

A Fortune Teller: in other words a witch!  What the Puritans who fled from religious persecution by the same Kings Religion England hated and loathed!  And Reagan was not of Southern Ireland but of Northern Ireland who sided with Great Britain/England (which was founded by the Romans) and was the greatest enemy the United States ever faced in world history; past and present too!

Reagan is the guy who ever wealthy dolt son in the wealthy suburb of Whitefish Bay Wisconsin and others grew up idolizing!  He didn't make one single decision himself like a man would!  That and the pre-Alzheimer's is how the Bible would define Sloth!   Instead he relied on a Fortune Teller who attended Vassar University!  And when you look at the whore mouth suck faces of Clinton and Biden you have to say they look like sloth too!  Vassar isn't that a Jewish Women's college only?

This has a lot to do with why we have gun control today!

Money and national media propaganda from the same industry he worked in, put Ronald Reagan in office and he never belonged there!

I'll tell you how he got the Alzheimer's the same way every old person who has dementia and is useless in the hospitals got it!  They drank alcohol every day and it created pockets in there brain of dead brain cells that did not regenerate and hence plague formed!  And do you know why they did that?  Because they could stand themselves and wanted to forget what they were!  The person who loves themselves and loves life never wants to have a minute of down time as is caused by oxygen deprivation to brain cells from alcohol!  And one other thing!  When you look at all the mental birth defects today you have to realize that the medical propaganda they have been preaching all along about the blood brain barrier is complete lunacy!  Fetal alcohol syndrome the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere is caused by women drinking while pregnant and during conception!  So they have been wrong before day one on the medical issue!

They had Reagan in their pocket with Quigley and three other Fortune Tellers.  But they also had Clinton in their pocket with Monica Lewinski!  Who do they have Barrack Obama in their pocket with?

If Reagan can be completely advised by a Fortune Teller maybe a future President might be advised by someone who hears voices generate by the Fortune Teller Ie. Schizophrenic!  Better to get the information straight from the horses mouth than further down the chain?


How many of you who hear voices have been plagued by people who know things that they have no Legal way of knowing about?  That isn't some fantasy belief system leading to a diagnosis of mental illness!  Jesus Christ, a Jew and therefore a man and not a God, told a whore woman her whole life's history without ever meeting her before.  Okay do you want to know what is really going on with those who know things they have no way of legally knowing?  I figured this out when someone revealed to me that they were mentally retarded during childhood!  They are really mentally retarded and somehow therefore pick up on your Mental Energy out of desperation because their brains cannot form their own human conscience or human reason!  And what the h3ll is someone who consults a fortune teller for matters concerning the entire world?  It means they lack their own human conscience and more importantly have ZERO human REASON! 

Knowing things they have no legal way of knowing about?  What did George Bush who by the way was picked to be Vice President by the Vassar Fortune teller reveal to us?  That they did indeed derive information from torturing people!  Think of that when you think of the Romans crucifying people or the Jewish Villages keeping what they termed a Demoniac changed in their cemeteries!  The Demoniac and the person slowly dying on the cross are what Amos from the Bible would define as Hosts!  If you hear voices in your head you are indeed a host to voices!

Oddly enough Huey Long who was going to give us free health care and wealth redistribution in 1936 as President used the term Parasite and he was assassinated by a Doctor with a German surname man named Weiss!  More people attended Weiss's funeral than any other in the Louisiana morning for him!  I tell you right now I want that Funeral Guest book published on line today and with it any lineage relations to current United States people who actively opposed affordable health care!  You are going to see some names in common there, would be my theory!  We don't pay to support the deaths of 30,000 Americans every year directly caused by pharmaceuticals alone!  What is that?  What is that?  It is nattering nabob minded sloth maintaining the wealth status!

They know something they have no way of knowing but they don't have the personal knowledge to go with that!  But they know about it anyway!  That is every spoiled brat you ever met!  And they are also known to have a pesky type personality!  As if they cannot initiate any personal motivation leading to personal achievement!

So if you grew up in a wealthy neighborhood and they all worshipped Ronald Reagan you have to realize that none of those who worshipped him were actually men!

One more final point about self help for those who hear voices. Always remember this, "The part of you that is you, is the good part in this world!"

What did Amos the God of hosts in the Bible say about it all!  He was irate mad! 

Thomas Paul Murphy copyright 2014

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Somehow it seems very relevant that the current Miss America winner 2014 was expelled from her Sorority for advocating HAZING!  The other day I was driving in the car with my mother and I could not think of one famous woman who could be termed congenial! 


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