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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

he Last Supper Jesus with a chalice of wine 09 23 2014

The Last Supper Jesus with a chalice of wine?

Jesus didn't even drink wine! He abhorred it! They poured out the Nebuchadnezzar full of it at the wedding!

When the Pharisees Jews set up wine kiosks in the temple and he came back from a trip he VIOLENTLY threw them and all of it out!

The human race is lucky to make it out of the dark ages after they killed him! 400 years! What was a God? A normal man who walked among those who mentally retarded from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome!  The dark ages were a do what you like era of sadism.  All created from fetal alcohol.
What were the mentally retarded from fetal alcohol syndrome referred to as back then? Sin's of the flesh! Sins of the flesh that created more sins of the flesh! Satan. You want to know what one looked like? Look at the round eyes on the Mona Lisa. Mona? Moan? Howling? Indication of who satan is? That is a lot like what people who hear voices experience in horror!

The Jews that followed Jesus Christ were all slaughtered just like 144,000 prophets before them were!

That painting “The Last Supper” is propaganda to make him seem like something he wasn't!

The Bible mocks the vineyard owner as an absent minded complete idiot!

Nor would Jesus drink what they gave him on the cross!

Also Judah and Israel were two separate countries! In Israel they had kosher standards! That means they didn't eat or drink things that made them mentally retarded like pork! The Bible tells of how there were no wine presses in Israel but they came from Judah. And how the Israelites were warned when it happened.

And when Israel was invaded they went running and screaming and crying from their homes! Would you do if an army full of birth defective zombies came to your village?

And what else didn't Jesus like, “The leaven of the Pharisees.” The Jews did not use leaven yeast to make their bread! Evidently the Pharisees did! They likely also made the beer (made with yeast) and bread that was fed to the Egyptian slaves! And you should read the part about how they enslaved them! Only the last ones who showed up for work that day were paid!

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