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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How many School Shootings were the direct result of George Bush's No Child Left Behind Policy 09 23 2014

How many school shootings were the direct result of George Bush's No Child Left Behind Policy

Lets be honest those mentally retarded children are a burden to not only the teachers but the fellow students!

When that child cannot learn are they likely to abuse those in the classroom who can? We already know without a shadow of a doubt that is true!

Never in United States History has a President created more civil unrest than George Bush did!

He is projecting his vision of self pity as the standard of humanity!

John Kennedy's statement of the graduates from Ivy League Universities never making a contribution to democracy needs to be extended a step further, Not only will they never make a contribution to democracy their children will destroy it!

The Founding Father's didn't want any freaks! They wanted everyone to be able to read for this exact reason, “They didn't want freaks making up their own laws or legal interpretations!”

Ever take an elderly person who was a school teacher to the emergency hospital? What is the first thing they want to discuss with you? If that person goes unconscious can we label them Do Not Resuscitate.

Perhaps our health care system needs to completely change to reflect the Puritan reality our Constitution is based on! Such as if you take a genetically anomalous child to the doctor can they be required to refuse to treat them? Such as a child who has mental retardation like in Wilson's Syndrome or Down's Syndrome, etc?

There parents made the choice to have those birth defective children; not the American people! Therefore the American people should not share in the financial burden they create! They are not equal! If they were equal you would never hear a peep out of them regarding granting them special rights! If they were equal none of us would be hearing voices in our skulls! Do they actually believe that somewhere deep inside the retards brain are the keys to a better humanity, better human philosophy, a more kindly gentler nation? Just the opposite is true!

What am I getting at? How did they get that way in the first place? Their parents could read the warning labels on bottles of alcohol and cigarettes! Was George Bush's father a drinker! Of course he did!
So what was George Bush's motivation for No Child Left behind and the bankrupting of Social Security and the Government through treating them?  He had a family member who was mentally retarded!!!  And therefore his family couldn't treat that person so a whole cadre of Government services arises for that one person who is mentally retarded!  Pay 10 people to take care of that person and attempt to teach them how to learn?  Well we are off the Gold Standard and therefore printing money so it is okay?  No!  Why not?  Because the taxpayer bears the burden of that!  And do you know what, it isn't the high income earner that pays for those services it is the middle class taxpayer.
The middle class always wants to become part of the upper class! Sure we want to make more money but you would never want to be a person who can't read equivalent to the son of a wealthy and powerful alcoholic!  The wealthy drink expensive alcohol like fish!  Can they read?  No!  They cannot even read the warning labels on bottles of alcohol or cigarettes.  Next they will want all heroin and pot sold to have warning labels on them too!  That n1993r selling it for $10 bucks a deadly hit on the street corner in Chicago better comply with that labeling law?

Should a person labeled Do Not Medically Treat DNMT ever be allowed to become President of the United States? NO!

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