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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Green Bay Packers 38 at Chicago Bears 17 game day Sunday 09 28 2014

Green Bay Packers 38 at Chicago Bears 17           09/28/2014

Just after viewing the first quarter Aaron Rodgers #12 passing game looked to be a lot more sharp than the last three games!

In fact the passing offense was so effective on the first touchdown drive for Green Bay that it actually weakened the defense for the run game and the run in by Lacy #27 for Green Bay's first touchdown of the game!

There is a reason that hands to head was a penalty when the Packer player tackled the Bears Quarterback. When you deflect someone's head so that their neck is at downward angle as they are falling the ground with their torso on positioned that way you could break their neck or give them a serious neck injury. In fact that somewhat resembles a military tactics where the enemy runs up behind you grabs you around the neck while they are falling on top of you and drives your head into the ground so the weight of your body breaks your neck. And hasn't the league and professional sports as a whole had enough of the insolent looks of the players who were fined during the play sitting on the side line? The camera focuses on them and the first thing we see is the look of resentment and defiance, “I didn't do anything wrong!” Enough of that! Children should learn the game in that unprofessional manner and nor should they learn to resent the authority of referees decisions in what amounts to a game and not work. We don't teach children bad attitude when they are corrected we teach them to listen and conform to a disciplined learning environment.

If you are disciplined by a coach or referee you sit there like a good little black boy and hope to still have a high salary paying future! You do not indoctrinate and imprint American youth (of all demographics) with bad attitude and bad behavior!  We should never compromise National integrity by catering to those among use who cannot succeed via academic education!

You would not understand that point unless you have played a rough, tumble and tackle sport a high running speed. And that comment might be a slight to the validity of sideline women sports commentators.

Also as I watched Eddie Lacy running today it looked to me that when he attempted to run faster he lifted his knees higher when if fact the way to run faster is to raise up on the balls of your feet so that your heals NEVER touch the ground when you are running!

In order for a passing offense to be clicking you can't just keep hearing Jordy Nelson, Jordy Nelson, Jordy Nelson all the time. You need to hear those passes being completed to 3 or 4 names at wide receiver throughout the game and at least one good tight end! The wide receiver should be able to also seamlessly play the position of tight end. And the same goes for running backs! You cannot here Lacy, Lacy, Lacy all the time. A good coach has two effective running backs like they are knights or castles on his chess board! Either one should have the same power; meaning capability! Those different and equally capable running backs should be coming out of the backfield from every which way with the ball secured in order to confuse and disorientate and defeat the defense! In fact all should be moving fast in an OFFENSIVE blitzkrieg!

Basically when you have only one good player in both those positions you suffer from Queen syndrome! Whereby when that player gets injured your season is over just as is often the case when the queen in chess is captured!

I am defining the meaning of “TEAM” here aren't I!

And if fact a little later in the game from this writing Randall Cobb caught a pass and took off with it! But then dropped one that he should have had! What needs to happen is that the ball is played via so many offensive weapons after the that once they see the ball coming into their hands it isn't an issue of icing due to surprise! It shouldn't be an issue of, “I finally get my once in a lifetime chance to catch a ball as a professional football player on the offense!” The talent needs to be there, respected and frequently utilized to build moral and an integrated team! The team wins whereas the individual enjoys the spotlight for a while, the team loses and the individual blames everyone else he was playing with on the offense who did not get the ball as much! And there should never be an issue of Confidence in who on the offense the Quarterback is going to give the ball too! That subjectivity and favoritism by a quarterback leads to an offense with limited capability!

I actually wanted the bears to score before half time so that the Packers didn't get to go to the locker room like they were the cheese for being ahead.

Loved the Clay Matthews #52 interception but he ran like that fat lady that wears the long dress once he had the football!

Loved the Sam Shields #37 interception too! But in addition to going for the ball they need to be faster than they are after they catch it! Both Sam Fields and Clay Matthews!

On the Tramon Williams #38 interception ruled to not be one. I think he had complete possession via the angle of the ball as he was coming down. Perhaps he ruined the authenticity of the catch by the pull in to his chest while the ball was on the ground as he was. The point is if you had frozen the image of him as he is going to the ground with the ball in his arms that ball was not coming out, it was stable to his chest although upper chest, which isn't as common a catch to adjudicate on.

And I just figured out why Lacy bobs and up down like he does when he is running! To me it looks like he has to rise up to peek for where the openings in the defense are! So the way to correct that is he needs to develop the awareness of where they openings are and play with the speed and confidence that those are still open holes not only when he reaches them but when he s running right through them. The running game still needs more even though it supported the passing game well today.

Randall Cobb fulfilled the opportunity that “second” equally as good and capable receiver today! Now we need to see a third, fourth and fifth step up to the plate!

And I have some more commentary to make about half time show commentators and game announcers.

You don't get to raise your voice, bat your eyebrows and roll your eyeballs, in order to distract and drown out the thoughts of human reason!

Instead you get to calmly express yourself like a man does. And if you are unable to then you get to take the anti-psychotic medicine whereby you look very sleepy and teary eye. And you should still have to show up and comment on national television based on those personal conditions! No you don't get to take time off when you are a basket case of a person who promotes hatred. By the way that same medicine that will calm you down to the level of man and not beast will also likely cause you to attempt suicide!

That sideline and commentary anger is veiled justification for violence. The danger is that someone like that comes into political power and propagandizes bravery and valor when they themselves do not possess because they played a childhood game for a living. Whereby the propaganda would include War mongering. What I am getting at is a personality that does not reflect the Constitution of the United States and would make decisions not Consistent with it whereby he would attempt to persuade In U.S. Boys to fight a war for him based on historical concepts of integrity our Country was founded on that no longer exist today! In other words I don't want the class dunce to rule the world of free men. Anyone who plays in a manner that could cause personal injury such as paralysis by not obeying the rules should have never made it to Professional football which happens to be one of the pinnacles of high salary careers (and therefore false achievement??) in the world today.

When the Army Recruiting commercial airs on the half time show or during a game who do the American boys want to go to war for? The psycho idiot on the half time show!

Neither a coach, a player or a referee should fear violent criminal retribution for making fair plays as a player, fair rulings as a referee or fair and disciplined orders by a coach! In order to fairly officiate a game without being threatened by a psycho punk spoiled momma's boy a referee should not have to wear a sidearm!

So you have a player that plays to hurt other players? That behavior should have been weeded out in grade school. But what happens when you expel a bad kid like that and they become a continual liability to society? I really only believe in one single class of United States citizen. If that kid is proven to have a mental defect that causes them to be violent and a bully I also believe that euthenized should be an option! Otherwise you create a segregated society whereby those who are segregated violate the Constitutional rights (in terms of money too!) of those who should never be. I also believe in an alcohol free economy for that reason and that all drug dealers should be euthenized for that same reason!


Ending score Green Bay Packers 38 Chicago Bears 17

All in all the Packers played much better today, Sunday 09/28/2014, it is as if someone gave them some good advice.
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