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Monday, September 22, 2014

Error in Thought Process of the Satanic 09 22 2014

Error in thought process of the Satanic

If it is something stupid that they like to laugh at it means that it is true and also that translates to mean a lot of other stupid things just like that are true to (to them.)

Might be a helpful concept to know exists in order to educate people “out of it” as in remedial education, or attempting to educate those with learning disabilities!

Whatever can be made fun of is true, even though most mature human beings would not think it is funny, is not a human being concept.

I can't you a real good example, but just illustrate the basic concept; an adult trips another and laughs and laughs because they fall and hurt themselves! In fact as their victim then walks down the street limping in pain the bad person proceeds to write an entire comedy of errors based on using the pain he caused as his muse! The very pain itself, he or it caused was his muse.

Perhaps it equates to causing pain in order to make money from writing about it?

The devil couldn't write anything originally funny so he started hurting people, causing pain and re-characterizing it as their victims own fault and anonymizing (new word I just created) the identity of the victims; in order to make people laugh?

When I describe a comedian or writer in that way we learn that absolutely nothing about them is; funny, human and or worthy to earn its own living. Instead they are not psychotic but instead what could be termed as Animal Minded Violent. AMV for short.

To be defined as Psychotic you first had to have known what reality was! The spoiled rotten minded can never do that! Why not? It was never required of them in their lives in order to be successful!

The fun house operator would break your leg and percuss your head in order to have a new muse attraction! In my humble opinion such “Fun House Operator's” as defined here, should have been euthanized a long time before they are ever allowed to profit by creating human misery!

That is a perfect example of what I have defined previously to be ODDLY COMPETITIVE PERSONALITY DISORDER. OCPD for short in my scientific lingo. And Behaviorism is indeed a Scientific Study!

Now here are song lyrics I started to flush out of this concept.

“It is better you die with the sinners than cause the Saints to cry.”

“Little rotten apple of your mothers eye.”

“Lots and lots of money.”

“Now we know just why!”

“Your father he was right about you.”

“With his sword he was.”

“God his ugly wife.”

“She had to intervene.”

“Now you litter our silver screen.”

Okay I liked the first lyric as a starting point the best, but then it just digress into being too negative. When you are too negative in writing you are telling instead of showing. Showing is more effective.

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