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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mary Burke should have responded 09 30 2014

Mary Burke should have responded 09 30 2014

"What do I look like, a walking dictionary."  When asked for the exact definition of plagiarism.

But seriously Scott Walker has a valid point! 

The Democrats stole a color scheme from one of my paintings.  And also some of the wording from Obama's former speeches came straight out of my Milwaukee and Wisconsin News online Newspaper.

The day after I wrote I believed in fairness Barrack came and stated that as his policy when we had not heard it from him before!

The tearing down vacant houses that were an attractive nuisance was me.

I also wrote about voter ID.

And campus rape.

Seemingly long before they became political concepts.

Better to get your policy straight from the schizophrenic than the Vassar fortune teller that put words in Reagans pre-Alzheimer's clapping nabob mouth.

And you should know I believe the Repupublicaarty is just as guilty of stealing policy and ideas without giving credit to the source!

Plagiarism is a telltale sign of "One mind for all Communism," under the veil of schizophrenia.  Moredturbing is that a Lesbian Burke committed it!  Is she reaaboto tell us a revelation ad gt all lesbians and gays.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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