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Thomas Paul Murphy

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The goal of the voices is to incite you to:

How many find this to be the validity of their personal experience too?
The goal of the voices is to incite you to:

1. Take actions that ruin your life.
2. Take actions that end your life.
3. Take actions that defy your confidence in yourself through guilt that is impressed upon you.
4. Take actions that seek to defy any self confidence you have in yourself or your ability and hence abandon your functions and become a medicated person that can no longer use their higher mind capability.
5. To transfer life energy from you to the person who is speaking to you.

You can tell what their goal was by what actions you took after you heard them.  It is kind of like winding the key in the back of a toy, putting a mask over its eye's and then claiming any destruction it caused was its fault.  It is also like when they put a rope around a bulls back and its penis and then give it an electric shock with a prod before they send it out into the rodeo barnyard with a brave rider on its back.
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