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Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Concept of ruining neighborhoods and cities 10 25 2014

The Concept of ruining neighborhoods and cities 10 25 2014

The concept of bad people ruining neighborhoods and countries in order to make corrupt "kingdoms" out of them that they rule has to end everywhere in the world!

It's like you are an anachronism that crawled out of history and don't belong with us!

You got evicted out of Italy and now you are putting the United States to that test too?

If you believe the United States doesn't know how to fight a Holy War itself you should read United States history a little more carefully.

What is the belief that a Corporation is a person?  Because it defies human reason and human  conscience and can never be proven that is a religious belief.  It is also veiled communism! "Congress can make no law respecting an establishment of religion."  They have never gotten this one right!  The OPERATIVE WORD IS RESPECTING!!!  Also establishment is past/present tense!  It means you cannot create the kind of country the Founding Fathers fled from!  It means you cannot make your own laws that defy human reason and human conscience.  Now there is an amendment to the Constitution on the referendum of the ballot that I am going to vote on! I will give you the exact text in a bit.     But we shouldn't even have to vote on it.  It is like having to put a sign on the bathroom doors of law schools and law offices, "Please flush toilet when done pooping."  Vulgarity included to put something complicated that professionals should know and respect into laymen's terms that are disambiguos.  It is like having to put a sign on your front door before you leave the house for work, please put pants and underwear on before going to work.  Do you get it?  If we had professionals in government and men in government since 1932 we would never face this issue!  We would never have oddball interpretations like a corporation is really a person.  Even a first grader can look a person and a corporate logo and know they are not the same.  The first corporations were burial groups in Italy?  Or pirates for hire by the queen who were indemnified for their actions by the queen?  And Britain itself gets its word origin from tattoo!  White people that want black skin?  Something like that.

Italian organized crime facilitated the drug trade in the United States it is it creating bad neighborhoods and degrading us to bad kingdoms.  I don't believe any single one of them should be allowed to be in positions where they are responsible for people.  And if you want to drill it down a bit and declare that it is only the ones with Rh- blood, or a defective serotonin regulation gene, or dyslexia, or some other miscegenation genotype please do so.  I think of the phrase" Black Fitzwilliams head" in  the song about old Carlow whereby they state that the English who invaded Ireland had black heads!  The Irish Republican Army got its start because some women had a dozen children, and they were a menace to society in untold ways?  I will have to research that.  Was she a prostitute whore?  A police man in Milwaukee told me that it was common for wealthy women to prostitute themselves here.  Whatever all that is, it doesn't belong in the United States!

One more point, those people in Europe, Asia, Latin America don't believe the United States can fight a Holy War?  Read your United States History!  Those are the only wars we fought, Civil and Revolutionary.  But as for Black Bushes, Reagans, Clintons and Obamas Wars those might not be legitimate.  And when you look at what FDR slipped by us his wasn't either.  If he were not in office there might not have been a WWII or even a genocide in Germany!

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