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Monday, October 20, 2014

The Identity of the 1600 Nazi's in Operation Paperclip

The Identity of the 1600 Nazi's in Operation Paperclip

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We only know the identity of about 200 or so of them and what they did from my research.  What about the other 1400?  They had to have been doing something much worse!!!  What could that be?  Where they psychiatrists or those who worked in pharmaceutical companies related to psychiatric drugs?  I would have to be that quite a few of those fill those 1400 or so missing names and occupations!!!  What preliminary evidence do I have that suggest this?  Some members of the Nazi party of the United States were Psychiatrists!!!

I am going to start a petition that the United States Government release all the names, research and occupations of the complete 1600 Nazi Scientists who were given U.S. Citizenship!  400,000 Americans lost their lives in WWII in part due to the actions of those 1600, they were given high paying jobs in the United States, my father was injured there and received the Purple Heart!

Was some of the technology stolen from the minds of Jews that they tortured and killed?

Barrack let the world know already!

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