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Friday, September 30, 2016

Deer Hunting Season and Alcohol 09 30 2016

Deer Hunting Season and Alcohol

Something very important to remember: 

"It is a class A misdemeanor punishable by 9 months in jail and/or $10,000.oo fine for ANY person, whether or not they are a licensee, to possess a firearm while under the influence of an intoxicant."


"Gun" Season November 9th - November 27
Muzzleloader Season  November 28- December 7

Did I see the Sheriff once drinking while in uniform?
What about plain clothes cops carrying guns in bars and drinking?  The word above reads ANY!

So why did I publish this?  Because hunting season is coming up.  I remember in college while I worked at a gas station hearing a story of how a young man just loved to go up North Deer hunting and drink Whiskey all day long and then visit strip clubs.

The point being?  When they have a hunting accident and don't come back the above is the highly likely cause!

If a wife loves her husband this might be something she could sternly tell him?  And if he loves her he will listen.

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I would like to hear a Catholic Priest say this to his parishioners before he holds up the Chalice of alcohol which is addictive in only one drop to an alcoholic: at his Sunday or DAILY MASS!

Further points to consider?  What about a Department of Defense Serviceman on weekend leave?  How long is he under the influence of that intoxicant?

Anyone remember how I told you a bit of factual history about how the British were concerned that their troops got enough beer and alcohol dropped to them on the "lines."

I also heard a young man tell me how he was in the Navy and that is all they did was drink!  The commanding officer would bring then cases of beer.  So is there any connection to the law above?  Isn't the focus of the military weaponry: firearms?  So I see a broad conflict there.  The point being that law is there to prevent fatalities that result from the combination of the two.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Should a woman in the United States need a License in order to have a Baby? 09 27 2016

Should a woman in the United States need a License in order to have a Baby? 09 27 2016


"Whose baby do you want to have?"
"That man down there at the bar."

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Monday, September 26, 2016

So this blog has been viewed over 161,000 times

So this blog has been viewed over 161,000 times

I have written over 5000 articles here.  And yet I have not even made $35 dollars from that?  5000 articles at perhaps 1000 words per article = 5 million words.  And I was cursed with angry voices every single word I typed.

So that is the best of Judea America and that is what is wrong with this country and the world?  And that is also what is wrong with Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.

As you watch them talk to you see the gestalt of a dry sickening dying agony being projected at you?

The type of world you believe is far different than the type of world that I believe in.  And your world is ill fated from the start.

So why didn't I put Google sponsored ads in this blog?  Because I did.  And they advertised Scott Walker here and in all of my blogs left and right after I told them not to.  So I had to take down that function.  Aren't they cute?

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Hilary Clinton Vs. Donald Trump debate simplified 09 26 2016

Hilary Clinton Vs. Donald Trump debate simplified 09 26 2016

He was right about her and she was right about him; hence neither one of them belong there.

And they both want more gun control.

There is a story in the Milwaukee news lately about a black woman who left a loaded gun in the house and one young son shot the other with it and killed him.  She should be given back that loaded gun and set free from prison.  Why?

Because that kid is already the kind of person she bought the gun to protect herself from!  We don't need to wait to see if that kid will turn good when it is older, we already know it is bad.  If he shoots his own brother what are the odds when he gets older he would shoot other members of that community?  And the generic point being that she is a member of that community, and hence it could just as well be her and someone else's kid growing up exactly as her son is?  Get it?

So you arrest the parent when the kid is the one who murdered someone?  Where does this nonsense come from?  It comes from bad parents getting in our legal system and knowing that they have bad kids that their kids will hang around with, if indeed their own kids are not bad too!  A good parent knows how to keep their kid away from the bad kids.  There is none of this "Oh everyone must be invited to the Birthday Parties!"  "There is none of this, this is an all inclusive classroom!"

She bought that gun to protect herself from just the kind of person her own bad kid would have grown up to be.  I am asserting if he is that bad as a kid he will always be that bad!

So give her back that loaded gun and set her free!

And if she has one bad kid what are the odds both of them are bad?  Maybe not 100%.  But lets say that the good kid was really the one doing the shooting in this case?  Why?  Perhaps the mentally retarded brother was raping or sexually molesting him? Oh that never happens you say?  Think of Oprah's cousin banging her upstairs while the family was playing cards down at the dinner table laughing.

So back to the Political Debate.

Donald Trump actually made Hilary look good tonight!  Almost as if Donald was throwing the fight?  And Hilary looked like a clown tonight.  And what was that innuendo with her shaking her butt and smiling?  Someone like that should never be President.  It is sickening.

She was right about Trickle Down Theory not working.

And Donald seems to (unknowingly) base everything he says or thinks on false premises.

Donald stated that not paying any Federal Income taxes ~"That makes me smart."  So as President he would encourage the rest of us to not pay any Federal Income Taxes either?  Then how would he be paid?  Real simple through business dealings and funny money.

He stated we spent 6 trillion in the middle east and that we could have rebuilt our country.  And he talked about our airports versus foreign ones.  How many average Americans fly to Saudi Arabia?  They are out of touch with reality.  So before he had stated he wanted to increase military spending so we have more capable nuclear delivery options?  There goes that 6 trillion he would have saved?

He is right about roads costing 2 3 4 times what they should cost.

"Just listen to what you heard."  Was a good comment by Hillary?  I still can't remember if it is one L or two L's in her name and I don't really care.

Donald was sued in 1973 for not renting to African Americans.

Let me ask you whoever is reading this this,  What if some of Hillary Clintons emails were to Donald Trump and some of his Tax items are related to Whitewater?  Would that make you sick.

So they all state that ISIS is after us and then they want to take away our Assault style weapons?  Anyone else find that a dead ringer for what an ugly lie they are?

Donald seems to say something and then acts like he never said it?  If you are a full grown adult how can you stand a person like that?  You obviously never raised children or managed people if you like a characteristic like that.

"Donald don't lie to yourself" I wanted to say to him.

And Hilary stated "We don't want to use the kinds of tools we have?"  She is talking about non lethal emf broadcasting weapons that drive human beings insane?  She ought to be burnt at the stake!

But where do home grown attacks come from?  10's of thousands of people that Hilary claims Donald cheated out of money and my conclusion therefore house and home.  And that is why Donald doesn't want there to be street sweeper guns.

We pay 73% of the cost of NATO?  New fact I learned.  If we are protecting these foreign countries they should at least be of our Constitutional standards.  And that is how they would eventually get the money to pay their fair share.  Not the other way around, we sink to their level.

So Russia is hacking away at the infrastructure of the United States.  Did they hack Obamacare's website?  And Trump did indeed say he liked Russia.

Do you see how whenever Hilary makes a point that the audience likes Donald Trump immediately states "Wrong" no matter if she was wrong or right?  Again that is a bad kid sent away to boarding school isn't it!

China should go into North Korea? Iran is the biggest trading partner of North Korea.

Did Donald prompt Hilary to do her estrangement butt wiggle when he said, did he say "Your heart is getting a little old?"

So how do you straighten out foreign trade?  An equivalency tariff that goes straight to the non retarded United States adult citizen.  Which means this.  Had China or India had to obey our human rights, environmental laws, labor laws how much would it have cost them to produce that product! Again that tariff should go right to the American. 

So what happens if Hilary wins and raises taxes by trillions?  Donald or a Republican likeness of him will get in office in 4 years down the road and spend it very quickly to the exact same people who paid it.

So as I watch Donald Trump and Hilary debate I had to ask myself "Why couldn't we have had a man debating Donald Trump?"  Someone strong who could put him in his place?  Someone who doesn't tolerate insolent behavior like his?

And did I hear someone in the audience yell right after the debate, "Shoot them all we love you?"

So Donald Trump loves to sue people?  Someone like him somehow should never be allowed to wield legal authority or make money based decisions.  We need to factor out that English legacy/infiltration system out of our United States.

I lump them all into the same category as the black woman whose son shot her other son with the loaded gun.

And why did Donald mention that his 10 year old son was very good with computers?  What was he promoting with that statement?  Some of us thought the kid looked retarded?  So how do I see a lot of the children of the wealthy?  The privileged retard.  That is how I see them.  That is what I believe.  And you better hope that the day never comes when either you or I can't freely express what we believe without the fear of retribution from them.  And that is indeed been a part of the problem.  We have lived that day for far too long!

You either project your own self confidence and sense of responsibility onto other people or you don't have that to project because you don't believe in yourself?  What am I getting at?  If you believe in Gun Control it is more of a statement about yourself isn't it?  That you find a commonality between yourself and that black woman whose son shot the other son?  I find absolutely no commonality with that black woman.  Nor do I feel that I have anything to fear from the poor or common man because I have not cheated them.  Should the common man fear me?  The bad man should fear me and believe me, they do!

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What the writers of that in the name of child safety gun law negligently failed to comprehend is, "Children are not supposed to be that dumb nor that mean."

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Detroit Lions 27 Vs. Green Bay Packers 34 Sunday 09 25 2016

Detroit Lions 27 Vs. Green Bay Packers 34 Sunday 09 25 2016

Started watching at this point.

Lawson pass interference. I don't like players that grab the arm of a receiver like that. About 3 infractions of that and that player should be out of the league. You either run behind the receiver, in front of him, or to the left or right side to some degree. That is the way the game should be played. You are both vying for the ball. And what about the defense that doesn't even know where the ball is because he is tight to the receiver who isn't sure how far the ball is being passed?

What else I don't like is a flag being thrown that doesn't immediately negate the entire play? I mean the flag is thrown but the play is allowed to continue? Why through the flag if the play is going to be allowed to continue? It weakens the defense in most cases? And what happens after the flag is thrown is that the offense seems to score. So what is the point here? It cheapens the viewers experience of the game. It makes it more of a legal matter rather than a game of entertainment based on physical skill. So what should be done here? The defensive players who are having the flag thrown against them should have never made it to the level of professional football! Get it? And that is the best example of low professionalism and sportsmanship in what is termed Professional Sports.

Are there Wide Receivers who intentionally slow down so that the defensive player has a collision with them? I don't like the illegitimacy of that either and the fact that nobody seems to notice Mr. Molasses's out there?

Now someone who has natural athletic talent resents all this. However the sore loser in academia just drinks his crutch and doesn't have the cognition to see what I just described? To him when he takes the side of his idol no matter what he feels emotionally secure.

Do you know why that flag is thrown and the play is allowed to continue? Because those cretins would being screwing up all day and the game would never end! That game would be going on for 10 hours straight or scoreless because of the influence of all the flags being thrown. Can you imagine how military training at boot camp would be if that were the same case? “Harvey Knots ran at the enemy before everyone was ready and only 1 of us 16 survived?” So what is that indicative of? Inundated lack of discipline at the Professional level. Again what are they doing here?

Even in a Horse Race the horses instinctively know for their own safety not to intertwine their legs with the other horses? Unless they are driven into that position by the Jockey. But then the Jockey just risked his own life and the life of the other riders didn't he!

So the ref throws the flag at the time of infraction to mark the infraction, to say he saw something. And after the play is over it is adjudicated on? That way the ref cannot be cited or accused of being impartial or biased to one team over the other? But sometimes we see the ref throw the flag long after the infraction he is citing with it? Which means what? He is waiting for more supporting infractions to occur to justify him eventually throwing the flag during the play? He can't throw the flag immediately because he is watching the progress of the play? That might be termed ref parsing?

Seriously, wouldn't it be nice if we all had jobs with fickle loving management like that in the United States?  That is not the average American experience.  So perhaps that is why so many people like to watch it.  It represents the American dream while you are forced to live something far different than that?  And perhaps that is the reason for the drug problem and why they want to legalize pot?

So how did the guy cut the bridge of his nose? Wait, they just said he did that in preseason. So why isn't it healing of healed by now?

Should the game be played so that it doesn't matter what the Ref didn't see, even if the Camera replay shows otherwise? No. So should it be played the exact opposite? Again with that caliber of person it would be ten hour game or scoreless and therefore pointless. You could put a blind ref out there if it didn't matter what the ref didn't see. You could have a ref pre Alzheimer's just like Ronald Reagan was. They could pull wheelchair transportation van right up to the old folks home to get a ref. And who would make a funny driver of that van? Who was that commentator who just popped up and talked tough about Arron Rodgers? Was that Deon?

Do you know what I think about the Half Time commentators? (Somehow I can hear their vocal inflections just now getting high?)1:25pm

“Get a job you insolent retard!” “Get a job!” “Get a job where you actually help maintain our democracy and standard of excellence.”

So you are paid to watch the game and then talk about it? I WOULDN'T PAY YOU TO TALK ABOUT ANYTHING!  They are giving that camera the same looks and emotional expression that their henpecking uneducable mothers did to them.  The meaning of the word Estrangement is deferred from the original possessor.  Deferring from the original possessor is the opposite of learning.

Some day I would like to find the article and publish it where I prove that one man who fixates on another man is really a homosexual. Does that cover it? I don't need to hear moose head voices in my head!

And what do the Detroit Lions look like? They look like they all drank the water with lead in it!

Start of the Second Half.

I thought it was illegal for the defense to form a line holding hands? What game are they playing? “Rover, Rover, let Rover come over?”

I am going out to mow the lawn before it rains right now. Hopefully be back to see how it ends.

The score is Det 10 GB 31 right now.

6:36 in 4th Quarter back from mowing the lawn.

Humor: “What happens when you get your foot caught in the lawn mower? It comes right off and it doesn't grow back.”

Number 11? I can catch a football better than that! Stand there and let it bounce off your chest or head why don't you!

So it end with a kneel down to run out the clock? Somehow I don't the nature of that either. It seems like spoil sport to me.

Yeah I thought it and I typed it and  I shamelessly shared it with you. 

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Future Horror we are going to have to deal with 09 24 2016

A Future Horror we are going to have to deal with 09 24 2016

"How dare you say that I didn't work!  I delivered 40 pound boxes of marijuana for the XYZ Tobacco Company.  I worked for 45 years!  I put food on the table.  I got up every day at 5 am and worked 40 hour weeks.  Get a job!"

What am I getting at?  When a man is proud of something that he should not be proud of!  I think this of beer, alcohol, cigarette workers by the way.  I think this of Warren Buffet too!

But wouldn't human civilization be better off if people weren't forced to work in those ways?  But because they chose to it is a matter of will isn't it.  What man believes he can take a job in sin and raise a family and that family will come out okay?  Does a man that believes he can take a job in sin believe that sin will never affect him because he is on the winning side of sin?  What comes around goes around?  He could have done something for less money but he chose not to.  So can we label people like that as not having the strong morals as men do?  So then we have to ask ourselves what prevented this man from developing to the standard right of passage to manhood?  What the heck was wrong with him?  He was born into perdition.  But should one person born into perdition be allowed to marry another born into perdition person and create a perdition propagandizing force?  I would say no!  "Here is what you would do for money!  Here is all the misery you would cause?  You will not be allowed a marriage license!"

And I wonder how many wives would mind that being applied retrospectively so that they can get out of that and actually experience a minute amount of happiness?  So you marry someone that was born into perdition but you didn't know anything about it?  All that divorce proceeding really needs is you checking the box, "This person was born into perdition."  And if I were a world leader I would apologize to you for our Government allowing that to happen to you!  "It is rotten that those were the only candidates you had to choose from for marriage!  We as the greatest nation on earth are sorry for the transgressions of some of those who were in office before us.  We are doing everything possible to correct that for you."

God bless.

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I would rather watch a High School Marching Band on a High School Football Field than a Football Game 09 24 2016

I would rather watch a High School Marching Band on a High School Football Field than a Football Game 09 24 2016

Just the High School Marching Band with NO game!

So maybe that event could last 45 minutes to an hour?  It would be a summer event or when the weather is warm?  Who wants to play those wind instruments in the freezing cold!  Ridiculous!  So in college that is the kid who gets sick from it and misses some grades because of it?  And that all supports the upward mobility of the jug head.

We already played football, baseball and basketball with the jug head sons of jug heads.  We already know that you are snotty and ill tempered because of mental retardation due to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  We have no interest in watching you play or listening to your statements trying to convince us of how brave you were in the game.

I want to see that High School marching band perform on that football field.  And I should not have to pay a dime to see it!  What do you think I pay property taxes for?  Can we see some benefit from that?  You expect me to believe watching an unruly ill tempered sporting event is my return for property tax payments supposed to benefit the education system?  You have to be kidding me!

At least one High School Marching Band event in the Summer.  They learn a new song and then play again.

A High School Physical Education teacher making $100,000.oo a year?  For what?

Yeah I can see what your thinking already there will be a rumble if the High School marching band gets to use that field and the Football players wanted to?


Anyone ever see that movie where the guy is playing the bag pipes and he is approached by a homo?  And in one of the pipes there is really a sword that he pulls out?  Perhaps half of that movie is just my imagination?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Do you want to know something interesting.  There could be a school in the inner city with all poor people and you know what?  They get the nickname of the person right!  So accurate that it resonates with you too.  Which is comforting to know that you are not the only one who recognized it?

Humor: The owner of the little grocery store will...09 24 2016

Humor: The owner of the little grocery store will...09 24 2016

Humor: The owner of the little grocery store will send his daughter over to marry the son of the owner of the big grocery store.

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Humor: Fiscal Responsibility Act 09 24 2016

Humor:  Fiscal Responsibility Act  09 24 2016

How much money could we save by cutting electric power to New York, Chicago, Florida, California and Colorado?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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What if your Local Library had a "Buy this book now" feature 09 24 2016

What if your Local Library had a "Buy this book now" feature  09 24 2016

It would indeed be part of the trend to match government expenses with revenues and create more revenue?  And it would be the opposite of privatization!

But what would that progress to?  Same as everything else, wealthy factions monopolizing that function, eventually leading to a violation of your right to free speech!

But when a High School Football Coach makes over $100,000.00 a year it already means that our ENTIRE Public School System has been privatized!

It is ridiculous that an athletic High School Coach would be paid so much.  It de-emphasizes education and therefore has no place in the education system.  The word Rabbi means teacher so it is just the opposite of the Jewish religion; if that indeed provides some of you with comeuppance?

I have had enough of the beady brown eyed nervous double talking "American?"  We need to factor the influence of that out of our country.  And they like Professional sports because they like to watch the big men play?  Sarcasm/cynicism; "I'm a big guy how come you don't want to look at me?"  You ask them a simple question and they look like they want to go hide in a dark corner and have a cigarette.  Is your patriarchal lineage really from a hermaphrodite and that is why they can't trace it?

Humor:  You look for Kleenex in a grocery store and what does it say on the isle markers?  "Facial Tissue"  ~ Like I wipe my face like I do my butt?


So how broad is the alcohol industry?  It is that jug head physical education teacher that is now making over $100,000.oo a year!  Why?  So that wealthy suburban fathers and mothers can see their beautiful son dancing around at Camp Randall Stadium in white leotards and a red shirt!

The alcohol industry gave rise to the insurance industry.  The Catholic and Christian Churches are its strong arm!  It is the source of profits for the large media companies.  And hence the publishing monopolies.  It is the cause of mental retardation and the rise of the special education system.  Coming about full circle there on phy ed teachers making $100,000.oo a year.

Financial industry:  Yeah that guy with the mongoloid eyes to my left at the CPA exam was copying my answers number for number?

Feed the women addictive alcohol at mass so that they have mentally retarded children.  If that isn't the pagan process of hethenization there is none.  Have the gay priests (again from alcohol) sexually molest the best and brightest of the normal children) for the benefit of the mentally retarded.

Allow the sterile whore from alcohol mental retardation, alcohol promiscuity, likely gang banged by drunk jocks to adopt a foreign baby that is mentally retarded.

So I was talking to someone they other day and I said all my High School Phy Ed teachers were Jug Heads.  He thought about it a moment and said, "All my High School Phy Ed teachers were Jug heads too!"

What if all Professional Sports events had to be free attendance?  That is matching of expenses to revenues too; but for a change that is how a man thinks about it.

That alcohol industry is woven into every aspect of our country in a very bad way!  Who is sponsoring Politicians?  Anyone with money!  Where do Grocery stores and restaurants make all their money from?  ALCOHOL SALES!!!!!

Every victim that there ever was is a victim of alcohol!

Corporate America?  They needed the limited liability because of alcohol and they would not exist with their current management without limited liability due to incompetence other wise known as mental retardation.

How about the porn industry?  The retarded woman doesn't have the patience or mental aptitude to wait on tables?  Let the mentally retarded man spill hot coffee on your mothers arm because they think he is capable of that job.

Have some gook tell you that your work isn't good enough when in fact he is listening to you think and opportuning every single thought you have for money.

Organized crime?  The criminal mind is indeed the equivalent of the mentally retarded mind!

How about wheel chair ramps and handicap access?  All that can be traced to alcohol in some way.

Lets pretend that the person who hears voices isn't really being cursed by us but that it is all going on in their own head.  How cute that will be and we will make lots of money from it.  Do you want to know why there are no white people in Africa?  Because the Vondoon religion can choose who to give the horrific symptoms of schizophrenia to!  Choose is the operative word there!

So what about Business transitional ownership?  They are going to want to bring in people from outside the family because their bad kid didn't want to work at that family business or was unable to.  But what happens when they set up a big money trust for that mentally retarded child and operate the business seamlessly?  That retard gets to control United States votes through political donations doesn't he!

So what else can I think of that defies privatization?

So our United States Government was complacent with United States Citizens being targeted and driven mentally ill through attrition without the general public knowing about it.  What if we brought that idea 180 degrees in the opposite direction?  What lamb would complain about it?  Gee that fellow with 16 gigs of horrific child pornography has been found dead of a heart attack?  Do you remember Senator Graham stating that a reported could be killed without anyone knowing how it was done?  So and so wants to legalize marijuana?  I could draw a list a mile long.  And it would indeed be consistent with current government policy.  So get used to it!
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Anti Polygamy Laws and Acts might Violate the Constitution with Regard to Freedom of Religion 09 20 2016

Anti Polygamy Laws and Acts might Violate the Constitution with Regard to Freedom of Religion 09 20 2016

Polygamy was indeed part of their religious belief system; so to ban it would be unconstitutional.

By why would you not want Polygamy?

Because it would be like ape fest? One beast of a man controlling harems?
  1. Inbreeding leading to mental retardation. But when you legalized alcohol you indeed created mental retardation so polygamy might be the way that you straighten out the human race and purify it from mental retardation caused by polygamy and or alcohol/drugs?
  2. You would not the wealthy to control breeding!
  3. You want the normal and faithful sons to be hopeful that they will have a wife too. Isn't true today we are bombarded with female voices. Which really means what? There are an awful lot of unhappy young women who have very little options with regard to good men to marry!
    But what is a child put up for adoption? What are the chances that child is from a Polygamous “type” relationship; a married man having sex with a woman not his wife? So what does that make the adopted child? It makes it an illegal alien per the antipolygamy act. So that person should not be allowed to vote?

So you have an antipolygamy Act and what followed? A lot of people born with mental retardation from alcohol? A lot of people put up for adoption? A lot of unwanted children.

But more to the point when a mother is raising a child with other women in perhaps a Jewish fertility occult by tormented the mind of a patriarchal figure with voices is that not the woman forcing a Polygamous type relationship and a horrific one on man? Perhaps that is what that antipolygamy act was trying to prevent.

But why were the early settlers polygamous? To keep their families strong and smart. Isn't that a beautiful thing! To not want liabilities to communities and the human race to “happen?”

But what about Bill Clinton (or,Donald Trump was playboy too?) he didn't marry those women but he had sex with them so are there Clinton sons out there? Bottom line is Bill Clinton is a boy or mans father then by default that is a Polygamous relationship. But what happens if you make Polygamy legal because by some bump on the head you already made gay marriage legal? Then you get women declaring they are also Bill Clintons wife and running for President like Hilary is too. And can't we just say that neither Hilary or Donald Trump should be running?
So bottom line there are Polygamous relationships and people who are violating a small majority of our Constitutional rights by demonizing and cursing our human minds and creating what is called schizophrenia! The symptoms are real and horrific however the cause makes it fraud. So if we apply that antipolygamy Act to those people and prosecute them what would or should their sentencing be? It would be pretty steep! It would be so steep that it would lead to wealth redistribution.

How many Polish are mentally retarded because they have the Genghis Kahn inbred gene? How many Americans are homosexuals as a result of inbreeding? How many United States citizens are having their lives ruined and their rights violated because of Polygamous inbreeds among us?

But lets say you have spoiled girls all vying for the same man and in the process they are ruining his life; then you have to protect his rights by either one of two ways. But lets say you were to allow it then in order to prevent inbreeding you would have to make sure that that mans children only breed with the children of another man and so on and so forth.

In effect the wealthy are already violating what the purpose of that Antipolygamy Act was designed to prevent? That Act is in place to protect our Constitutional rights! So you need to ask yourself just as I elucidated in this article just what and whose rights it was designed to protect?

Now lets say you had a really bad country. People screwed up left and right and no one knew why. Then you would say that healthy and intelligent man who has his own human mind and conscience should be the one doing the fucking; and not the jug heads. So that was what the Founding Fathers were about? No retards! And they did indeed believe in the White Race and in not creating half breeds? But the British were not that way, basically Druids that worship the monkey, they burnt down our White House in the War of 1812.

But what was the Bibles term for a Polygamous village? Was it not called a “Pride” just as a group of Lions is called a “Pride” and was it not a deadly sin! Again why? So you wouldn't have inbred Zombies that didn't have their own minds or human conscience dunning normal human beings for their good natured souls. But lets say that the Jewish fertility occults Coven was not to establish a pride but rather reestablish the pinnacle of normality in the human race otherwise known as the Prophets? A Prophet being a normal human being. Then we can't fault them for that. But I have very little evidence of that being their intent.  But what mother wants to raise a mentally retarded child?  They are a great burden and stress to their family members!

A Pride being a village of inbred homosexual knuckleheads like Sodom and Gomorrah was?

Can you infringe on my right to write what I believe in?  No it violates more than one of my inalienable rights for you to do so.  Nor can you tell me what I am or am not allowed to think about something.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Inventions Needed: What if the slide tilted up and not the barrel? 09 18 2016

Inventions Needed: What if the slide tilted up and not the barrel?  09 18 2016

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Monday, September 12, 2016

If a Millionaire Lesbian finally gets married to another woman are we supposed to believe 09 12 2016

If a Millionaire Lesbian finally gets married to another woman are we supposed to believe 09 12 2016

...that little girls should be sad because it was someone they had the grown up desire to marry some day?

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And with all the gay's and lesbians in the 2016 I have to wonder if there were any in the Miss America Pageant last night?  Could you see someone suing because they were not allowed to compete in it?  With regard to 4 of the members on the United States Women's basketball team being Lesbians you would think some heterosexual might sue because she wasn't allowed to compete on the team?  I know, I know it is a matter of how good you are and that determines where you are? Or is it really?  Face it when some of us are demonized by an itinerary list full of voices it (competition) is no longer about how good you are.

When you are distracted by voices you tend to focus as best on sentence structure as you can and hence your ability to spell suffers.  But it is still better that you express yourself.  In fact the most powerful messages are made by those who expressed themselves through oppression.  Look at the grammar on the United States Constitution; it is full of linked semi colons in the same sentence.  We don't see that a lot today anywhere.  When I was a boy learning how to write that is how I thought it should be done?  The Psychiatry industry will want to label the greatest men in the history of the world that founded the nation of the free as being mentally ill in retrospect because their sentence structure is connected phrases.  And they can't follow the meaning of them?  Our Supreme Court doesn't even have that capability.  And nor does the current sitting President who nominated some of them.  And he is supposed to have been a Constitutional Law Professor at Harvard?  He likely doesn't even know why he was picked and the detrimental effect it has on the people of this country.

So the Mayor of Milwaukee was on Television the other day.  And I have to ask what is wrong with his eyes?  They are bulging out!  Like hypothyroidism or mongoloidism?  That explains a lot about how Milwaukee is suffering and why the wealthy have kept him in office for so long.  So equal time on Scott Walker his father drank and he often looks like someone who was black jacked on the left analytical side of the brain.  So we too know why he was put in office by the wealthy.  And he likely doesn't even know.  And I don't mean to be mean to these people with my writing, however it is just something that needed to be said.  If a child wondered it too and it was never answered perhaps that is an indication of what is wrong with the United States and world today?


One more final point about gun control and the push to have this be an Orwell 1984 society with Video surveillance cameras on the on ramp to Hwy and 43 and Hampton Avenue so the mongoloids know every time one of us takes out boat out to an inland lake to go fishing?  Are we supposed to also lock every single electric outlet in the house as outside ones can sometimes be padlock locked because they are just as dangerous as a gun is to the what can only be termed mentally retarded children?  When does it end?

And where does that progress to?  That you just put that child in a cage for the day?  But what happens when it gets to that point?  Then you disregard the meaning of that and put the normal children of the normal in the cages for the day?  And your retarded children can then watch them, torment them, muse and learn?

Saturday, September 10, 2016

So why did Paul become the best Advocate of Jesus Christ after his death 09 11 2016

So why did Paul become the best Advocate of Jesus Christ after his death 09 11 2016

Paul is stated to have killed all of the followers of Jesus Christ.  And his name was really Saul and he was from the Orient and the translation of his name is Paul.

But what does that mean he killed all the followers of Jesus Christ?  It was stated that Jesus had tried to teach people in the village to come out in the courtyard and learn, but they didn't, they just stayed inside.  So those would not have been followers of Jesus Christ and they would not have been killed?  So those who were unable to learn were not killed????

If Saul was from the Orient were the Romans also from the Orient too?

But why did Paul become a promoter of Jesus Christ?  Because they were advocating that when you crucify someone that they were really resurrected?  Resurrected into other people?  How else do you get three people claiming to be the resurrected Christ??  That had to be three satanic minded retards that were imprinted by his mind against his will when he was tormented by what is referred to as demons in the desert?

But back to the point if Paul didn't act like he too was a resurrected version of the soul of Jesus Christ then he might have been targeted and killed?  By an assassin somewhere?  Or what eventually took down the Roman empire which was Bedouin(?) Warriors attacking on the outskirts?

And was it not Paul who is labeled the great deceiver in the Bible?  So it fits.

And perhaps some of those warriors transformed to become Sea Warriors.  And the name Murphy comes from Mercada which means Sea Warrior and I am very proud of that surname.

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The English are indeed white however they do not look like us!

So an Oriental Customer Service Rep working for a brand name consumer technology products company 09 10 2016

So an Oriental Customer Service Rep working for a brand name consumer technology products company  09 10 2016 rude and unhelpful to the customer.

What are the odds that:

1.  That customer will no longer use that brand and will likely switch to a generic brand?  That generic brand being made in China?  And that Generic brand won't have all the bells and whistles and interface that the U.S. brand did?  So who does that benefit?  Communist China. And it defeats both the United States economy and our American Ingenuity through frustration doesn't it!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Poland and England Pre and During WW2

Poland and England Pre and During WW2

I read briefly that Poland and England were greatly intertwined before WWII. Nikolas Tesla invented a particle beam weapon that he was marketing in Europe around ~1911(date?) That would have been capable of causing the symptoms of Schizophrenia!!!!

Hitler was blinded in WWII and treated at a facility that was near either the Polish or Russian border. He was treated by a Doctor Forester who used the technique of being mean to someone in order to get them to get their cummupence? “You are a sniveling spoiled brat” he is reported to say to the blind Hitler.

But England had a Magnetron Generator during WWII. That is also capable of causing the symptoms of schizophrenia and mentally disabling someone when the amplitude is modulated by someone using a microphone switch and talking into it, thereby broadcasting voice to skull!

But the question is. Was this technology used on Adolph Hitler as a treatment?
The next thing to research in order to determine that is what was Poland's technology pre WWII? About the same as Russia's perhaps? And Russia loved that screw them up in the head technology! They loved it! Who were the scientists in this field in Poland? What were their connections to Russia and England?

Tesla's particle beam weapon would not have been too hard to reproduce if he showed it to someone in England or Poland?
So how did Stalin kill between 20 to 80 million people? Did he have gas chambers too? Were they underground?

Some of the Nazi War criminals such as “Spencer?” ended up living the remainder of their lives in England under house arrest. Which leads one to believe he might have been a British spy the whole time as most were said to be executed?

But the CIA brought over more than 1000 Nazi's to the United States and gave them new identities. Some where involved in horrific psychology experiments that used technology to part the human mind from a human being, dislocated in space and time; again causing Schizophrenia. And what do you set up when you start something like that? Then you need an Information Collection Agency so that you can farm that technology and intellectual property that you stole or scribed from a human soul to your Corporate gang? And that would be called the Central Intelligence Agency. And that Corporate gang would also need an illegal shield of limited liability so that they never feared prosecution for acts of Divine Right. And Divine Right is exactly what English Rule is. And who are the ones who arrest people who speak out against this (bad religion)? Who are the United States Gestapo? They are the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Federal means of or relating to Queen. And Federations are what Jews give into and then use to give money to members of the religion when they are out of a job. So when you look at a Las Vegas Billionaire Casino operator with all that money... It is a rigged economy.

The use of such technology amounts to a Crime Against Humanity which is punishable by death! And that is exactly what Nazi War Criminals were put to death under.

I am asserting right now that technology is used to torture United States Citizens and use their dislocated human souls to imprint the mind/brains of the mentally retarded.

And once you figure out how to do that then you no longer need to make alcohol illegal do you! So FDR legalized it. Alcohol is the leading cause of children to be born with mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.

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So I just read a website that claimed Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt were all Jewish. I also read a newspaper article from the Civil War stating that Jews used pot a lot in rituals. It causes more delayed mental development (retardation) than alcohol does in the teenage brain. Also mentioned were Greeks, Hindu's,

And who makes the cut off the top of all Chinese import goods into the U.S.?  Tell me which family that is?  60 minutes once stated how the mafia received 10% of all textile imports from China.  So that is likely who that is.  And the Mafia in the United States was stated to be formed by the handshake between an Italian and a Jew.  Mussolini vowed to eliminate all organized crime from Italy.  To me that is a Saint!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Lutheran/Protestant Religions directly Contradict the word of Jesus Christ and hence are Fraud based business activities 09 03 2016

The Lutheran/Protestant Religions directly Contradict the word of Jesus Christ and hence are Fraud based business activities 09 03 2016

Jesus did not say, "It doesn't matter what you do in life as long as at the hour of your death you ask to be saved." As is the key tenet of the Lutheran religion.  But in fact Jesus Christ said the direct opposite of that, "You reap what you sow."

For the Lutheran/Protestant religions to therefore use the Bible in mass and worship is BLASPHEMY!  When they portend to be practicing religion but get the study of the book to be the exact opposite of what it means, it means that they are not practicing religion but instead practicing Wiccan based Business FRAUD!  They should lose their charitable status for that egregious violation. And all personal assets gained by faculty and church properties should be made into much needed public facilities.

They illegitimately jumped on board with Contrived religions in a me-too fashion in order to defeat the Democracy of the United States!  And they did indeed arise out of Great Britain.

To practice religion means that you have a set belief system concerning that religion.  It is something that doesn't change.  It doesn't transform in order to create more insidious branches.  You cannot have one tree that has the leaves of many different trees on it.

To put up a shingle that states "I am like that."  When you really are not is fraud.  And these religions have indeed infiltrated the Catholic Faith.

Poland and England were stated to be greatly intertwined before WWII.  And during the time when all the tens of thousands of sexual molestations occurred in Catholic Churches worldwide, heavily in Ireland, there was a Polish Pope.  England/Great Britain had indeed been the United States greatest enemy up to the time of WWII.  FDR declared this is a Christian country and made a comment to the effect that he didn't care if the Catholic and Jewish faiths were victimized?

"It doesn't matter what you do in life as long as at the hour of your death you ask to be saved," is not the motto of men, it is not the motto of the home and the brave, it is not the motto of the responsible and self reliant; it is the motto of the mentally retarded bastard~ the greatest enemy of freedom!

What would Jesus do if he saw that for Profit Hospitals were using his name and faith in him to advertise?  Named after Catholic Saints...He would drive the money changers out of the temple!

But what of St. Thomas who is stated to have doubt?  Do not we learn to think by comparison as human beings?  To learn to think by comparison you have to have doubt.  And what did the Catholic Church make of him?  They made him a Saint!

To have doubt in the diagnosis of Schizophrenia is to be Saintly?

So if someone attempts to convince you that you need to take drugs.  Just tell them, "St. Thomas would doubt that and the Catholic Church made him a Saint."

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Friday, September 2, 2016

God Versus the Homosexual 09 02 2016

God Versus the Homosexual 09 02 2016

There are many instances in the Bible whereby when no one else who help man God did!

Look at the case of Lot and the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. An unruly people with no self discipline were homosexuals and they came to lots door wanting to have sex with his son. God destroyed that city by raining fire (Sulphur?) down upon it. Only lot and his two daughters were saved.

The Bible is pretty clear that when one man is laying with another in homosexuality that they are both to be killed. But what about lesbians? The Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah allude to what their fate is to? The Gay man marrying the Lesbian in order to maintain the status quo and keep the money in the family. You didn't hear any of those women object to those men being homosexuality hence they were destroyed. Or that woman might have been a lesbian that married the homosexual in order to maintain wealth in the family and the status quo. And indeed FDR's wife was stated to be one. I wouldn't doubt that many bad Presidents and their wives were also homosexual.

But lets see if you saw what has been going on in the world with our planet earth. There was a whole in the Ozone layer over Australia. What did I learn from reading recently that homosexuality has long been an initiation process in the Australian Army. The whole in the ozone layer means that you need to protect yourself against the ultraviolet rays of the sun lest you die of skin cancer! So that is almost like a plague isn't it? In ancient times it would be the equivalent of one. And it is also the equivalent of fire reigning down from the above! The burning and skin cancer ultraviolet rays.

But the polar ice caps are melting. And what happens to that freshwater from them? It evaporates into the atmospheric gases of hydrogen and oxygen.

After the great flood was over what did God tell Noah? To always be accountable for blood? To never let blood mix? What does that mean? It means that if you let the lesser races stay to their own groups they will eventually do themselves in out of lack of personal responsibility? So in effect this is Gods way of declaring miscegenation bad? A mixing of blood? Does it indeed cause the defect to the serotonin gene that has been linked to homosexuality? Serotonin being the brain chemical that is responsible for how a human being attains personal happiness.

So 10% of the population is stated to be homosexual today. At least another 10% likely has some form of mental retardation. And 1% of us are dunned for our human souls with tormenting voices. Ask yourself who you think that God really believes in? God believes in procreation of the normal human race. Why? Because it is procreation of the human race and therefore the natural experience of sentience in perpetuity of LIFE! Those others are complete DEAD ENDS regarding that! Do you think God wants to experience life through the mind of a mentally retarded person? Do you think that is something God enjoys?

And what is hearing voices like? What is that demonic possession like? It is like the LIVING DEAD are experiencing life through you. Also might be termed Voyeurism! Again who is the Voyeur someone that has a defect to the gene with regard to how they experience personal happiness.

So what happens when enough of those polar ice caps have evaporated into the atmosphere? I give you a clue. One day it just starts raining and it never stops. And that is something no sycophant professional is ever going to warn you about!

And what can be implied with regard to the leadership of Sodom and Gomorrah that allowed the Homosexuals to ransack and rape the place? It had to be homosexual leadership to! Just as Barrack Obama, Hilary Clinton, etc etc. You are what you advocate! I will stand by that statement. In some way or another you are what you advocate. So you have to discern am I advocating freedom of the human being in the image of God or am I really advocating something I don't believe in myself if it were to be articulated to me. Do believe whole heartedly everyone should take a teaspoon poison in the morning however you yourself wouldn't take it? It really means you don't know what you are advocating. And this is a dangerous type of person. They know not to do something themselves but somehow in the cloudiness of their spaghetti wired brain they don't know enough to advocate human beings don't do it either? And a person like that might use the defense I can't put my personal agenda onto other people? That is really a spineless person who doesn't have the ability to lead! Do you see the weakness right there! “I have a personal belief system but I am not promoting it to other people.” “I don't believe in that but I can't tell you what to do.” “I don't believe in that personally but I don't mind if you or your children do.” What does that belief system really amount to? A person who isn't a leader putting the consequences of other peoples actions and spoiled will onto the people! In other words, “I don't believe in that but I don't care if someone else has to bear the burden of those people who do!” Again, not a leader.

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So some of those Roosevelt Amendments to the Constitution were not valid as to the intent and purpose of the Constitution as is required for an amendment to be in order to be valid! Why? Because they were self serving to FDR's wife! They were created by a mind that had a defect to the gene that regulates personal happiness.

If you had a volley of queers talking to you in your head all day long and preventing you from achievement you would get it! You would get it! And when they prevent you from personal achievement they also prevent you from heterosexual procreation; and as I alluded to above, GOD ABHORES THAT!


One final point with regard to logic of the human mind.  Sometimes when a person attempts to put themselves in someone else's shoe's as to what is right or what is wrong...what really is that mental process?  It is the application of estranged thinking?  Meaning I am making a decision based on deferring from the original possessor.  It is all well and good however it isn't when you are not informed or lead to believe the true long term consequences of that bad decision.  Meaning you really didn't know what it was like to be in that persons shoes when you made that decision because they were far less normal cognitively than you could have ever imagined!  One could say that the bad seed tricked you into helping it and then it turned around and destroyed you because of it.  Which really means that the bad seed hates itself because it hates those who would help it.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

As soon as we got Women Judges in the United States 09 02 2016

As soon as we got Women Judges in the United States 09 02 2016

1.  All the pretty young girls ended up being in strip clubs, prostitution and having their lives ruined with drugs while the ugly and emotionally retarded ended up in successful careers like television, etc.
(Can you see a pattern yet with just that?  A woman trying to hard to think like a man or applying her woman wisdom to mal results.  To believe that her will equates to superior intelligence even though her reason is based on odd emotions.  The resentment of those born normal and therefore prettier?)

Because of the woman judges going lenient on pimps?  Why?  Because her sense or professionalism was based on estranged logic deferred from the original possessor!

2.  You end up with legalized gay marriage because the women judge knows where all the money comes from, wealthy families with genetically mutilated children from fetal alcohol syndrome and the woman judge doesn't want to offend them because she knows it is the complete end of any professional career she would start!

3.  You end up with legalized drugs because the woman judge can't equate mental retardation caused by alcohol and drugs with the criminal mind?

And how did that woman get the judge position in the first place?  The good ole boy network?  Same one that drinks a liter of gin or vodka every 2 days and passes out halfway on the bed with its butt up in the air; waiting for the Holy Spirit to restore its body?  And that is the same way the woman judge likely got her estranged mind from.  The definition of estranged being deferred from the original possessor.  Sound all odd to you?  Just read the book of Mormon where the man/God is ashamed of the bad people his "Seed" created.  However he didn't create them.  The Devil used his holy spirit to imprint brains defective from alcohol with that seed.  Its like trying to put a DOS operating system into a black pure mechanical typewriter; a delusion to believe it can be done and the results be beneficial to the human race.

None of this bothers you because you yourself couldn't form a human conscience!  You should be tarred and feathered and never allowed in a 1st world country like the United States again.

You don't "SEE" it because it is something you aren't able to comprehend.

I could go on with this but a new female voice that is cursing me just caught up with me to ruin stuff.  (It isn't just one it is sorority of many lined up on an itinerary sheet to "take their turns!")  I had given it the slip by taking a nap and writing as soon as I got up.  {To take their turns?  How many women achieved professional success in the United States with just that mindset.}

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One final point.  What is wrong with the homeless young woman who seemed light headed?  Kind of ditsy as if she is on drugs?  Could that be a yeast infection of the brain.  Could that infection be shutting off her verbal ability?  Purposefully just as the voices seem to intentionally do with me?  But if it is a yeast infection where does she get it from?  Does she get it from being forced to have sex with unclean me who have yeast in their shorts?  Likely.  Does she get it from yeast based drugs like LSD spiked to her?  You make me f@ck1ng sick!  Do young men in turn get it from her just by kissing her.

And what about women and guns?  She is more fearful and dumber than a blackjacked monkey concerning them!

What Alcohol GAVE to the United States 09 01 2016

What Alcohol GAVE to the United States 09 01 2016

"A whole lot of butt ugly women!"

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A Foreign Axis creating a Computer Program capable of individually bankrupting every U.S. Citizen through Price Manipulation 09 01 2016

A Foreign Axis creating a Computer Program capable of individually bankrupting every U.S. Citizen through Price Manipulation 09 01 2016

What supporting structure or elements would it need to put in place?

1.  Banking and Political Confidents
2. Justice Department and Supreme Courts with lean sentences for white collar crime.
3. Unregulated consumer interest rates
4. etc

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