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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Poland and England Pre and During WW2

Poland and England Pre and During WW2

I read briefly that Poland and England were greatly intertwined before WWII. Nikolas Tesla invented a particle beam weapon that he was marketing in Europe around ~1911(date?) That would have been capable of causing the symptoms of Schizophrenia!!!!

Hitler was blinded in WWII and treated at a facility that was near either the Polish or Russian border. He was treated by a Doctor Forester who used the technique of being mean to someone in order to get them to get their cummupence? “You are a sniveling spoiled brat” he is reported to say to the blind Hitler.

But England had a Magnetron Generator during WWII. That is also capable of causing the symptoms of schizophrenia and mentally disabling someone when the amplitude is modulated by someone using a microphone switch and talking into it, thereby broadcasting voice to skull!

But the question is. Was this technology used on Adolph Hitler as a treatment?
The next thing to research in order to determine that is what was Poland's technology pre WWII? About the same as Russia's perhaps? And Russia loved that screw them up in the head technology! They loved it! Who were the scientists in this field in Poland? What were their connections to Russia and England?

Tesla's particle beam weapon would not have been too hard to reproduce if he showed it to someone in England or Poland?
So how did Stalin kill between 20 to 80 million people? Did he have gas chambers too? Were they underground?

Some of the Nazi War criminals such as “Spencer?” ended up living the remainder of their lives in England under house arrest. Which leads one to believe he might have been a British spy the whole time as most were said to be executed?

But the CIA brought over more than 1000 Nazi's to the United States and gave them new identities. Some where involved in horrific psychology experiments that used technology to part the human mind from a human being, dislocated in space and time; again causing Schizophrenia. And what do you set up when you start something like that? Then you need an Information Collection Agency so that you can farm that technology and intellectual property that you stole or scribed from a human soul to your Corporate gang? And that would be called the Central Intelligence Agency. And that Corporate gang would also need an illegal shield of limited liability so that they never feared prosecution for acts of Divine Right. And Divine Right is exactly what English Rule is. And who are the ones who arrest people who speak out against this (bad religion)? Who are the United States Gestapo? They are the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Federal means of or relating to Queen. And Federations are what Jews give into and then use to give money to members of the religion when they are out of a job. So when you look at a Las Vegas Billionaire Casino operator with all that money... It is a rigged economy.

The use of such technology amounts to a Crime Against Humanity which is punishable by death! And that is exactly what Nazi War Criminals were put to death under.

I am asserting right now that technology is used to torture United States Citizens and use their dislocated human souls to imprint the mind/brains of the mentally retarded.

And once you figure out how to do that then you no longer need to make alcohol illegal do you! So FDR legalized it. Alcohol is the leading cause of children to be born with mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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So I just read a website that claimed Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt were all Jewish. I also read a newspaper article from the Civil War stating that Jews used pot a lot in rituals. It causes more delayed mental development (retardation) than alcohol does in the teenage brain. Also mentioned were Greeks, Hindu's,

And who makes the cut off the top of all Chinese import goods into the U.S.?  Tell me which family that is?  60 minutes once stated how the mafia received 10% of all textile imports from China.  So that is likely who that is.  And the Mafia in the United States was stated to be formed by the handshake between an Italian and a Jew.  Mussolini vowed to eliminate all organized crime from Italy.  To me that is a Saint!

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