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Monday, September 26, 2016

So this blog has been viewed over 161,000 times

So this blog has been viewed over 161,000 times

I have written over 5000 articles here.  And yet I have not even made $35 dollars from that?  5000 articles at perhaps 1000 words per article = 5 million words.  And I was cursed with angry voices every single word I typed.

So that is the best of Judea America and that is what is wrong with this country and the world?  And that is also what is wrong with Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.

As you watch them talk to you see the gestalt of a dry sickening dying agony being projected at you?

The type of world you believe is far different than the type of world that I believe in.  And your world is ill fated from the start.

So why didn't I put Google sponsored ads in this blog?  Because I did.  And they advertised Scott Walker here and in all of my blogs left and right after I told them not to.  So I had to take down that function.  Aren't they cute?

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