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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Anti Polygamy Laws and Acts might Violate the Constitution with Regard to Freedom of Religion 09 20 2016

Anti Polygamy Laws and Acts might Violate the Constitution with Regard to Freedom of Religion 09 20 2016

Polygamy was indeed part of their religious belief system; so to ban it would be unconstitutional.

By why would you not want Polygamy?

Because it would be like ape fest? One beast of a man controlling harems?
  1. Inbreeding leading to mental retardation. But when you legalized alcohol you indeed created mental retardation so polygamy might be the way that you straighten out the human race and purify it from mental retardation caused by polygamy and or alcohol/drugs?
  2. You would not the wealthy to control breeding!
  3. You want the normal and faithful sons to be hopeful that they will have a wife too. Isn't true today we are bombarded with female voices. Which really means what? There are an awful lot of unhappy young women who have very little options with regard to good men to marry!
    But what is a child put up for adoption? What are the chances that child is from a Polygamous “type” relationship; a married man having sex with a woman not his wife? So what does that make the adopted child? It makes it an illegal alien per the antipolygamy act. So that person should not be allowed to vote?

So you have an antipolygamy Act and what followed? A lot of people born with mental retardation from alcohol? A lot of people put up for adoption? A lot of unwanted children.

But more to the point when a mother is raising a child with other women in perhaps a Jewish fertility occult by tormented the mind of a patriarchal figure with voices is that not the woman forcing a Polygamous type relationship and a horrific one on man? Perhaps that is what that antipolygamy act was trying to prevent.

But why were the early settlers polygamous? To keep their families strong and smart. Isn't that a beautiful thing! To not want liabilities to communities and the human race to “happen?”

But what about Bill Clinton (or,Donald Trump was playboy too?) he didn't marry those women but he had sex with them so are there Clinton sons out there? Bottom line is Bill Clinton is a boy or mans father then by default that is a Polygamous relationship. But what happens if you make Polygamy legal because by some bump on the head you already made gay marriage legal? Then you get women declaring they are also Bill Clintons wife and running for President like Hilary is too. And can't we just say that neither Hilary or Donald Trump should be running?
So bottom line there are Polygamous relationships and people who are violating a small majority of our Constitutional rights by demonizing and cursing our human minds and creating what is called schizophrenia! The symptoms are real and horrific however the cause makes it fraud. So if we apply that antipolygamy Act to those people and prosecute them what would or should their sentencing be? It would be pretty steep! It would be so steep that it would lead to wealth redistribution.

How many Polish are mentally retarded because they have the Genghis Kahn inbred gene? How many Americans are homosexuals as a result of inbreeding? How many United States citizens are having their lives ruined and their rights violated because of Polygamous inbreeds among us?

But lets say you have spoiled girls all vying for the same man and in the process they are ruining his life; then you have to protect his rights by either one of two ways. But lets say you were to allow it then in order to prevent inbreeding you would have to make sure that that mans children only breed with the children of another man and so on and so forth.

In effect the wealthy are already violating what the purpose of that Antipolygamy Act was designed to prevent? That Act is in place to protect our Constitutional rights! So you need to ask yourself just as I elucidated in this article just what and whose rights it was designed to protect?

Now lets say you had a really bad country. People screwed up left and right and no one knew why. Then you would say that healthy and intelligent man who has his own human mind and conscience should be the one doing the fucking; and not the jug heads. So that was what the Founding Fathers were about? No retards! And they did indeed believe in the White Race and in not creating half breeds? But the British were not that way, basically Druids that worship the monkey, they burnt down our White House in the War of 1812.

But what was the Bibles term for a Polygamous village? Was it not called a “Pride” just as a group of Lions is called a “Pride” and was it not a deadly sin! Again why? So you wouldn't have inbred Zombies that didn't have their own minds or human conscience dunning normal human beings for their good natured souls. But lets say that the Jewish fertility occults Coven was not to establish a pride but rather reestablish the pinnacle of normality in the human race otherwise known as the Prophets? A Prophet being a normal human being. Then we can't fault them for that. But I have very little evidence of that being their intent.  But what mother wants to raise a mentally retarded child?  They are a great burden and stress to their family members!

A Pride being a village of inbred homosexual knuckleheads like Sodom and Gomorrah was?

Can you infringe on my right to write what I believe in?  No it violates more than one of my inalienable rights for you to do so.  Nor can you tell me what I am or am not allowed to think about something.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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