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Monday, September 12, 2016

If a Millionaire Lesbian finally gets married to another woman are we supposed to believe 09 12 2016

If a Millionaire Lesbian finally gets married to another woman are we supposed to believe 09 12 2016

...that little girls should be sad because it was someone they had the grown up desire to marry some day?

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And with all the gay's and lesbians in the 2016 I have to wonder if there were any in the Miss America Pageant last night?  Could you see someone suing because they were not allowed to compete in it?  With regard to 4 of the members on the United States Women's basketball team being Lesbians you would think some heterosexual might sue because she wasn't allowed to compete on the team?  I know, I know it is a matter of how good you are and that determines where you are? Or is it really?  Face it when some of us are demonized by an itinerary list full of voices it (competition) is no longer about how good you are.

When you are distracted by voices you tend to focus as best on sentence structure as you can and hence your ability to spell suffers.  But it is still better that you express yourself.  In fact the most powerful messages are made by those who expressed themselves through oppression.  Look at the grammar on the United States Constitution; it is full of linked semi colons in the same sentence.  We don't see that a lot today anywhere.  When I was a boy learning how to write that is how I thought it should be done?  The Psychiatry industry will want to label the greatest men in the history of the world that founded the nation of the free as being mentally ill in retrospect because their sentence structure is connected phrases.  And they can't follow the meaning of them?  Our Supreme Court doesn't even have that capability.  And nor does the current sitting President who nominated some of them.  And he is supposed to have been a Constitutional Law Professor at Harvard?  He likely doesn't even know why he was picked and the detrimental effect it has on the people of this country.

So the Mayor of Milwaukee was on Television the other day.  And I have to ask what is wrong with his eyes?  They are bulging out!  Like hypothyroidism or mongoloidism?  That explains a lot about how Milwaukee is suffering and why the wealthy have kept him in office for so long.  So equal time on Scott Walker his father drank and he often looks like someone who was black jacked on the left analytical side of the brain.  So we too know why he was put in office by the wealthy.  And he likely doesn't even know.  And I don't mean to be mean to these people with my writing, however it is just something that needed to be said.  If a child wondered it too and it was never answered perhaps that is an indication of what is wrong with the United States and world today?


One more final point about gun control and the push to have this be an Orwell 1984 society with Video surveillance cameras on the on ramp to Hwy and 43 and Hampton Avenue so the mongoloids know every time one of us takes out boat out to an inland lake to go fishing?  Are we supposed to also lock every single electric outlet in the house as outside ones can sometimes be padlock locked because they are just as dangerous as a gun is to the what can only be termed mentally retarded children?  When does it end?

And where does that progress to?  That you just put that child in a cage for the day?  But what happens when it gets to that point?  Then you disregard the meaning of that and put the normal children of the normal in the cages for the day?  And your retarded children can then watch them, torment them, muse and learn?

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