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Saturday, September 10, 2016

So why did Paul become the best Advocate of Jesus Christ after his death 09 11 2016

So why did Paul become the best Advocate of Jesus Christ after his death 09 11 2016

Paul is stated to have killed all of the followers of Jesus Christ.  And his name was really Saul and he was from the Orient and the translation of his name is Paul.

But what does that mean he killed all the followers of Jesus Christ?  It was stated that Jesus had tried to teach people in the village to come out in the courtyard and learn, but they didn't, they just stayed inside.  So those would not have been followers of Jesus Christ and they would not have been killed?  So those who were unable to learn were not killed????

If Saul was from the Orient were the Romans also from the Orient too?

But why did Paul become a promoter of Jesus Christ?  Because they were advocating that when you crucify someone that they were really resurrected?  Resurrected into other people?  How else do you get three people claiming to be the resurrected Christ??  That had to be three satanic minded retards that were imprinted by his mind against his will when he was tormented by what is referred to as demons in the desert?

But back to the point if Paul didn't act like he too was a resurrected version of the soul of Jesus Christ then he might have been targeted and killed?  By an assassin somewhere?  Or what eventually took down the Roman empire which was Bedouin(?) Warriors attacking on the outskirts?

And was it not Paul who is labeled the great deceiver in the Bible?  So it fits.

And perhaps some of those warriors transformed to become Sea Warriors.  And the name Murphy comes from Mercada which means Sea Warrior and I am very proud of that surname.

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