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Thursday, September 1, 2016

As soon as we got Women Judges in the United States 09 02 2016

As soon as we got Women Judges in the United States 09 02 2016

1.  All the pretty young girls ended up being in strip clubs, prostitution and having their lives ruined with drugs while the ugly and emotionally retarded ended up in successful careers like television, etc.
(Can you see a pattern yet with just that?  A woman trying to hard to think like a man or applying her woman wisdom to mal results.  To believe that her will equates to superior intelligence even though her reason is based on odd emotions.  The resentment of those born normal and therefore prettier?)

Because of the woman judges going lenient on pimps?  Why?  Because her sense or professionalism was based on estranged logic deferred from the original possessor!

2.  You end up with legalized gay marriage because the women judge knows where all the money comes from, wealthy families with genetically mutilated children from fetal alcohol syndrome and the woman judge doesn't want to offend them because she knows it is the complete end of any professional career she would start!

3.  You end up with legalized drugs because the woman judge can't equate mental retardation caused by alcohol and drugs with the criminal mind?

And how did that woman get the judge position in the first place?  The good ole boy network?  Same one that drinks a liter of gin or vodka every 2 days and passes out halfway on the bed with its butt up in the air; waiting for the Holy Spirit to restore its body?  And that is the same way the woman judge likely got her estranged mind from.  The definition of estranged being deferred from the original possessor.  Sound all odd to you?  Just read the book of Mormon where the man/God is ashamed of the bad people his "Seed" created.  However he didn't create them.  The Devil used his holy spirit to imprint brains defective from alcohol with that seed.  Its like trying to put a DOS operating system into a black pure mechanical typewriter; a delusion to believe it can be done and the results be beneficial to the human race.

None of this bothers you because you yourself couldn't form a human conscience!  You should be tarred and feathered and never allowed in a 1st world country like the United States again.

You don't "SEE" it because it is something you aren't able to comprehend.

I could go on with this but a new female voice that is cursing me just caught up with me to ruin stuff.  (It isn't just one it is sorority of many lined up on an itinerary sheet to "take their turns!")  I had given it the slip by taking a nap and writing as soon as I got up.  {To take their turns?  How many women achieved professional success in the United States with just that mindset.}

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One final point.  What is wrong with the homeless young woman who seemed light headed?  Kind of ditsy as if she is on drugs?  Could that be a yeast infection of the brain.  Could that infection be shutting off her verbal ability?  Purposefully just as the voices seem to intentionally do with me?  But if it is a yeast infection where does she get it from?  Does she get it from being forced to have sex with unclean me who have yeast in their shorts?  Likely.  Does she get it from yeast based drugs like LSD spiked to her?  You make me f@ck1ng sick!  Do young men in turn get it from her just by kissing her.

And what about women and guns?  She is more fearful and dumber than a blackjacked monkey concerning them!

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