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Saturday, September 24, 2016

I would rather watch a High School Marching Band on a High School Football Field than a Football Game 09 24 2016

I would rather watch a High School Marching Band on a High School Football Field than a Football Game 09 24 2016

Just the High School Marching Band with NO game!

So maybe that event could last 45 minutes to an hour?  It would be a summer event or when the weather is warm?  Who wants to play those wind instruments in the freezing cold!  Ridiculous!  So in college that is the kid who gets sick from it and misses some grades because of it?  And that all supports the upward mobility of the jug head.

We already played football, baseball and basketball with the jug head sons of jug heads.  We already know that you are snotty and ill tempered because of mental retardation due to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  We have no interest in watching you play or listening to your statements trying to convince us of how brave you were in the game.

I want to see that High School marching band perform on that football field.  And I should not have to pay a dime to see it!  What do you think I pay property taxes for?  Can we see some benefit from that?  You expect me to believe watching an unruly ill tempered sporting event is my return for property tax payments supposed to benefit the education system?  You have to be kidding me!

At least one High School Marching Band event in the Summer.  They learn a new song and then play again.

A High School Physical Education teacher making $100,000.oo a year?  For what?

Yeah I can see what your thinking already there will be a rumble if the High School marching band gets to use that field and the Football players wanted to?


Anyone ever see that movie where the guy is playing the bag pipes and he is approached by a homo?  And in one of the pipes there is really a sword that he pulls out?  Perhaps half of that movie is just my imagination?

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Do you want to know something interesting.  There could be a school in the inner city with all poor people and you know what?  They get the nickname of the person right!  So accurate that it resonates with you too.  Which is comforting to know that you are not the only one who recognized it?

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