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Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Future Horror we are going to have to deal with 09 24 2016

A Future Horror we are going to have to deal with 09 24 2016

"How dare you say that I didn't work!  I delivered 40 pound boxes of marijuana for the XYZ Tobacco Company.  I worked for 45 years!  I put food on the table.  I got up every day at 5 am and worked 40 hour weeks.  Get a job!"

What am I getting at?  When a man is proud of something that he should not be proud of!  I think this of beer, alcohol, cigarette workers by the way.  I think this of Warren Buffet too!

But wouldn't human civilization be better off if people weren't forced to work in those ways?  But because they chose to it is a matter of will isn't it.  What man believes he can take a job in sin and raise a family and that family will come out okay?  Does a man that believes he can take a job in sin believe that sin will never affect him because he is on the winning side of sin?  What comes around goes around?  He could have done something for less money but he chose not to.  So can we label people like that as not having the strong morals as men do?  So then we have to ask ourselves what prevented this man from developing to the standard right of passage to manhood?  What the heck was wrong with him?  He was born into perdition.  But should one person born into perdition be allowed to marry another born into perdition person and create a perdition propagandizing force?  I would say no!  "Here is what you would do for money!  Here is all the misery you would cause?  You will not be allowed a marriage license!"

And I wonder how many wives would mind that being applied retrospectively so that they can get out of that and actually experience a minute amount of happiness?  So you marry someone that was born into perdition but you didn't know anything about it?  All that divorce proceeding really needs is you checking the box, "This person was born into perdition."  And if I were a world leader I would apologize to you for our Government allowing that to happen to you!  "It is rotten that those were the only candidates you had to choose from for marriage!  We as the greatest nation on earth are sorry for the transgressions of some of those who were in office before us.  We are doing everything possible to correct that for you."

God bless.

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