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Monday, September 26, 2016

Hilary Clinton Vs. Donald Trump debate simplified 09 26 2016

Hilary Clinton Vs. Donald Trump debate simplified 09 26 2016

He was right about her and she was right about him; hence neither one of them belong there.

And they both want more gun control.

There is a story in the Milwaukee news lately about a black woman who left a loaded gun in the house and one young son shot the other with it and killed him.  She should be given back that loaded gun and set free from prison.  Why?

Because that kid is already the kind of person she bought the gun to protect herself from!  We don't need to wait to see if that kid will turn good when it is older, we already know it is bad.  If he shoots his own brother what are the odds when he gets older he would shoot other members of that community?  And the generic point being that she is a member of that community, and hence it could just as well be her and someone else's kid growing up exactly as her son is?  Get it?

So you arrest the parent when the kid is the one who murdered someone?  Where does this nonsense come from?  It comes from bad parents getting in our legal system and knowing that they have bad kids that their kids will hang around with, if indeed their own kids are not bad too!  A good parent knows how to keep their kid away from the bad kids.  There is none of this "Oh everyone must be invited to the Birthday Parties!"  "There is none of this, this is an all inclusive classroom!"

She bought that gun to protect herself from just the kind of person her own bad kid would have grown up to be.  I am asserting if he is that bad as a kid he will always be that bad!

So give her back that loaded gun and set her free!

And if she has one bad kid what are the odds both of them are bad?  Maybe not 100%.  But lets say that the good kid was really the one doing the shooting in this case?  Why?  Perhaps the mentally retarded brother was raping or sexually molesting him? Oh that never happens you say?  Think of Oprah's cousin banging her upstairs while the family was playing cards down at the dinner table laughing.

So back to the Political Debate.

Donald Trump actually made Hilary look good tonight!  Almost as if Donald was throwing the fight?  And Hilary looked like a clown tonight.  And what was that innuendo with her shaking her butt and smiling?  Someone like that should never be President.  It is sickening.

She was right about Trickle Down Theory not working.

And Donald seems to (unknowingly) base everything he says or thinks on false premises.

Donald stated that not paying any Federal Income taxes ~"That makes me smart."  So as President he would encourage the rest of us to not pay any Federal Income Taxes either?  Then how would he be paid?  Real simple through business dealings and funny money.

He stated we spent 6 trillion in the middle east and that we could have rebuilt our country.  And he talked about our airports versus foreign ones.  How many average Americans fly to Saudi Arabia?  They are out of touch with reality.  So before he had stated he wanted to increase military spending so we have more capable nuclear delivery options?  There goes that 6 trillion he would have saved?

He is right about roads costing 2 3 4 times what they should cost.

"Just listen to what you heard."  Was a good comment by Hillary?  I still can't remember if it is one L or two L's in her name and I don't really care.

Donald was sued in 1973 for not renting to African Americans.

Let me ask you whoever is reading this this,  What if some of Hillary Clintons emails were to Donald Trump and some of his Tax items are related to Whitewater?  Would that make you sick.

So they all state that ISIS is after us and then they want to take away our Assault style weapons?  Anyone else find that a dead ringer for what an ugly lie they are?

Donald seems to say something and then acts like he never said it?  If you are a full grown adult how can you stand a person like that?  You obviously never raised children or managed people if you like a characteristic like that.

"Donald don't lie to yourself" I wanted to say to him.

And Hilary stated "We don't want to use the kinds of tools we have?"  She is talking about non lethal emf broadcasting weapons that drive human beings insane?  She ought to be burnt at the stake!

But where do home grown attacks come from?  10's of thousands of people that Hilary claims Donald cheated out of money and my conclusion therefore house and home.  And that is why Donald doesn't want there to be street sweeper guns.

We pay 73% of the cost of NATO?  New fact I learned.  If we are protecting these foreign countries they should at least be of our Constitutional standards.  And that is how they would eventually get the money to pay their fair share.  Not the other way around, we sink to their level.

So Russia is hacking away at the infrastructure of the United States.  Did they hack Obamacare's website?  And Trump did indeed say he liked Russia.

Do you see how whenever Hilary makes a point that the audience likes Donald Trump immediately states "Wrong" no matter if she was wrong or right?  Again that is a bad kid sent away to boarding school isn't it!

China should go into North Korea? Iran is the biggest trading partner of North Korea.

Did Donald prompt Hilary to do her estrangement butt wiggle when he said, did he say "Your heart is getting a little old?"

So how do you straighten out foreign trade?  An equivalency tariff that goes straight to the non retarded United States adult citizen.  Which means this.  Had China or India had to obey our human rights, environmental laws, labor laws how much would it have cost them to produce that product! Again that tariff should go right to the American. 

So what happens if Hilary wins and raises taxes by trillions?  Donald or a Republican likeness of him will get in office in 4 years down the road and spend it very quickly to the exact same people who paid it.

So as I watch Donald Trump and Hilary debate I had to ask myself "Why couldn't we have had a man debating Donald Trump?"  Someone strong who could put him in his place?  Someone who doesn't tolerate insolent behavior like his?

And did I hear someone in the audience yell right after the debate, "Shoot them all we love you?"

So Donald Trump loves to sue people?  Someone like him somehow should never be allowed to wield legal authority or make money based decisions.  We need to factor out that English legacy/infiltration system out of our United States.

I lump them all into the same category as the black woman whose son shot her other son with the loaded gun.

And why did Donald mention that his 10 year old son was very good with computers?  What was he promoting with that statement?  Some of us thought the kid looked retarded?  So how do I see a lot of the children of the wealthy?  The privileged retard.  That is how I see them.  That is what I believe.  And you better hope that the day never comes when either you or I can't freely express what we believe without the fear of retribution from them.  And that is indeed been a part of the problem.  We have lived that day for far too long!

You either project your own self confidence and sense of responsibility onto other people or you don't have that to project because you don't believe in yourself?  What am I getting at?  If you believe in Gun Control it is more of a statement about yourself isn't it?  That you find a commonality between yourself and that black woman whose son shot the other son?  I find absolutely no commonality with that black woman.  Nor do I feel that I have anything to fear from the poor or common man because I have not cheated them.  Should the common man fear me?  The bad man should fear me and believe me, they do!

Copyright 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
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What the writers of that in the name of child safety gun law negligently failed to comprehend is, "Children are not supposed to be that dumb nor that mean."

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