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Friday, September 2, 2016

God Versus the Homosexual 09 02 2016

God Versus the Homosexual 09 02 2016

There are many instances in the Bible whereby when no one else who help man God did!

Look at the case of Lot and the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. An unruly people with no self discipline were homosexuals and they came to lots door wanting to have sex with his son. God destroyed that city by raining fire (Sulphur?) down upon it. Only lot and his two daughters were saved.

The Bible is pretty clear that when one man is laying with another in homosexuality that they are both to be killed. But what about lesbians? The Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah allude to what their fate is to? The Gay man marrying the Lesbian in order to maintain the status quo and keep the money in the family. You didn't hear any of those women object to those men being homosexuality hence they were destroyed. Or that woman might have been a lesbian that married the homosexual in order to maintain wealth in the family and the status quo. And indeed FDR's wife was stated to be one. I wouldn't doubt that many bad Presidents and their wives were also homosexual.

But lets see if you saw what has been going on in the world with our planet earth. There was a whole in the Ozone layer over Australia. What did I learn from reading recently that homosexuality has long been an initiation process in the Australian Army. The whole in the ozone layer means that you need to protect yourself against the ultraviolet rays of the sun lest you die of skin cancer! So that is almost like a plague isn't it? In ancient times it would be the equivalent of one. And it is also the equivalent of fire reigning down from the above! The burning and skin cancer ultraviolet rays.

But the polar ice caps are melting. And what happens to that freshwater from them? It evaporates into the atmospheric gases of hydrogen and oxygen.

After the great flood was over what did God tell Noah? To always be accountable for blood? To never let blood mix? What does that mean? It means that if you let the lesser races stay to their own groups they will eventually do themselves in out of lack of personal responsibility? So in effect this is Gods way of declaring miscegenation bad? A mixing of blood? Does it indeed cause the defect to the serotonin gene that has been linked to homosexuality? Serotonin being the brain chemical that is responsible for how a human being attains personal happiness.

So 10% of the population is stated to be homosexual today. At least another 10% likely has some form of mental retardation. And 1% of us are dunned for our human souls with tormenting voices. Ask yourself who you think that God really believes in? God believes in procreation of the normal human race. Why? Because it is procreation of the human race and therefore the natural experience of sentience in perpetuity of LIFE! Those others are complete DEAD ENDS regarding that! Do you think God wants to experience life through the mind of a mentally retarded person? Do you think that is something God enjoys?

And what is hearing voices like? What is that demonic possession like? It is like the LIVING DEAD are experiencing life through you. Also might be termed Voyeurism! Again who is the Voyeur someone that has a defect to the gene with regard to how they experience personal happiness.

So what happens when enough of those polar ice caps have evaporated into the atmosphere? I give you a clue. One day it just starts raining and it never stops. And that is something no sycophant professional is ever going to warn you about!

And what can be implied with regard to the leadership of Sodom and Gomorrah that allowed the Homosexuals to ransack and rape the place? It had to be homosexual leadership to! Just as Barrack Obama, Hilary Clinton, etc etc. You are what you advocate! I will stand by that statement. In some way or another you are what you advocate. So you have to discern am I advocating freedom of the human being in the image of God or am I really advocating something I don't believe in myself if it were to be articulated to me. Do believe whole heartedly everyone should take a teaspoon poison in the morning however you yourself wouldn't take it? It really means you don't know what you are advocating. And this is a dangerous type of person. They know not to do something themselves but somehow in the cloudiness of their spaghetti wired brain they don't know enough to advocate human beings don't do it either? And a person like that might use the defense I can't put my personal agenda onto other people? That is really a spineless person who doesn't have the ability to lead! Do you see the weakness right there! “I have a personal belief system but I am not promoting it to other people.” “I don't believe in that but I can't tell you what to do.” “I don't believe in that personally but I don't mind if you or your children do.” What does that belief system really amount to? A person who isn't a leader putting the consequences of other peoples actions and spoiled will onto the people! In other words, “I don't believe in that but I don't care if someone else has to bear the burden of those people who do!” Again, not a leader.

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So some of those Roosevelt Amendments to the Constitution were not valid as to the intent and purpose of the Constitution as is required for an amendment to be in order to be valid! Why? Because they were self serving to FDR's wife! They were created by a mind that had a defect to the gene that regulates personal happiness.

If you had a volley of queers talking to you in your head all day long and preventing you from achievement you would get it! You would get it! And when they prevent you from personal achievement they also prevent you from heterosexual procreation; and as I alluded to above, GOD ABHORES THAT!


One final point with regard to logic of the human mind.  Sometimes when a person attempts to put themselves in someone else's shoe's as to what is right or what is wrong...what really is that mental process?  It is the application of estranged thinking?  Meaning I am making a decision based on deferring from the original possessor.  It is all well and good however it isn't when you are not informed or lead to believe the true long term consequences of that bad decision.  Meaning you really didn't know what it was like to be in that persons shoes when you made that decision because they were far less normal cognitively than you could have ever imagined!  One could say that the bad seed tricked you into helping it and then it turned around and destroyed you because of it.  Which really means that the bad seed hates itself because it hates those who would help it.

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