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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Detroit Lions 27 Vs. Green Bay Packers 34 Sunday 09 25 2016

Detroit Lions 27 Vs. Green Bay Packers 34 Sunday 09 25 2016

Started watching at this point.

Lawson pass interference. I don't like players that grab the arm of a receiver like that. About 3 infractions of that and that player should be out of the league. You either run behind the receiver, in front of him, or to the left or right side to some degree. That is the way the game should be played. You are both vying for the ball. And what about the defense that doesn't even know where the ball is because he is tight to the receiver who isn't sure how far the ball is being passed?

What else I don't like is a flag being thrown that doesn't immediately negate the entire play? I mean the flag is thrown but the play is allowed to continue? Why through the flag if the play is going to be allowed to continue? It weakens the defense in most cases? And what happens after the flag is thrown is that the offense seems to score. So what is the point here? It cheapens the viewers experience of the game. It makes it more of a legal matter rather than a game of entertainment based on physical skill. So what should be done here? The defensive players who are having the flag thrown against them should have never made it to the level of professional football! Get it? And that is the best example of low professionalism and sportsmanship in what is termed Professional Sports.

Are there Wide Receivers who intentionally slow down so that the defensive player has a collision with them? I don't like the illegitimacy of that either and the fact that nobody seems to notice Mr. Molasses's out there?

Now someone who has natural athletic talent resents all this. However the sore loser in academia just drinks his crutch and doesn't have the cognition to see what I just described? To him when he takes the side of his idol no matter what he feels emotionally secure.

Do you know why that flag is thrown and the play is allowed to continue? Because those cretins would being screwing up all day and the game would never end! That game would be going on for 10 hours straight or scoreless because of the influence of all the flags being thrown. Can you imagine how military training at boot camp would be if that were the same case? “Harvey Knots ran at the enemy before everyone was ready and only 1 of us 16 survived?” So what is that indicative of? Inundated lack of discipline at the Professional level. Again what are they doing here?

Even in a Horse Race the horses instinctively know for their own safety not to intertwine their legs with the other horses? Unless they are driven into that position by the Jockey. But then the Jockey just risked his own life and the life of the other riders didn't he!

So the ref throws the flag at the time of infraction to mark the infraction, to say he saw something. And after the play is over it is adjudicated on? That way the ref cannot be cited or accused of being impartial or biased to one team over the other? But sometimes we see the ref throw the flag long after the infraction he is citing with it? Which means what? He is waiting for more supporting infractions to occur to justify him eventually throwing the flag during the play? He can't throw the flag immediately because he is watching the progress of the play? That might be termed ref parsing?

Seriously, wouldn't it be nice if we all had jobs with fickle loving management like that in the United States?  That is not the average American experience.  So perhaps that is why so many people like to watch it.  It represents the American dream while you are forced to live something far different than that?  And perhaps that is the reason for the drug problem and why they want to legalize pot?

So how did the guy cut the bridge of his nose? Wait, they just said he did that in preseason. So why isn't it healing of healed by now?

Should the game be played so that it doesn't matter what the Ref didn't see, even if the Camera replay shows otherwise? No. So should it be played the exact opposite? Again with that caliber of person it would be ten hour game or scoreless and therefore pointless. You could put a blind ref out there if it didn't matter what the ref didn't see. You could have a ref pre Alzheimer's just like Ronald Reagan was. They could pull wheelchair transportation van right up to the old folks home to get a ref. And who would make a funny driver of that van? Who was that commentator who just popped up and talked tough about Arron Rodgers? Was that Deon?

Do you know what I think about the Half Time commentators? (Somehow I can hear their vocal inflections just now getting high?)1:25pm

“Get a job you insolent retard!” “Get a job!” “Get a job where you actually help maintain our democracy and standard of excellence.”

So you are paid to watch the game and then talk about it? I WOULDN'T PAY YOU TO TALK ABOUT ANYTHING!  They are giving that camera the same looks and emotional expression that their henpecking uneducable mothers did to them.  The meaning of the word Estrangement is deferred from the original possessor.  Deferring from the original possessor is the opposite of learning.

Some day I would like to find the article and publish it where I prove that one man who fixates on another man is really a homosexual. Does that cover it? I don't need to hear moose head voices in my head!

And what do the Detroit Lions look like? They look like they all drank the water with lead in it!

Start of the Second Half.

I thought it was illegal for the defense to form a line holding hands? What game are they playing? “Rover, Rover, let Rover come over?”

I am going out to mow the lawn before it rains right now. Hopefully be back to see how it ends.

The score is Det 10 GB 31 right now.

6:36 in 4th Quarter back from mowing the lawn.

Humor: “What happens when you get your foot caught in the lawn mower? It comes right off and it doesn't grow back.”

Number 11? I can catch a football better than that! Stand there and let it bounce off your chest or head why don't you!

So it end with a kneel down to run out the clock? Somehow I don't the nature of that either. It seems like spoil sport to me.

Yeah I thought it and I typed it and  I shamelessly shared it with you. 

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