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Saturday, September 24, 2016

What if your Local Library had a "Buy this book now" feature 09 24 2016

What if your Local Library had a "Buy this book now" feature  09 24 2016

It would indeed be part of the trend to match government expenses with revenues and create more revenue?  And it would be the opposite of privatization!

But what would that progress to?  Same as everything else, wealthy factions monopolizing that function, eventually leading to a violation of your right to free speech!

But when a High School Football Coach makes over $100,000.00 a year it already means that our ENTIRE Public School System has been privatized!

It is ridiculous that an athletic High School Coach would be paid so much.  It de-emphasizes education and therefore has no place in the education system.  The word Rabbi means teacher so it is just the opposite of the Jewish religion; if that indeed provides some of you with comeuppance?

I have had enough of the beady brown eyed nervous double talking "American?"  We need to factor the influence of that out of our country.  And they like Professional sports because they like to watch the big men play?  Sarcasm/cynicism; "I'm a big guy how come you don't want to look at me?"  You ask them a simple question and they look like they want to go hide in a dark corner and have a cigarette.  Is your patriarchal lineage really from a hermaphrodite and that is why they can't trace it?

Humor:  You look for Kleenex in a grocery store and what does it say on the isle markers?  "Facial Tissue"  ~ Like I wipe my face like I do my butt?


So how broad is the alcohol industry?  It is that jug head physical education teacher that is now making over $100,000.oo a year!  Why?  So that wealthy suburban fathers and mothers can see their beautiful son dancing around at Camp Randall Stadium in white leotards and a red shirt!

The alcohol industry gave rise to the insurance industry.  The Catholic and Christian Churches are its strong arm!  It is the source of profits for the large media companies.  And hence the publishing monopolies.  It is the cause of mental retardation and the rise of the special education system.  Coming about full circle there on phy ed teachers making $100,000.oo a year.

Financial industry:  Yeah that guy with the mongoloid eyes to my left at the CPA exam was copying my answers number for number?

Feed the women addictive alcohol at mass so that they have mentally retarded children.  If that isn't the pagan process of hethenization there is none.  Have the gay priests (again from alcohol) sexually molest the best and brightest of the normal children) for the benefit of the mentally retarded.

Allow the sterile whore from alcohol mental retardation, alcohol promiscuity, likely gang banged by drunk jocks to adopt a foreign baby that is mentally retarded.

So I was talking to someone they other day and I said all my High School Phy Ed teachers were Jug Heads.  He thought about it a moment and said, "All my High School Phy Ed teachers were Jug heads too!"

What if all Professional Sports events had to be free attendance?  That is matching of expenses to revenues too; but for a change that is how a man thinks about it.

That alcohol industry is woven into every aspect of our country in a very bad way!  Who is sponsoring Politicians?  Anyone with money!  Where do Grocery stores and restaurants make all their money from?  ALCOHOL SALES!!!!!

Every victim that there ever was is a victim of alcohol!

Corporate America?  They needed the limited liability because of alcohol and they would not exist with their current management without limited liability due to incompetence other wise known as mental retardation.

How about the porn industry?  The retarded woman doesn't have the patience or mental aptitude to wait on tables?  Let the mentally retarded man spill hot coffee on your mothers arm because they think he is capable of that job.

Have some gook tell you that your work isn't good enough when in fact he is listening to you think and opportuning every single thought you have for money.

Organized crime?  The criminal mind is indeed the equivalent of the mentally retarded mind!

How about wheel chair ramps and handicap access?  All that can be traced to alcohol in some way.

Lets pretend that the person who hears voices isn't really being cursed by us but that it is all going on in their own head.  How cute that will be and we will make lots of money from it.  Do you want to know why there are no white people in Africa?  Because the Vondoon religion can choose who to give the horrific symptoms of schizophrenia to!  Choose is the operative word there!

So what about Business transitional ownership?  They are going to want to bring in people from outside the family because their bad kid didn't want to work at that family business or was unable to.  But what happens when they set up a big money trust for that mentally retarded child and operate the business seamlessly?  That retard gets to control United States votes through political donations doesn't he!

So what else can I think of that defies privatization?

So our United States Government was complacent with United States Citizens being targeted and driven mentally ill through attrition without the general public knowing about it.  What if we brought that idea 180 degrees in the opposite direction?  What lamb would complain about it?  Gee that fellow with 16 gigs of horrific child pornography has been found dead of a heart attack?  Do you remember Senator Graham stating that a reported could be killed without anyone knowing how it was done?  So and so wants to legalize marijuana?  I could draw a list a mile long.  And it would indeed be consistent with current government policy.  So get used to it!
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